Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11/29/11 catch up

Ok it's been long enough without blogging.

To Catch you up ......

**Hubby is healing in his nice warm sand bed at his Rehab Center.
**young G is a great pumpkin pie maker.
**Girlfriend Megs (yeah that's what her new blog name is) is totally awesome.
**I'm thankful for G's friends parents that keep his social life going.
**I'm stressed in volleyball games.
**I hate buying a van for someone else.
**Hubby's Healing is coming along but slow.
**W is currently unemployed
**I look like I have a junk yard in my drive way
**I have a naked Christmas tree in my living room.
**Girlfriend Megs is a killer of kills! and I'm not talkin' about video games.
**I go every day to help Hubby with his personal Hygene.
**The two things I love doing the most (mail & laundry) I'm behind on.
**I drive "Deer Ally" home from Hubby every night.
**Girlfriend Megs is currently playing in the National NAIA volleyball Tournament (I'm so excited for her)
**I quite often have no idea what day it is.
**I finally started my newest job (I applied WAAaay back in August) at the Y.
**G and I completed a Thanksgiving 5k, it was a blast
**son W spent thanksgiving in North Dakota
** I make time to watch volleyball stream live online!
**I learned the hard way (well it wasn't hard, it was just time consuming) that my State now holds the car titles until the lien is satisfied.
**I have half my Christmas shopping done.

that's enough of a catch up for now!