Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 47 to me!

One of my cards plays

"Shake your Groove thing."

Yeah, I enjoyed ....

Yeah, I was spoiled .....

Thanks family!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

life on Thursday

Found this little gem this morning!

We (mainly me) are still taking things slow due to the sunburn. It's been awhile since I've burned this bad! AND plus the heat is just pure HOT! It's been over 100 at our house for at least all of the month of July. Well, OK that's an a bit of an exaggeration, because on Monday it was only 95!

I discoverd that Alex Tribec is 71! Shocking isn't it?!?

I started laundry when I heard G yelling for me to come quick!

When I got the back porch, I found this ....

I guess pictures are loading right now so I'll get them up when I can!

Seems that G had wanted to move the tomatoes into the shade. When he was moving them, no knowing they were tied to the deck railing, the supports broke. Some steams broke, but some haven't so we're trying a new way of growing tomatoes the rest of the year!

We settled down to watch the Soccer's Apprentice, but were interrupted by a storm! Yea, a storm. Along with the heat we've not had rain for the entire month of July. This was a strong wind, lots of lighting, knock the lights out kind of storm but it produced 2 inches of rain! So I'm not complaining

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Schlitterbaun equals SchlitterBURN!

A couple of days ago I took

G and a couple of friends

to Schlitterbaun waterpark.

Even though we applied sunscreen,

There were varying degrees of Sunburn.

I believe the most on me,

the one who was baking in the chair and not in the water ....

.. as much! They had a blast!

but the camera had to stay in the car!
so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sporting KC game

G and I finished our day yesterday at a

Sporting KC game!

One of us took a nap yesterday afternoon ....

any guess who did and who didn't?

I feel like we started the day a



Ended the day a


It was a great day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prairie Punisher 5k

This morning G and I were up and out the door by 5:45am.
Our Prairie Punisher 5k started at 7am.

Our before race picture .....


G did his 5k in 37.02

Me in 40.35 minute

This Race is really a Dualthon. That's the main draw for people who do Triathlons.

A Dualthon is running a 5k, biking 21 miles and then running a 5k again!

Crazy people! Fun to watch but Crazy all the same!

ALSO ~ they had to adjust the course this year and BOY am I glad they did! The course was mostly flat, very scenic this year. I heard and saw last years (and the past 9 years) course, huge and I mean HUGE hills! that would have been a punisher!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Four for Friday

#1 ~

G brought this perky 'sunflower' to me!

#2 ~

Yes, I was the Overall Winner of the

Y's SlimDown this summer.

I lost 13 pounds and over 7 inches

in the 6 week program.

#3 ~

is a guessing Game .....

Can you tell what or where this is?

Here's another clue .....

It's W's leg! Look at that WHITE HAIR!?!?

and Whoa Nelly if the sun hits it just right it almost glows!

#4 ~

I made the Paper ....

for chopping veggies!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

life on Thursday

Swim Team is over for the summer, so my morning wasn't quite as early.

I made it to work out around 7:30am. Left G at home with a sleeping dad and brother.

Did my last weigh in for the Y's Slim Down....was it enough to win??

Got a frantic phone call just as I was pulling in the drive way from G. WHERE ARE YOU? DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? yes, it was time for us to be leaving for last day of Strength. He didn't want to be late!!

While G was in Strength I (with others) went to set up the church for our meeting tonight. We had enough people that we made quick time of it!

Picked G up, and came home! When I got here I saw a sight that I very rarely see..... W was cleaning his bathroom. Oh how I wished I would have taken a picture but I didn't want to chance him stopping. He's been playing alot of SandVolley ball this year and I swear he has a sand pit in his bathroom ... Come to think of it I don't think he swept the bathroom!?!?

I was able to get things done this afternoon. For some odd reason I didn't ever pay bills this month so I was eager to get those paid and out of here. That all stopped when I discovered I was out of stamps!

I started my list of things to do tomorrow and Stamps are on the top!

Was able to shower and get ready for Our Relief Society Meeting. It was on Emergency Preparedness. I had asked a Women in our Congregation to take over the planning and organizing the night so my night was a breeze. We had fruit cobblers and homemade ice cream for dessert!

Hubby and G are having a late night fixing G's bike for this IronKid training in the morning. I don't know why Hubby waits so late and G is grumpy! OH, well.......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ The "Hey There" head bob

I know the still picture can't do the
"Hey there" head bob justice but
it just cracks me up when he does it!

We were waiting on a pizza, he'd decided
to go outside and listen to his tunes
while we waited. When he turned to see if
I was still there that's when it happened....

The "Hey There" Head Bob!

This boy is an ole soul!
That's the nice way of putting
he's an old man in an 11 year old body!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bloomin' Monday

I don't have any shady places for flowers

so I've never had impatiences.

This year I found these impatiences made for sun!

My flowers are doing well inspite of the

multiple days in the triple digits.

They don't seem to flourishing,

they just seem to be maintaining!

Friday, July 15, 2011

IronKids training

G is getting ready for his IronKids Race

This group has started getting together every week to train.

G did a fabulous job!

Now, G spent the night with friend last night and only got 4 hours of sleep.

Forgot his swimming trunks so he didn't swim

Rode his bike without gears and an extra short seat.

and then ran a 9 minute mile!

He got in the truck, and said, "I'm not doing the IronKids and you can't make me."

After a short cooling off period, but physically and mentally he had a change of heart.

I then told him how proud he should be of himself,

what he had just accomplished was purely amazing!

I told him that it would NEVER be this hard again.

He would NEVER do it on so little sleep

and that everything is hard in the beginning.

Did he think that W hurt when he first started lifting weights? yes

What did he feel like the first time he went to swim team? My arms hurt

After a couple of minutes he said,

"and when you start playing a new video game it's hard until you practice more."

he's back in the game!

I took him to get breakfast and delivered him back to his friend's house for a day of fun!

Life on Thursday!

Swim Team and workout!

Took G to Strength, ran my Walmart Rx errand

Back home to quickly get showered and ready for a trip to the city after I dropped G off at a friends for a sleep over. That boy has TOO much excitement to really get anything done.

Drop G off and head to the City. Just a few errands. I've joined a team for a 'city wide' Slim Down contest and had to go weigh in for that. I've been doing a slim down challenge at my local Y for the past month and dropped 12 pounds thus far! Feelin' great!

Ran to the Sporting goods store for new shirts for Hubby, and some running items for G. G will be thrilled since they have 'logos' on them!

Went to eat at my favorite Pei Wei. Ate before I weighed in, I wanted to be the heaviest I could be!

Then off to mattress shop! I'm not the one that will complain about the mattress so I'm not really the one who needs to picking it out. BUT the statement was made (even though I believe it to be a loaded statement) "you get it and I'll lay on it!" After 22 years I find this statement difficult to believe!?!

Home again for a few minutes of cooling off.

Off again to my Y for a Healthy Cooking class. Tonight we made healthy chicken salad (it showed us how to be creative with our ingredients) wrapped in cabbage. The instructor gave us the merit of cabbage! It was good and I'll try it!

Home and to bed!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He's alive

After sleeping almost 24 hours W is now alive again.

He was worn out from his weekend, THEN he had a dental crown yesterday afternoon. Getting a crown is a big deal from anyone but for W it's a bigger deal!

The boy has never taken to Novocain, as in the Novocain doesn't numb his tooth. Poor kid has just gripped the arm of the dental chair for the last couple of fillings he's had! So this Crown was going to be a big deal.

He had novocain, laughing gas, and 3 anti anxiety pills yesterday for his 1 hour 20 minute dental procedure. Came home and went directly to bed. Sweet Megan came over around 8, he woke up long enough for soup and rolls, but that was all.

I'm glad this is over and I'm sure he is also!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New State Records

Meet the new State Record holder in the Dead lift!

(in his age bracket and the weight class)

(this is not a picture of the Dead lift!?!)

W's Top lifts yesterday

squat 425

Bench Press 370

Deadlift 510

A quiet moment before the 510 Dead lift!

(fabulous picture by Megan)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Watchin' out for me!

Yesterday as we were driving into town where I was going to donate blood, G expressed his concern.

His concern that he didn't really believe me donating blood to be safe. When I asked him why he thought this he answered, "Cuz it's our blood and it seems important to us."

I explained that they would only take what I could spare (a pint) and that my body would make more. That I couldn't give blood again until my body had replenished the pint that I would lose today.

He was OK with this.

As I went through the process of the pre donation paperwork, G went across the street to the Library but was back before I actually started donating. He really didn't pay any attention to me. He must have been reading all the signs that said, "make sure you drink enough", because as he was going to bed last night I walked by his door, and he shouted out , "Mom, are you drinking enough?"

He's just takin' care of me!

Post 1000

Friday Finds

Life on Thursday ~ it's a hurry up and wait kinda day!

We made it to the Y for a reluctant workout, but once I got into it I made it work and got my sweat on! I've found that if I workout in the morning then I'm not as snacky throughout the day. So I definitely wanted to get to that point!

While G was in Strength I burned rubber all over the county running errands. I had a boat load of old paint for the Hazardous Household waste place. Boy was I lucky, I tried to take the things on Wednesday but got there just minutes after they'd left! Today they were suppose to be closed (I didn't know this) but they just happened to be there and took my load!

Another errand to take Hubby's overdue movie back to library and made it back to pick up G 55minutes later!

After a quick dash into Walmart it's back home!

For lunch G had gotten a Hungry Man meal from Walmart! He is always taken to the frozen meal they make for kids but they just aren't enough for him so he choose a HUNGRY MAN sliced turkey, potatoes and gravy meal! He didn't snack all afternoon!

After a much enjoyed shower we were off to donate blood. Well, I donated while G read and played his Nintendo DS. This is where the Hurry up and Wait started. They couldn't get a vein in the first poked arm so I waited for the 'best vein finder" to be available. She switched arms and I was finally done in no time! Another life saved!

Then off to the city. My phone had been acting up and I'd been reduced to a pile of frustration with phone I couldn't turn on without great problems! So I decided that since it was acting up at the moment then I'd take it straight to the store. I wasn't the only one that had the idea to head to the store at that time!?! Fortunately my wait wasn't too long but the process for me was long. Well, as usual the phone wasn't quite as bad once I got there! Isn't that always how it goes?? I ended up getting a new phone. On my dime not theirs since I'd wanted until warranty was up!

Stopped to get the boys Olive Garden (W chicken Alfredo and G Spaghetti with meatballs). The meals came with salads so Hubby and had those along with grilled chicken!

Finally home and supper eaten ... crashed in bed!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feedin' the Chickens

A friend of G's family went on vacation so we got to take care of their chickens! We'd done this before and both us were so excited to do it again!

The chickens are great layers and that makes it fun! Everyday there would be the same chicken that flown the coup and G would have to catch her and throw her back over the fence! She must only stayed in the pen long enough to eat because she'd lay her egg outside the fence (under the steps) every night!?!

We were also in charge of watering their newly planted grandpa tree. Their Grandpa (and Dad) unexpectedly had passed away the week before they left. Grandpa was an outdoors guy, so many (9) people had given trees instead of flowers. They told us that the front of the church was lined with trees and they made a life size cut out of Grandpa to stand among the trees. Cool huh? So now you know the great responsibility of watering the tree!

One day we pulled up to find this in their neighbors back yard.

It just makes me smile!

G's Boy Scout Adventures

The past couple of weeks G has been going on Bike Rides with his Boy Scout Troop. They are working on their Biking Merit badge. They have done 2 10 miles rides. They have a couple of more (one 15 miles and another 25 miles) to do. They have a very patient leader!

I have to say that I'm proud of G being healthy, fit and active.

Then G went to

Boy Scout Camp.

Since he's only 11 it a 2 day camp with an overnight campout. The weather was GREAT for these days. 80's with low humidity the first day and then low 90's the second day. They hiked 5 miles (if you ask G he'll say it was 12 miles? I don't know where he gets his information?) through the woods. I worried my 'mother worry' for him. There are only 3 boys and both of the other boys' had their father there. From what I can get from G, I didn't have any reason to worry.

There are no pictures because there wasn't a mom along!