Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cub Scouts ~ Ciaos

Tomorrow, Little G starts cub Scout Day camp! The lady that was planning it all totally dropped the ball, (well she had all the paper work done but nothing else) by the time I walked into church today ~ there were 4 frantic ladies and a disillusioned man searching for me. I don't really know why ~ I didn't know anything but they must have thought I did.

Let the Ciaos begin ~
One hour later ~ I had it all planned and a list of things to do ~ I have to say that I'm good at whipping things together at the last minute BUT I really don't like to do that! I'd really rather either not be involved at all or be in charge from the very beginning... OH, well neither of those happened today.

I can say that the boys will never know the difference and they'll have a ball.

Now let the organized Ciaos begin .......

Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 State Track Meet......

this is just one side of the stadium on Friday
(which is the Prelim day for the runners....
that means that not alot of people come on Friday)
the tents are some of the team tents....
The weather was warm (90ish but not humid at all), there was an ever so slight breeze.
We (hubby, Little G, W's girlfriend Megan and I) got there around 1 to get adjusted to the place. It's sort of like a 3 ring circus, it takes some adjusting.
then W jumped at 3.
I knew I'd be nervous but also knew I couldn't pace (my usual) so I just sat as close as I could (on the front row just across the track from the pit) with my note pad and camera in hand. Just before W started jumping several of his friends came to sit with me! He had his own little cheering section. They also kept me distracted ... they'd never watched Triple jumping before and had alot of questions!
He was ranked 7th so he was in the 2nd heat, but things went quickly ...
it's state and they're organized!
the the Prelims ....
He jumped a 41'7 1/2" ~ 41'0 1/2" (those made me nervous, they were not going to be long enough to get him to the finals)
then much to my delight
(and his of course)
a personal record of 43"01/4"
He made it to the finals!
In the finals he was sitting 6th (out of 8)!
his first jump ..another personal record ... 43'10"
(WOW! If I can't pace, I certainly can't be jumping around ....sitting and screaming was all I could do), He was looking ever so cool on the other side....while his cheering section went wild!
Ok it was just me ... remember they don't know anything about triple jumping... they didn't know what that meant!
(I Know this looks like 43'1"
but the man messed up the entire board thing from the beginning and
had to yell across the track that this really was a 43'10")

He then jumped a 43'9 1/2" for his second finals jump

He flubbed his 3rd jump and didn't even care!

I was busy calculating the numbers of everyone to finally come up with ......


Remember his plan???

He'd just keep getting 4th place all the way through to state.

If he just got to state he'd be happy......well, he took 4th in state also!

Yep ~~ He is 4th in the state.

(let me know if you'd like to see the podium picture ... it just has too much information for me to post it here)

Remember I'd said that W was in the most difficult region in the state? The 4 qualifiers from our region placed first, second, fourth and fifth! these are kids that I've watched jump practically every week this spring, I cheered for all of them (much to W's friend's amazement sometimes) but that's pretty awesome!

WE have been ever so anxiously watching the computer today at what team points were adding up to.....

**explanation for those that don't know alot about track.... each person competes individually, but depending on the end result the individual earns points for the team. ie: first place earns 10 points/2nd place earns 8 points and so forth... So W earned 4 points for the team.

W's track team has only lost one track meet this entire year

(and that one they came in 2nd to a big city school)

They ended with 66 points with the 2nd place at 40.

He'll stand on the podium again only this time in first place and with all of this buddies aka team mates!

OK I'm not going to let this go with posting his longest jump....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little G is exhausted

For those of you following little G's blog.....(if you're not and would like to, contact me and I'll get you the addy).....G is exhausted and won't be posting tonight!

His body hurts (he limps when he walks, and he groans), he resembles me more and more. His swim team is getting the best of him. I had a feeling those little tiny legs and arms would feel the results of his swimming efforts, but I didn't really expect him to moan and groan.... but then I should have expected it (he's a bit dramatic ya' know)

Having said that, I'm so impressed with what he has accomplished in just one week (4 days).

Ok, I'm not even going to chat about my sore body .... who knew that my shoulders were so out of shape ..... oh, stop that ... I know everyone knows my shoulders are out of shape! But swimming is getting them back in (painful) shape. Today while G and I were running errands my purse was sitting on my sore shoulder so I let it slip down. G saw this and so sweetly started to put it back on my shoulder.....I snapped ....."NO, DON'T DO THAT!" I then explained that mommy's shoulder felt like his legs... he knew instantly!

Headed out....

We'll head out early in the morning to
watch, cheer and enjoy W jump in the State track and field.
W left today
This event will surely be an experience for all involved. It's the largest Track and Field meet in the country. All school levels compete in the same stadium over the next 2 days. A huge stadium (as compared to the a jumping pit wedged between the back of the bleachers and a pond at one meet). Only athletes on the track and field (I'm bummed about that .... I'm always beside the pit taking pictures and listening to the jumps lengths). The weather will be 90ish (the plastic coat is staying home) with little wind (W seems to do better with some wind)
W is unbelievably excited (in a W sort of way). At this point W is ranked 7th in the state (I really question the method that they come up with the top 16 but that's a soapbox to be climbed another time). Being placed in the upper half means that he'll jump in the 2nd heat (that means that he's "not in the worst bunch" his words).
I'm excited to see him tomorrow and watch him perform.......
I'll let you know how things turn out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chilly May Day

today was chilly .... at 3:00 it was 58 degrees and by 5 it was 55 and drizzle!

We went to the Y to swim this afternoon where they have a cool pool (around 75degrees) and a warm pool. I came in from outside and went strait to the cool pool (it's miserable to go warm to cool), my toes were still chilly from outside that it felt warm in the cool pool!

**this is the reason we don't do outside swim lesson first thing in the summer unpredictable weather.

Hopefully it will be warm this weekend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Early mornings this summer

It looks like I'll get to keep my goal for every summer ... this summer. Every summer I set the goal to still get up as early as the school year, 6:45ish! I never make it and it's usually broken by the end of the first week of summer break! BUT this year it looks like I'm going to stick to it.

Little G is on the swim team and they practice from 8 to 9, which is quite late considering the 10 year olds (and up) meet at 7am! Getting up early has never been a problem for G, but (usually) by mid July getting up early is a challenge for G's mother!

the story of swim team........
I had decided that this was going to be the summer that little G swam. He already knows how to get across the pool, float, and jump of the diving board, but he didn't know (or didn't like to use) strokes. Our city pool (outside) only allows a student to complete one session before signing up for another. Another session if it's available, which they're never available and I don't sign my kids up for the first session anyway (for several reasons) , so swim lessons are over by the time they've finished their one lesson. SOOOO this year, we joined the YMCA and I was going to put G in as many lessons as I could.....He was going to swim by the end of the summer.

A friend of mine was going to do private lessons at the Y for 2 of her boys and asked if G would want to join them. Perfect... a little peer pressure all around. Well, G smoked them the first night so the instructor suggested Swim team! G had to 'swim' (get to the other end of the pool any way he could without touching the sides or bottom) the 25 yards of the pool. He doggie paddled that the first night of swim lessons. The instructor promised us that swim team would teach him the stokes!

This morning was the first morning. G was excited and nervous, but when he got there he calmed down. There are a couple kids that he knows and they learned swimming techniques. I was talking to another mother and she said that her some had been on the swim team for only a couple of months and his stokes have really improved!

This afternoon we went to buy a speedo (ok, not a teeny tiny speedo but a trunk speedo) and some goggles. Cha ching!

Monday, May 25, 2009

bloomin' Monday

My Ivy Geranium is finally blooming.

This is just one of three blooms....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dream Girls Marathon

Today was a Dream Girl marathon for me!
I had watched the movie a few years ago and loved it. Then W gave me the movie for Christmas ~ I'd never watched it. Today was THE day. I watched it twice. My boys just didn't understand watching it the second time, they're was quiet, cool and I was alone ...why wouldn't I watch it twice?
I really, really loved Jennifer Hudson's performance.
It's so hard to believe she was a 'no body' just before this movie. She was a natural as Effie White. Yes, I cried at the end both times...something else my boys wouldn't understand.
Yes, I went to church, but it wasn't too eventful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

He's going to STATE!

This was an amazing afternoon for W.....

He jumped his personal best of 42'11 1/4" to place 3rd in the Region! He brings home a medal .... this is when it counted and he pulled it out! He broke his 4th place routine at just the right time.

So on to State next weekend!

As I left W told me "Track meets are fun when you actually do something!"

FYI ~ his buddy Joe tripled a 47'3", that set all sorts of records ... he's an amazing boy to watch!

1st place ~ 47'3" Joe
2nd place ~ 45'11" Vernon
3rd place ~ 42'11 1/4" W
4th place ~ 42'8 1/4" Townsend
not making it state but in 5th ~ 42'7 1/4"

Flashback Friday

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday

This will be the last Cub Scout Wednesday for the summer!
What a relief!
Tonight the weather finally cooperated for a hike. So we left the church headed north on a gravel road and picked up trash (remember the theme, "Leave no footprint"). Actually it was the perfect night, nice gentle breeze, nice temperature, and the right amount of trash!
We even met "Cruise" the biggest Chocolate lab we'd ever seen, but he was ever so friendly. His owner wasn't too pleased with him BUT we kept walking back and forth in front of his house until he was lured away by a doggie treat!
I'm afraid our little cubs got a lesson in all the different names of beer, by our picking up trash. By the time we were almost done, they were having a contest to see what brand would be found next.... I'm afraid Bud Light won!
We gathered 4 grocery bags of trash.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just How can This Be?

I called my adult son, W today to see if he wanted to have lunch with me. He did, it took him FOREVER to get there and when he did he had his buddies, Logan and Michael with him. Not a problem just added more laughter and merriment to lunch.

We all got fortune cookies when we were still at the table. Logan's said something like "be prepared for the unexpected".

As I was paying the cashier offered us another fortune cookie, Logan who happened to be walking by heard her and took another cookie out the large bowl of cookies.

As I walked out the boys were pulling out of the parking spot, I heard Logan yell, "what the h***?" and noticed his puzzled look on his face. As they pulled be me, I asked him what was wrong.

He'd gotten the exact same fortune "Be prepared for the unexpected." I then told him to buckle up!

I've eaten Chinese all my adult life and never had the same fortune! Just how can this be?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Earthbox Tomatoes ....

Some of you were asking about hubby and G's tomato boxes......
you can find more information at Earthbox

What's for Supper?

It's more like What's for the Grad Party?
Here are the recipes of those popular items from yesterday!

the Potato Salad ...
or as Kim calls it
"so good that if you put it on the top of your head your tongue would smack your brains out to get" Potato Salad

I love this blog (and think you will to) Kim Wheeler is the perfect example of having a talent and a family, juggling it, making it work (with little sleep) and using that talent to making money. A HUGE plus is that she is SOOOO funny, I love to read her blog, it just oozes with her southerness (including her accent)

Potato Salad
5 lbs of red potatoes
4 celery, sliced
1 bunch of green onions, sliced
2 Tbs of dill weed
2 tsp of salt
2 cups of (real) Mayonnaise
1 16oz bottle of Kraft Cucumber Ranch Salad Dressing

Place Potatoes in a large pot ~ cover with water. Bring to boil. reduce heat: cover and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes (or until Tender)
Drain and cool (cooling take time, you can always put them in frig to speed cooling up) Cut Potatoes into small cubes.

In a large bowl, combine the potatoes, celery, onions, dill and salt. In a smaller bowl whisk mayo and dressing until well blended. Pour over potato mixture and stir gently to coat.

Cover ~ Refrigerate for at least 6 hours before serving.

Smitty's Sticky Pickles
(see I did give Big Bro credit)

1 Gallon of whole dill pickles
4 pounds of sugar
2 oz of red pepper sauce (as in Tabasco)
1 ~ 12 oz can of Jalapenos (or green chillies) if you like it spicier you can increase

Drain pickles and discard the pickle juice
cut the pickles into slices or spears or whatever suits you

In a large mixing bowl, combine sugar, red pepper sauce and the jalapenos.

Alternately spoon sugar mixture and pickles back into the jar (or other sealed container).

During the next couple of hours turn the jar over every few minutes to agitate the sugar and help it dissolve.

The Pickles will give up enough new brine to totally dissolve the sugar over the next couple of hours. Stick'em in the frig and in a few days they'll be ready to eat.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Have a Splendid day???

"Have a Splendid day!" "have a splendid day?" who says that? Splendid, no body says Splendid. Well, Rex Harrison maybe, Julie Andrews maybe, Burt from Mary Poppins would be certain say it and the Queen of course would say Splendid. But on this side of the pond, who says splendid? When does someone decide they're going to say "Have a Splendid day."? Did they just wake up one day and decide "I'm going to add "splendid" to my vocabulary."? and at what age does one decide to add "Splendid" to their vocabulary? It doesn't really seem like a college years addition.

These are all question that I've pondered today. It all started as I was checking out at Target, when I heard the gentleman behind me tell his clerk, "have a Splendid day"! I whipped my head around, at whiplash speed to see this gentleman. He look quite normal in his polo shirt, khaki shorts and loafer, not the 'splendid' type. Actually, as I followed him out the door, not in a stalking way, just as two customers leaving at the same time way. I thought he looked like he was the business suit kind of man, not a casual Joe type. But still not a splendid type. AND does he use splendid in the board room. Does he tell his associates, "Have a Splendid day"?

Hey, it added to my splendid day!

Flashback Friday

Just in case you can't read it ...
Feb 1960
for those of you that wouldn't know ...that's Big Bro

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Made it through League......

W made it through "league" today.
Once again he placed 4th.
He is sticking to his "plan"!
Now on to regionals next Friday

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Blue Jean concert .....

The Madrigals.......

All of the choirs.....

Wait..... Wait.... We forgot.....

Yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary, but we both forgot until very late last night.

When I mentioned it around 11pm, W said, "oh, yeah I thought it was."

Just how can this be? .... our 18 year son can remember better than we can....oh, yeah he's younger!

Happy Anniversary hubby!

**bonus** we were trying to figure out how old Julie was and I said she was maybe one at my wedding.....Julie we were thinking about you because W read your facebook page about you watching the Biggest Loser!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tidbit Tuesday

^ W lost his tie from prom .... I paid $42 (12 to rent and 30 to purchase) for the tie. He found the tie in some remote place in the HS last week. Now he has a survivor

^We joined the YMCA and G is so excited. There is a pool and they allow kids on some of the machines. It's very kid friendly.

^the hummingbirds are back. I haven't put out the feeders and don't know if I will. The kitty are just too big!

^our Mr Goodcents closed .... GASP! that was 'our' stop before track meets.

^W's cell phone is dying

^G filled out a Mother's day paper at church on Sunday. One of the things "What is the funniest thing my mother's ever done.....(G's answer) Jump!

^I've got an idea for my front flower bed and no one else seems to be excited!

^We (G and I) signed up for free bowling this summer.

^I tasted a sample at Costco yesterday. It tasted like fried chicken. When the lady told me this I thought really how can sliced chicken taste like fried chicken....but it did!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Picture

Obviously this aren't my boys
BUT I can see this happening in my house!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Track Meet #7

It was the Track meet that I thought would never end! to make things worse I'd been on a field trip with G all day, and took him out of school just as soon as we got back to head to the track meet EARLY.

We got there right as it was starting, 3:30 and the Long Jumpers were just starting. There were 35 of them (each getting 3 jumps and then finals). The triple jumpers didn't even start until after 6. They each get 3 jumps and then finals .... but by this time they're "running" finals (and usually jumpers are runners) this means that there are long breaks for the 'running jumpers' to go run. Honestly, the jumpers were all tired by the time the finals came around.

FINALLY they announced the finals for triple jump, with W sitting in 4th place. His longest jump prior to finals as a 41'3" and that's where he stayed. It's like he's always a bridesmaid and never a bride ... He know he's not going to take first (with his buddy Joe around, who set the meet record and also broke the HS record) but he'd like to take 3rd (and a medal) every once in a while.

Even more frustrating is that we looked at the State 4A final numbers in triple jump today and he could have place 6th in the state if he could just get out of our region .... Our region takes the 5 of the top 6 spots (with our league taking the top 3 spots).... the bottom jumps of the state bracket are all much shorter than W's current numbers. Once again this year will prove to be the same. Only the top 4 from our region go on to state and W and the current #4 guy are jumping the same numbers.

Oh, this is getting stressful for the mom!
I've got to just breath deep....breath deep.....breath deep

flashback Friday

Christmas Morning 1969 eating cinnamon rolls
My very pregnant Aunt Val
and My Grandma Rice

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday

Yea, the rain has held off , or at least this far (I suppose it could down pour in the next 3 hours). This is the Prairie ya know ... I should be able to see the rain'a comin'.

Tonight we're going fishin' ! and boy are they excited. One of the cubs over heard me setting things up (with the owner of the pond) at church on Sunday. The word travel through the church and the cubs like wild fire. It's the difference between little boys and a 40 something woman.... I would have liked to see rain (it's only an hour, I can watch 5 little boys fish and untangle fishin' line for an hour), and they think I'm giving them the moon! They are so excited!

Do you think I'll have time to teach them the Andy and Opie whistle song?

UPDATE ~ the boys had a blast ... they caught a total of 4 fish. Everybody wanted to catch a fish but my smallest (and youngest) cub wanted it so badly. He went the hour getting small little nibbles but no fish UNTIL we were packing up to leave. They were goofy off, just casting in the shallow edge when he caught a fish!
Here is the evening in pictures ~
Getting the night crawlers ......
Walking down to the pond.....

Getting everyone settled in....

Settled in .....
G's catch, a stick!
(He kept saying
"Mom, you don't have to take a picture of this, it's not a fish!")

Monday, May 4, 2009

Track Meeting #6

We saw some amazing jumps last Friday.
This track meet is very diverse, there are schools of all sizes competing 4A, 5A and 6A.
It's a good competitive meet.
Even more impressed ....
W's friend, Joe and his major competition both jump over 46 feet!
Two of the best in the State and they are both in our League!
For those of you that don't understand, that's AMAZING in High School!
W got 41' 5'

Blooming Monday

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

Aunt Marie, Grandma Rice,
Heidi B, and Aunt Val
I don't know the year but when I was about 12 or 13
I got a Polaroid camera for my birthday (yes, I still have it)
Since this looks like a summer shot, I can bet it was taken in 1976 or 77