Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Recipes to share ~

My sister in law, Marcia is a great cook
and I got some new recipes last night.

This first recipe reminds me of my grandma Hazel's freezer slaw, sort of! This recipe makes tons (so have a crowd) but it keeps in the frig for a couple of weeks AND it's super simple.

Sweet and Sour Bean Salad ~
1 can Green beans, Drained and Rinsed
1 can Yellow beans, drained and rinsed
1 can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 can butter beans, drained and rinsed
1 large green pepper, sliced
1 4oz jar Pimentos
1 Large red onion, sliced
1/2 cup salad oil
2 cups celery, chopped
1 1/2 cups cider vinegar
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons Salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 can tomato soup, undiluted

Drain all the veggies, place in a bowl, and add the oil and celery
In a saucepan, combine vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and tomato soup.
Bring to a boil and pour over veggies.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

OK the reality of the recipe~Marcia doesn't put in the oil and substitutes the celery for water chestnuts for crunch!
I was surprised to find out there was tomato soup in this! Can just barely see it and certainly can't taste it!

Orange Jello ~

My family loves Mandarin oranges, really just out of the can but they thought this was a good thing!

1 Large Box of Orange Jello
2 cups boiling water
2 cups orange sherbet
1 can Mandarin oranges

Boil water
Mix Jello until dissolved
Stir in Sherbet
Add oranges

Family gathering

Last night we went to hubby's brother's home for a family gathering. Along with our family, Granny (hubby's mother), hubby's brother, C, all of C's children and grand children, hubby's brother D and his family were all there!

We just ate, sat around and talked, ate some more and talked some more.

C's family told stories of how he had recently had surgery to repair some hearing lost (well, there had been A LOT of hearing lost over the past 30 years). His hearing is now back to about 75%.

He's telling his wife about everything that makes noise, such as "did you know it makes noise when you pour coffee into a cup?"
"Hey the water that comes out of the refrigerator makes noise!"

His son told that one day C was home and was searching and searching for this noise and finally discovered that it was dishwasher was running. His daughter told how he got upset at the restaurant because the bus was making SO much noise clearing the table across the room, C thought for sure that the busboy was doing it on purpose. This doesn't sound like C now does it! (for those of you who don't know, it sounds just like C). C even went so far to call a machine repairman for one of the machines at work because it was making a odd sound! it's was cooling water in the machine!

D's youngest is getting ready to learn to drive but is refusing to allow her parent to do the teaching. They have a friend that's willing to do it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

What was on our table....

Turkey, stuffing (I finally have someone else in the family to like it),mashed potatoes (lots and lots), gravy, corn, relish tray, layered salad, rolls (tried a new kind this year, they were great), cranberry jelly (just like Grandma Rice used to make complete with the can rings and all ~ this is W's favorite), 5 cup salad, pecan pie (last year was the first time in a while that I'd made Pecan Pie, and W loved it ~ asking "where has this pie been all these years") & Pumpkin pie!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knee deep in Senior pictures

The dead line to submit Senior pictures is just around the corner and I'm sifting through pictures trying to decide which goes where and what I'll submit for there. There are actually 3 submissions, yearbook, newspaper, and Senior Advertistment. It's really nothing just getting it done. I'm so pleased with W's pictures and thought you'd enjoy seeing the photographer's blog on senior pictures. Maybe you'll recognize a face or two! There are few of W's friends there also.

I'm so excited to share with all of you the Grad party invitations that she has made for us.... but you'll have to wait until closer to time!


Things you don't want to hear from your Thanksgiving guest.
from Shoebox by Dan

* “We’re lactose-intolerant vegetarians!”
* “Hope nobody minds…we brought the cats.”*
*“It’s never too early for carols. Let’s sing!”*
*“Billy’s fine. He hasn’t thrown up in hours.”
* “If Uncle Mike loses his football bets, everyone better get out.”
* “Here’s a poem I wrote about thankfulness.”
* “Those aren’t yams.”
* “I’ve got an eight-hour video of us at LAST year’s Thanksgiving! Somebody make popcorn!!”

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Say What?

Due to a valuable coupon, and a membership to Costco, I asked W if I could go a head and get a certain gift (from my boys to me). It was decided that I could go ahead and get the gift.
When I got the gift home I put it in W's room and put a blanket over it.

When W got home the conversation went like this....

Me ~ I got the gift and it's in your room.

W ~ Ok

Me ~ you'll need to tell G about it so he'll be included in the excitement.

W ~ I can't tell G! He'll just tell you what it is.

Say What?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Pictures and thoughts

A couple of weekends ago was Diorama Saturday!
G picked a night Desert Setting!
He had to do an oral presentation when he turned it in.
I don't think he had any problem with that!
He did a great job.
We're still waiting for the grade.
We got the grade! A 50 out of 50
**PS ~ that's a tumble weed not a nest in the corner!

Our little town has some new art work!
This is just one of three exhibits you can find.
I have no comment on the artist!

Hubby threw all animals out of 'his' garage along with their bedding.
Well, Skipper is adapting well!
**when hubby goes out to the garage, skipper won't look at him!**

Monday, November 17, 2008

Things I've learned in the past few days......

*Tetanus shots are given at the Walgreen's Take Care clinic

*W gave blood for the first time.

*I can stay home an entire Saturday.

*Our temple will be completed in 3 years.

*Our ER gets busy every Saturday at 5.
(didn't go but called and that's what they told me)

* The kitties leave nose prints on the windows.

*they recommend that people at the age of 60 get a DPT shot (whooping cough is still out there)

*something I was reminded of .... When I give blood they always tell me when we were all babies 98% of us were expose to this virus (I can't remember the letters now), OR maybe I should say all of you were exposed, I, for some reason wasn't exposed. I am part of the 2% that doesn't walk around with this virus. Thus this virus isn't in my blood, and my blood goes straight to the children's hospital to be given to babies! This fact is always my motivator for giving blood, there are babies that need my blood.

*When I give blood now, I do the ALYX machine. It takes whole blood from my body, separates it into red blood cells and plasma, takes 2 pints of red blood cells but puts the plasma back into my body. It takes 2x as long but it's worth it. REMEMBER the babies!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adventures in Subbing #9 & #10

#9 ~

I've subbed this week in a kindergarten class. It's always fun to be in kindergarten, they are for the most part eager to please. My name is always a challenge for them, since they are in kindergarten, it's really useless to write it on the board, this is true sometimes in 1st grade also. So I introduce myself and then they either ask and ask, "what's your name?" or usually my name gets shorten to "Mrs Ham". Once one students calls me that, then they all do! So I've been Mrs Ham most of this week.

#10 ~
While I was in this kindergarten class, there was this noise from the hall way. The kids from the High school were coming for the recycling. There were a 3 little girls from my class that started in whispers "ooo, listen the high schoolers are here", then the excitement flowed through the class, "the high schoolers are here", " the high schoolers are here!" I just stood there amazed at their excitement at this noise. I even had one little boy say, 'you know my dad is a highschooler!" At that I went out into the hall, called THE HIGH SCHOOLERS into the classroom, and introduced them. This little kindergarten class was SO excited to have seen the high schooler. When 'high schoolers' left, one of the little girls that had started the whispers told me, "that was SO exciting seeing the Highschoolers."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Veteran's Day

G took his 2nd Cousin Greg's picture
to honor the US Military on Veteran's day.
FYI ~ did you know that Veteran's day WAS Armistice Day?
It celebrated that day that WWI ended.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What to eat Monday

This recipe comes out of two of the most annoying things I can think of, Rachel Ray and Jessica Simpson. I can sometimes tolerate Rachel Ray but with Jessica Simpson cooking in the kitchen it was a bad morning. EXCEPT Jessica Simpson cooked this recipe and it has become one of my family's favorite.

Chicken and Dumplings
3 rolls of croissant rolls, divided
1 small rotisserie chicken, de-boned and skin removed
(can also use 2 large cans of canned chicken)
1 can cream of chicken (can use reduced fat)
1 can cream of mushroom (can use reduced fat)
1 cup low sodium chicken broth
salt and pepper to taste.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
roll out the cans of rolls & separate into the triangles
Place a heaping spoonful of chicken into center of each roll.
fold over dough and press ends together to create a dumpling.
cut remaining dough into strips.

line 9x13 pan with one layer of dumplings.
In a medium size mixing bowl mix together soups and broth.
pour over top of dumplings.

Place strips in a crisscross pattern on top of dumplings and soup mixture.
Season with salt and pepper. bake until dumplings are tender and cooked through.
soup mixture should be bubbly and brown. About 30 minutes.

**hint ** after about 15 minutes the dough on top will be brown enough so you should place a piece of foil lightly over the top.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Things Random Pictures

I love this cd! It's traditional country.
Joey and Rory were on
"Can You Duet" show earlier this year.
They didn't win but they were good.
Maybe you've heard they song on the radio "Cheater Cheater"?
The whole cd is good.
You can enjoy it at Joey and Rory's music page
G got this stick (aka a yard stick) when he went trick 'r treating.
the note says.....
"A Gift for you.....
This is a yardstick. I know it's a yardstick, because I found it in my yard.
You can do many things with your new yardstick.
You can use it to measure rain or snow or even the gas in your lawn mower.
You can use to to scratch your back or play fetch with the dog.
You can do things with your yardstick that can't be put on paper.
Use your yardstick any way you want.
Just don't put it back in my yard."
G thinks this 'yardstick' is the greatest thing!
(FYI ~ the 'yardstick' is about 14 inches)

G and his buddies on Halloween

G cleaning out pumpkins

Are there warnings on popcorn?

Thursday night......

I'm sure there are warnings on microwave popcorn, but I don't think they include anything that could result in a scratched cornea.

G was struggling to opening his unpopped popcorn, when the plastic wrap suddenly gave way. The plastic wrap somehow scratched his cornea!

Just How Can this Be?

I don't know but it landed us in Urgent Care for a few hours. The scratch is large enough to be seen without the dye, but it should heal with 24-48 hours.

We have some lovely ointment to put in it 4 times a day. When G and I were waiting for the Rx I told him that I'd get him an eye patch tomorrow, this excited him! but then he figured out that tomorrow was Friday and everything will ALL over before, wearing the eye patch to school! He was right back to his scratchy painful eye but now disappointed! All in true G fashion!

UPDATE ~ Friday morning ~ as some of you may know and others not.... G gets up EVERY morning at 7am. Rain, Shine, darkness, or disregard to what time he went to bed! This morning was no different. We left home last night around 9 (he'd just gone to sleep ~ FYI the scratch happened around 7:30 but he didn't say anything about blurring vision until bed time. Didn't want any of you thinking he was having popcorn at 9pm) and left urgent care around 11:10pm. G went to sleep after a while in the car.... but woke up to walk to his bed at midnight. This morning he's up (and cranky) at 7:05. The actual scratch and that pain maybe the least of my worries today! Let's review.... he's complained that he has to stay home, he's complained that we had to put medicine in, he's complained that he'll miss the 'fun' day in PE....
Goodness this day is going to be long.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Price of things

Gas ~ $2.05 per gallon
(but I've heard it drop this morning to $1.99)
skim Milk ~ 3.09 per gallon
2% Milk ~ 3.45 per gallon
Large Eggs ~ 1.65 per dozen
Shake and Bake ~ 2.09
Boneless Rump Roast ~ 9.38 (?size)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All League first team keeper!

We just learned that W earned the *top keeper spot in the League!
The league coaches go into the League meeting with their players stats, and then they plead their players 'case' to the other coaches.
There was another keeper with better stats than W so we knew it was going to be close.
W's coach called W last night.
*It was a tie in votes, half the coaches had gone with purely stats and the other half had voted for W and his ability to dive, his ability to kick the ball from one 18 to the other 18, his general talent as keeper!
I couldn't be more proud of him!

Web Wednesday!


this website jogs your memory!

I can remember voting for Regan Bush when I was in College. I sent off for my absentee ballot, went to the local court house and voted in front of someone. They then certified it I mailed it back. I think I was only person I knew of voting (out of my friends). The ballot came with the a piece of Styrofoam for me to put behind my ballot to help punch the 'chad' (as I now know they are called).

I can't recall voting, I'm sure I did, but I don't know where it would have been. I mean I know where I was living, just can't recall the voting place.

I stood in line for 2.5 hours, at a local middle school. The line went in and out of rows of lockers, down the hall and out the door! It was mind boggingly crowded when the classes changed.

W and I went to see Dole at a rally! it was exciting! I voted at the same place as before but I didn't have to wait SO long, I believe only an hour.

I now live where I live where I did then.... We go to vote in a little one room school house. I went during the day not crowded AT ALL. I do remember getting on my knees in prayer over the outcome of this election. I also remember thinking that we'd never hear the name of the President-elect on the same night any more ... too many legal technicalities to have it announced the same night. I can remember when I was little that they'd announce the president-elect before the west coast polls were closed.

I waited in the little one room school house for 40 minutes, by the way this little school house is in the middle of no where, no parking lot just a grassy patch, and up until recently no ramp (we pulled hubby up in 2000).

I voted early! the whole process took MAYBE 6 minutes and that was mostly the discussion my choice with G!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Say What?

Last week when I voted, I took little G with me. As we were walking in the building,

G asked, "Mom, you're voting for Obama aren't you?"

Me ~ "No, I don't think I will be."

G ~ "What, who else would you vote for?"

Me~ "I believe I'll be voting for John McCain."

G~ "I voted for Obama, because I wanted to vote for the first Black president."

Conversation was on hold while I filled out my paper work..... but my the little Obama backer started up once again as we entered the room to vote.

G ~ "Mom don't you want to make history?"

Me~ "No, I believe there is more to a man than color of his skin. Every person gets to vote, and it's important that you ALWAYS vote."

G~ "well, you know Mc Cain won't be winning and don't you want to vote for a winner?"

I got busy voting even though, G was little upset at my choice (and proceded to tell those working the voting booths)

As we walked out to the car. After a short conversation about WHERE his voting sticker was (the lady had given him one when we walked in)!

G ~ "well, mom if this where and how you vote then how will my vote at the school get here?"

M ~ " your vote at the school doesn't really count, it's only for fun."

G ~ "What do you mean my vote is only for fun?, it's my vote!"

M~ " you have to be 18 to vote, and it will be important that YOU ALWAYS vote!"

G ~ with look of disguise, "I don't think this is fair AT ALL."

I'm sure he was thinking
"Just How Can This Be!"


Monday, November 3, 2008

End of Daylight Savings

Yesterday ended Daylight Savings and I just have to say.... It was the LONGEST day Ever! I thought it would never end!

First of all, all of us are in some degree of this cold junk, hubby has lost his voice, G is tired and cranky, I'm at the nose dripping stage and W is at the begining and tired all the time.

I was trying NOT to take a nap yesterday since I wasn't sure how it would effect my restful night. I was tried and watching a clock that didn't seem to move!

We finally decided to just put G to bed, and put all of us out of eveyone's misery (he doesn't make good choices and boy is he cranky when he doesn't feel good) at 8pm. He went out like a light!

AND then we were all up nice and early today!

Is this Daylight savings thing REALLY worth it?