Friday, February 26, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ

21 Days Closer to Christ

day 12

The Gift

In this chapter the author tells us of a time when she was asked to speak about Gratitude to a group of youth in a detention center. As she started she realized that her prepared talk wasn't what she was suppose to say. She was to talk from the scripture Luke 17, the 10 lepers.

"we talked about those times in life when we find ourselves in a situation we might not know how to get out of. Unable to solve the problem our own, we become isolated. Distancing ourselves from what is familiar, we wonder if we can ever return. During times of reflection we need to remember that there is always a way back.

As they earnestly listened, they began to understand the principle of the atonement, the Gift.

This healing requires giving our whole heart to follow the counsel of the Lord.

*Identify a change that you would like to make in your own life*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Olympics

Once again I'm consumed by the Olympics.
Every afternoon, every night I turn into an Olympic couch potato!

Shaun White ~ Did you see his final run? Did you see where he practices? Did you see his air guitar during the Star Spangled Banner? Did you see him on Oprah?

Lindsey Vonn ~ Were you worried about her shin? Did you see her search for her husband? Did you see her cry when she won?

Julia Mancueso ~ did you see her poster that she made when she was young? Did you see her wearing her crown? Did you see her silver medals?

Did you see the cross country skier fall into the ravine? Did you see her finish with a medal with broken ribs and a puncture lung? And just how do those cross country skiers do that?

Apollo Ono ~ Did you watch him? Do you understand how easy it is to get disqualified in speed skating? Do you think he'll be back in 2014? Don't you think he's cute?

Did you see the speed skater that crossed into the wrong lane? Did you want to bop that coach? Didn't you want the skater to get his medal anyway?

Weren't you scared when they started the luge races?

Do you understand curling? Where did that one country get those pants?

Do you think it's weird that brother and sisters are ice dancing partners?

Doesn't it make you proud of being an American?


Don't you just love to watch these athletes live out their dreams?

21 days Closer to Christ #11

21 days Closer to Christ
Day 11
Calm the Storm
I love the story found in Matt 14:27-28, where Peter walks on the water.
As long as Peter was focused on the Savior, as long as he had his eyes fix on Him he did not fall. When Peter lost his focus and was distracted he fell. Now my favorite part, When he called out to the Savior, the Savior was there immediately with his hand stretched forth. Doesn't that give you comfort? All we have to do is "call out"
It's important that we find time to re focus on the Lord everyday.
In the Book of Mormon, Nephi gives us counsel on how to do this
*Talk to Christ
*rejoice in Christ
*preach of Christ
*Remember to focus on Christ*

21 days closer to Christ #10

21 days closer to Christ
Day 10
Christ asks us to stand "at attention" in many ways
*Stand by faith (Rom 11:20)
*Stand fast in the faith (1 Cor 16:13)
*Stand and testify (Alma 5:44)
*Stand spotless (3 Nep 27:20)
*Stand in the place of our stewardship (D&C 42:53)
*Stand in holy places (D&C 45:32)
*Stand as witnesses (Mosiah 18:9)
*Take upon us the Lord's whole armour, that we may be able to stand (D&C 27:15)
*Having done all , to stand for truth, righteousness, peace and faith (Eph 6:13)
we are giving caution "Woe to them that are at ease in Zion"
*Where you see the battle raging, where do you see yourself?*
*Find one way you can strengthen someone today*

We interupted this life for PAPER!

The past few days I've been dealing with paper, paper and yet more paper.


I can barely move my computer chair due the mounds of paper piled around the computer area!

I've filed my TAXES
almost done with FAFSA
counted and packaged up LABELS FOR EDUCATION
written and mailed BILLS

(Hopefully) we now return you to your regular scheduled life

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I want what they're having!"

Yesterday when G came in after school he took one whiff of the wonderful aroma of the kitchen, and ask "What's that smell I smell?" I had to disappoint him by saying that I was fixing Roast, potatoes and carrots for the Moala family. They're mom had knee surgery and we taking supper to them.

He helped deliver the meal and enjoyed visiting with his friends (the kids).

Then I came home and started our supper, French Fried Onion Crusted Chicken and rice. A lovely meal, if I do say so myself.

As G sat down for supper, he looked a little forlorn and said "I wish I was eating with Moala's" I wasn't disappointed in this because I, too, wanted to eating roast, potatoes and carrots!

Tonight we're having that meal, plus homemade bread. I haven't made homemade bread in ages....I don't know if I've ever made homemade bread, now that I think of it.

I found this recipe for Miracle bread that sounded just too good to be true! Well, it's not. You could have homemade bread in just over an hour......well, I let mine rise for about an hour so it took a bit longer. If you have a warm house it would be an hour.

Did you look over the recipe? super simple, just dump it in the mixer bowl and mix! WOW! this could revolutionize my kitchen (and my diet)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Slim Down Week #3

Results #3
-1.25 pounds
-.75 inches
Have you been adding it all up?
I have!
Yay me!
Things I've learn
Week #3
I've found Broccoli Cole slaw
I have this with low fat salad dressing instead of iceberg lettuce.
I think I'm getting more 'good stuff' than plain ol' lettuce

and Campbell's V8

Tomato Herb is my favorite!

and I don't like tomato soup!

and I like the Broccoli one, too

I didn't care so much for the Southwest Corn one.

This low impact class that I take MWF

is really called Cross Training!

Friday, February 19, 2010

answer to prayer

Several years ago (around 6) I was seriously considering
going back to school to get my teaching degree.
I gathered the credits I already had and sent them to a couple of universities to see what it would take to finish my degree. I learned that if I went part time (and that's all I could really do since G was still small) it would take me 5 1/2 years to finish and put my family in debt to the tune of around 50k.
I prayed about it and really didn't feel comfortable about putting my family in that kind of debt.
FAST forward to now!
I'd be graduating now into a work force that is about to layoff 100s of teachers
so I'd be graduating to no job and a lot of debt!
Thanks Heavenly Father for the heads up!

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's my Blog-o-versary

Happy Birthday to
Along Plum Creek
2 years today

Slim Down Week #2

Week #2 Results
-1.5 pounds &
-2 inches!
once again
Yay Me!
Things I've learned
in week #2
*my body is adjusting to lower calories & working out*
doesn't mean it doesn't mess with my head
*I've now met all of my team in the Slim Down
I'm the youngest*
but just by a few months with Phil
but then we're about 13 years younger than the rest.
*There seem to be only a couple of us that are into the whole process*
and we lured the other 4 into it with us.
*I like my workout class*
there is a man that really jives in it
*There is a wide variety of people at the Y during the day*
including the man with the braided beard with bells at the end of it. This gives me something to think about on the elliptical machine "just how does he sleep with those long 2 belled braids?"
*I have to stick with the program*
even when my body isn't reacting.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Mom Ever award!

This man probably doesn't look like any one special to you!
He is something special to little G, someone he idolizes.

At this moment Little G will tell you that his legs were shaking.

And this earned me the

"Best Mom Ever Award"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

your new Procedure?

The other morning I was getting ready to go the Y.
G was eating his breakfast
As I was tying my shoes
G asked "So mom is going to the Y every morning your new procedure?"
Me ~ "yes, G it is my new procedure"

Where does this boy get his vocabulary!?

21 days Closer to Christ #9

21 Days Closer to Christ

Day #9

Ancient Keys

When Christ walked the earth he held the keys of the priesthood.
I believe that those ancient keys were past down to Peter, James and John and then past down to a modern day prophet. "The same divine priesthood power and authority that was held anciently." (David B Haight)
We have the opportunity today to hear from a living prophet and have been counseled to listen carefully to his words. In the Book of Mormon King Benjamin gives us 5 items of counsel that will help us apply those words of a living prophet.
1 ) "open your ears that ye may hear"
2) open "your hearts that ye may understand
3) open our minds that the mysteries of God maybe unfolded to our view
4) Remember the words we have been taught
5) and now believe all these things and see that ye do them
the results will be a might change.
*What counsel do you remember most from the last general conference*
*write down counsel given and place it somewhere that you'll see it*
*What is one way you can apply inspired counsel to your life today*

Snow Globe

Today is a Snow Globe kind of day outside.
little tiny flakes blowing all around

Monday, February 8, 2010

21 days Closer to Christ #8

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day 8

Recognize His Voice

In order to understand this chapter the author explains how being a shepherd worked in the Bible. This helped me understand what it's meant when the Savior gave the parable of the Good Shepherd.
"Jesus reminded His listeners that a good shepherd, "goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice." (John 10:4)
(John 10:11) "I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep."
In order to follow Christ, the good shepherd we must know his voice.
*Think about how you have learned to recognize His voice.*
**Make a list of those moments you have heard His voice.*
*find a way to "hear" His voice today.*

Slim Down week #1

the results
week #1
Me -6.5 pounds!
& -5 inches of me
things I've learned
week #1
*I won't die in my class*
I thought I was dying several times last week
*I have to make time for me*
every morning
*I work out harder alone*
I can stay focused
*I have to eat*
I have a routine & I stick to it
*I have more energy*
no afternoon naps anymore
I have to shave my legs more carefully*
I continually missed the same spot all last week
*I stand up straighter*
shoulders pulled back, tummy tucked
*I don't like to work out next to people that wear a scent*
I don't want my dying breathe filled with a soapy smell!
*Good music helps*
Fergie, Justin, 70's, Christina, the Peas
*My aches and pains are gone*
well, my old aches and pains
*I actually like planks*
well....lets not go over board with that!
*I can do this*
and I am

Another Snowy Morning

More Snow this morning
but certainly not the massive amount that we expected!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ #7

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day 7

A Promise without Parallel

Prayer was addressed in this chapter, on this day.
the 5 parts of prayer were given
(as found in Moroni 7:26)
2) ask in the name of Jesus Christ
3) to determine that "which is good"
4) Ask with faith
5) "Behold, it shall be done unto you"
*Ponder the 5 characteristics of prayer*
*How will remembering these make your prayers more meaningful?*

The Ambassanadors?

A few weeks ago my boys went to see the Harlem Ambassadors.
The cheaper version of the Harlem Globetrotters.
We didn't tell little G until a couple of hours.
That saves us all alot of drama and grief.
In G's excitement he kept referring them as the Ambassanadors.
We all got a laugh out of him.

21 days Closer to Christ #6

21 Days Close to Christ
Day 6
When Hope is Gone
I think this is my favorite chapter.
I found the most comfort and useful words in this chapter.
It retold the story found in the Book of John about the blind man.
Like this man there have been so many times that I have
wished the Lord would open my eyes, that I might see.
(Just as the author states for her life)
2 of my favorite quotes ...
"Never underestimate the purpose of the trail."
"It is through adversity that we experience the
sweetest parts of the Atonement"
*Attempt to see your trial through 'different eyes'*
*Pray the Savior will touch your eyes*
*Write down some good things that have come to you through Christ*
*How does recognizing these blessings bring you hope*

Friday, February 5, 2010

21 days Closer to Christ #5

21 days Closer to Christ
Day #5
Who Is This Jesus?
The Story of the Woman at the Well is retold in this chapter.
How "what began as an ordinary task suddenly became life changing".
This woman had found a "pearl in the field" at a most unexpected time.
*"Prepare to receive a simple learning moment, a "pearl in the field", as you go through your day. Let your search be constant. Try to discover, "in every hour," some heavenly blessing that will bring you closer to Christ. A treasure - God's Gold."

My house on February 5th

Noisey Daily Visitor

I have this visitor.
Every Day she comes to eat the Berries off of my BarBerryBushes. I don't have to guess if he out there, I know when she's out there. She chirps very loudly!

Another Snowy Day

We woke up to this .... and this ....
it's much nicer inside looking out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ #4

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day #4

Never Stopping, Ever Searching

This chapter retells the story of Jairus's daughter. How Jairus had not stopped searching for the Savior until he'd found him. Even when the Savior got involved with 'the woman' Jairus didn't waver in his desire to stay with the Savior.
I was left with this great scripture (Mark 5:36) of comfort "Be not afraid, only believe".
*"Think back on a time in your life when you had to search for the savior to find strength beyond your own. Try to remember the process you went through in that search. Was it scripture study, more meaningful prayers or another avenue that led you to Christ"*
*Stretch again. Apply one of those principles today."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ #3

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day #3
A Common Thread
A common thread among all of us is that we're all tried.
"You must be tried, to be proven. My Heavenly Father was surely mindful of me. And when we know that, we live our lives free and apart without murmuring with life or the part we care called to play."
Quote from Susan Marinda Bullock's journal
Another common thread that we all have is that we all can have the
Holy Ghost to guide us through these trials.
This chapter isn't really about the above, but the above was what I got out of the chapter. The chapter was about writing down your history and your experiences.
*Do you have a written copy of your testimony of Christ?*
*Obtain & Keep a journal of your 21 day journey*

He's a published Author!

G's school has started this great new program
The 4th grade and the 5th grade students
wrote their own stories and then the school had them bound.
Making them Published Authors!
The books will be in the Library for other students to read
until they move out of this school.
WAY COOL program!

This morning they had a
Book Swap.
They all got their books then they read
their books to their classmates.
Parents were invited too!
(if you want to hear G read his book head over to his blog for the video)

He got a W!

Every Saturday has a basketball game and last Saturday was no different,
BUT the end result was different in one of the games .... they WON!
The greatest news I think (he doesn't) is that G made a basket the last 2 Saturdays!

Gentleman Start your Engines!

It's Pinewood Derby Time the first coat ....

it consumed our Breakfast table.....

G baked cookies for the event ...

These cute little things are by G's den leader, Sister Mac!
She just oozes creativity!

Then we watched with great anticipation!
It was a great race, we all had fun but G's car was out mid way through the event.

Need a Warm Fuzzy?

G is working on creating Warm Fuzzies. This bag (in the foreground) is full of fuzzies
G has to do acts of kindness to make the Warm Fuzzies.
Then he's filling the Jar with his warm Fuzzies!
An example of his Warm Fuzzies
He carries the trashcan back for our neighbor
He calls his grandparents
Acts of service
read up lifting articles


One of those deeply foggy nights last month. The ones where you couldn't really see past your front bumper, W hit a deer. A deer he didn't even see until he hit it. He is safe and sound. He wasn't very far from home so he drove back home with his one eyed blazer. He was really sad as we watching him coming up the drive. The one working light was barely cutting through the fog.
Now the maddening thing about this crunch! Do you see it? There isn't a place to attach a light. We're going to have to fix the entire fender just so we can get a light to stay in there.
OH, well it's just money, right?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Figure Friendly Taco!

Considering that I'm working my hiney off
at the gym I'm not blowing it at home
so here is tonight's recipe find ~

I thought it was really healthy, really, really easy and really good.

4 chicken breast
1 jar of salsa (whatever you like)
2 cans Black beans (drained)
1 (or 2) cans of Corn (drained and you could use frozen)

Put it all in a crockpot
turn the pot on (high 4-5 hours, low 6-8 hour)

about an hour before you're ready to serve shred the chicken.

Serve with warm tortillas (soft taco size), lettuce, tomatoes, onions and (Fat free) sour cream!

21 days Closer to Christ day #2

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day #2
(John 13:4-15)
Take His Name
"Be true to who you are and the family name you bear"
Gordon B Hinkley
We should Take The Lord's name upon us thus Honor His name everyday.
*As you go through this day, find ways that you can bring honor to Christ's name by letting the walk of your life exemplify Him. On this day, try to remember Him always.*
*Try to reflect on how each name for the Savior describes a way that He blesses your life*

Monday, February 1, 2010

Slim Down day #1

This morning marked our first weigh in and
workout with our "Biggest Loser" type program at the local Y.
I knew what I weighed so it wasn't a surprise.
no, I'm not going to reveal that tidbit of new here!
nor am I going to put up my motivation or my comparsion picture.
That's just not right!
My friend Stephanie goes at 8 and does the water aerobics.
I meet her there for an hour of working out together.
Today we did the Elliptical machine.
then I went to a low impact aerobics class.
In the middle of the class I swore I was going to die.
So it must have been doing good, right?
I made it all the way through the class.
Then I came home and got out my Calorie King program.
I love this program it makes watching what I eat a breeze.
*I paid $50 for this program eons ago and they still allow me to download new foods, BUT there is a similar program that is free. I don't recall the name right now, but if you're interested just look around.
Ok, I'm not going to blog about my activities every day
but I will blog every week with my progress!

21 Days Closer to Christ

I decided to start this book on the
First day of February instead of last week.
Just easier.
I'll be jotting down the highlights of my daily reading
mostly because it helps me retain it more
if I've written it down after I've read it.

Day 1
"Come and See"
(Mark 1:16-18 and John 1:38-39)
"My desire today is for all of us ... to have a more straightforward personal experience with the Savior's example. Sometimes we seek heaven too obliquely, focusing on programs or history or the experience of others. Those are important but not as important as personal experiences, true discipleship and the strength that comes from experiencing firsthand the majesty of His touch."
(Broken things to Mend by Jeffery R Holland)
*Determine what fills your nets.
Are everyday challenges such as time constraints, demands from work or home, or feelings of inadequacy or fear holding you back from developing a relationship with Christ.
*Today try to listen
for the quiet invitations from the Lord to
come and see.
(taken from the book "21 days Closer to Christ)