Thursday, February 4, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ #4

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day #4

Never Stopping, Ever Searching

This chapter retells the story of Jairus's daughter. How Jairus had not stopped searching for the Savior until he'd found him. Even when the Savior got involved with 'the woman' Jairus didn't waver in his desire to stay with the Savior.
I was left with this great scripture (Mark 5:36) of comfort "Be not afraid, only believe".
*"Think back on a time in your life when you had to search for the savior to find strength beyond your own. Try to remember the process you went through in that search. Was it scripture study, more meaningful prayers or another avenue that led you to Christ"*
*Stretch again. Apply one of those principles today."

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