Monday, February 15, 2010

Slim Down Week #2

Week #2 Results
-1.5 pounds &
-2 inches!
once again
Yay Me!
Things I've learned
in week #2
*my body is adjusting to lower calories & working out*
doesn't mean it doesn't mess with my head
*I've now met all of my team in the Slim Down
I'm the youngest*
but just by a few months with Phil
but then we're about 13 years younger than the rest.
*There seem to be only a couple of us that are into the whole process*
and we lured the other 4 into it with us.
*I like my workout class*
there is a man that really jives in it
*There is a wide variety of people at the Y during the day*
including the man with the braided beard with bells at the end of it. This gives me something to think about on the elliptical machine "just how does he sleep with those long 2 belled braids?"
*I have to stick with the program*
even when my body isn't reacting.

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