Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

G's school party was on Friday.
The game was to get a gourd across the finish line BUT you couldn't use your arms below the elbow or your legs below the knees.
Most of the kids used their heads but some of them used their bottoms.
Can you think of another way to move the gourd?

Friday evening we went to the church party, supper, (I took my mom's award winning chili) carnival (I took Brownies on a Stick) and then Trunk 'r Treat.

Saturday was a slow relaxing day until almost 7. G and I took off to town walked around for a 40 minutes gathering as much candy as he could.
It was strange, because Daylight savings hadn't stopped we couldn't leave as early.

G's dad has had the started the tradition that when you get home your sort your candy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time Out for Women

I left home yesterday at 12:30 ran by picked my friend Stephanie before heading to Time Out for Women. That makes it sound so simple, but that was the gist of the leaving process. For instance the pants I was wearing were new (never put them on before the few moments before leaving) and they had a button at the zipper, the button didn't seem to sewn on very well, NOW I got to fret about whether the button was about to pop or would it hold?

We went to have lunch at Olive Garden, neither of our families like Olive Garden so we enjoyed a huge meal. A huge meal because I had realized that my times to eat in the next 25 hours would be few and far between. As I was eating this great meal, I wondered again about the loosely sewn button UNTIL I dropped food down my shirt, (something new to think about) fortunately for me I had a sweater that zipped up the front on. It stayed zipped up all night NO MATTER how hot I got!

I had be working with the Time Out for Women group promoting the event for the past several months and now would be on staff for the event. My job was fairly simple, I was over the Hall greeters, but would start with a couple of meetings at 4 then end at 6:45 just after everyone had been seated and the program began. No time for supper.

Not only do we get to experience the great line up of speakers but we get to get reacquainted with old friends and make new friends! It was so fun seeing everyone new and old.

BOY, did I luck out with the Friday night program, my 2 favorite people were on the stage. I love love Jenny Oaks Baker (simply beautiful) and then S Michael Wilcox. (see my notes below)I knew the that highlight of my weekend would be over with the close of Friday night, BUT Saturday morning held the my #3 and #4 favorite speakers. It was all good. My friend had to leave for Oklahoma in the afternoon so we left at noon. I was happy and my cup was overflowing.

I didn't take notes of the talks. I find that too distracting from the message the speakers have for ME but I have mental notes.

Jenny Oaks Baker ~ we are blessed when we do as we've been prompted to do.
When you click the link, read and enjoy the information, but minimize it, come back here and you'll enjoy her music while you read!

S Michael Wilcox ~ The Lord is acceptance. He spoke about the woman that had great faith as she just simply touched the Savior's robe. The Savior turned to ask who had touched him, she didn't speak up .... why not? it was her fear that kept her from admitting her act of faith. But she knew that Savior knew it was her, she spoke up and the Lord accepted her and loved her. We all have times when we won't do what we're suppose to do out of fear or that we feel unworthy but that is our feeling not the Saviors. His is a feeling of acceptance.

Emily Watts~ Every fruit ripens in it's own time. As we watch our children grow, if we teach them, correct them, they will ripen in their own time.

John Bytheway ~ If we watch a sporting event where we already knew the end result would we watch differently? He then quoted Jeffrey R Holland (and I'm paraphrasing because remember I didn't take notes) In the game of good and evil we already know that good always win, so why do we spend so much time deciding which jersey we'll wear?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Return of the Computer

My computer has landed at home once again. The thunderstorms seems to have arrive just a few hours after the computer got here, so I didn't hook it up (yes, out of fear) that was a couple of days ago. Still raining, still not hooked up! I told you I had PTS (Post Traumatic Syndrome).

I'm going after these mini surge protectors today. You hook them up between the wire and router and then as an extra precaution another on between the router and the computer. I think I'm creating a Fort Know protection.

I have a busy busy weekend so I suppose that I'll be back to regular posting on Monday.
I have tons of picture for G's blog so make sure you head over there after Monday.

Friday, October 16, 2009

update on the medical progress around here!

Little G only had 2 days of school this week (due to end of the first quarter) but missed both of those due to illness! In true G fashion we spent Thursday, thinking about and talking about all the great things he'd missed in those 2 days. As if he could have gone and just decided not to go ... that was not even an option he had a fever and didn't finish his 24 hours without a fever until Thursday, his first day of break! He's regained his health and strength but still has a loose cough.

Hubby is in bed with a sore again, things are looking much better but still have a while to go.

G made it well enough to go have our teeth cleaned yesterday, but we went in again today to get sealants on his teeth SO 2 days 2 trips to the dentist. It's a new dentist and I feel very acquainted now!

I've been getting so easily tired, makes me wonder if I'm next to get sick!?!

ALSO ~ my beloved computer isn't back yet! I was using hubby's laptop while he was at work whenever I wanted ~ well, when he came home this week. We have to share!?! Well, it's more like me hoovering around the bed waiting for him to air on the laptop and me pouncing on it! Today, I finally asked hubby "They would call you IF my computer were fixed wouldn't they!?!"

W is also all sniffley but hasn't got a fever. He's home, well.... he's in the same county as we are and his laundry is here!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pause in Posting

My computer is still out of commission, so I'm resorting to borrowing hubby's laptop while he isn't around. So there will be a pause on Posting until I can get my computer back.

I have pictures to post, things to say, funnies to tell, ...... but it's all on hold, for awhile.

added ~ we had another lighting storm a couple of nights ago and now a few more things are not working. It's strange. I think I need to replace all the surge protectors this next week.

I now think I'm suffering from PTS (Post Traumatic Syndrome) and get nervous when the lightening starts. Another night like these past lengthening storms and I'll be a mess like the dog and G.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Repairman revolving door ~

It seems that we have a revolving door of repairmen minus one.

Yesterday we had the internet man here on top of our house replacing our internet equipment. Really thought he should have waited until a calm wind day .... NOT. They (the schedule department) messed up getting him here on the calm wind day so I wanted internet back so I didn't care that it was blowing 110 mph out there! OH, I should have given you an exaggeration alert before that! Great thing about this I had paid for insurance for the past 3 years that I though was silly and probably a waste of my $2 every month. Not a waste NOW it covered everything.

He replaces everything and then discovers my NEW shiny modem is bad (seems they can be bad from the store), BUT he gets on computer to run the Internet but nothing wireless. I run to Wal-mart, return BAD modem and spin the roulette wheel that I get a good one this time. Yep, hooked it up just minutes ago and I got a good one!

We did discover that the phone problem was/is related to the broken satellite receiver problem. So the phone is fixed ~ cancel repairman.

Now we're waiting on the satellite repairman....wait wait wait.....

Poor W came home last night, to no Internet, and no tv ~ he was thrilled!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Last night's lighting storm let out house with out ....

Internet modem ~ replaced this morning
Internet radio ~ repairman coming tomorrow afternoon
computer ~ just took to the repairman (did you know that you can get a little power surge that goes into the plug with the modem? I'm getting one!)
phone service ~ only one line (the other line works fine!?!), they are working on that
Satellite TV ~ only on receiver the other one works fine. That repair man is coming Saturday morning.

I've been on hold more today
than I think any other day of my life!

end result of this story ... it could take a couple of days before I answer any e-mails
I'm sitting at the Library's computer for this, but I can't stay here forever, or could I no they close sometime.