Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Git'r done Tuesday

Today was a Bonus Git 'r done day!

(Since it was a 5th Tuesday)

We got fitted for


I know you've all seen the Oprah shows where

she gives woman BRA make overs.

Well a couple of years ago I saw one of those shows

and decided that I'd "do it after the first of the year"

well.....I never got around to it......until


In days leading up to today, I was second guessing myself.

How could I be another size?

What could they tell me that I didn't already know?

You know that sort of thing.

I needed this fitting

I was not wearing the right size BRA!

I'd recommend it to everyone!

so GO

Don't be shy ~ these ladies were 'fitting'

alot of women while they were fitting us.

It's their job, they've seen it all before!

We went to Nordstrom's

they had a lot of styles in our sizes to pick from.

We stopped by Victoria's Secret just to see what they had

and they didn't carry our sizes!?!?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Today all the lessons seem to fit along the same theme. I don't think they planned it that way BUT it just worked out this way.

How would it effect your life if you knew,

really KNEW that God Loved you?

How would it effect your thoughts if you knew,

really KNEW that God Loved you?

How would it effect your relationship with others if you knew,

really KNEW that God loved you?

How would it effect your relationship with others if you knew,

really KNEW that God loved them?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday on the Prairie

SIDE NOTE~ I'm sorry about the spacing of this post, but I've worked on it for a great while and it just won't space right! sorry ......

We started out early, and I mean early for these boys. We left at 7am! and DROVE and DROVE and DROVE!

Our GPS told us once we got on a our major Prairie Highway that we had 104 miles until we turned. Good we settled in, set the cruise control and DROVE!

Seems at 104 miles there was a major Prairie Highway intersection, the GPS old us to stay on the Prairie Highway we were already on and reset itself.
Just how can that be??
Once it reset for the next 30something miles.
We settle in again, set the cruise control and DROVE!

It wasn't rainy, it wasn't snowy, but there was a low cloud deck. At the 30something mile we started to see these huge poles but couldn't see what was at the top. Slowly more and more poles and THEN.... we began to see something dipping out of the clouds. It was as if we were in an scary alien movie.
We were so busy being scared (OK mostly me but I wasn't driving) we missed out 30something turn off!
Just how can this be??
We made it, with plenty of time to spare.
Made it where you ask???
W had a PowerLifting competition!

his final weight on the dead lift was 445 pounds.

HE SET 3 STATE RECORDS! That boy is a freakish beast!

Oh and there was this .....

I kept thinking that this poor boy had a hole in his singlet

and on his hiney no less!

BUT the front was marked with Georgia, it's a peach!

OK this little prairie town we went to.....

there was just something odd about it. It was super small.

There were 2 choices of eating places, DQ and Pizza Hut.

The School was really old, stone but had an amazing football field and track, there was a modern, state of the art activity center, and when we drove around most of the houses were brand new.

Just how can this be?

I couldn't figure out why or how people were moving in this town. There didn't seem to be any big business to have a town that was growing, thus people having new houses AND the new houses weren't in subdivisions. They just along the old streets with a few older homes sprinkled in.

Something just didn't fit with this town.

As we leaving we stopped at DQ to eat, there was plaque that stated

DQ survived the "prairie town" tornado of 2001.

It all began to make since, everything was about 10 years old! New houses sprinkled in along with older ones, along the old streets... it all made since now.

As we drove home, we once again drove by the alien objects dipping out of the clouds only this time the clouds were higher.

I still can't look at them without having that alien thought come into my mind!

After a long drive back home we got home around 9:20pm. I went to bed and the boys all went out!?!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

life on Thursday

I always like to do some sort of learning field trip during spring break. So today G, his friend and I went to the Money Museum in the Federal Reserve.

Before entering the Reserve, we had to go through security! I tried to take a picture of the boys walking through, but I was quickly informed that I could not take pictures of the security system. This included any of the camera bubbles, believe me this was not an easy task, there were camera bubbles all over the ceiling and all over the walls! A brick of Gold We got to see how heavy it was (by pulling a lever) and how much it was currently worth. The history of coins
Make our own money with our picture in it!

See what several million dollars looked like!

Then of course the most exciting part for the boys was the watching the operations of the vault!

Of course no picture taking there!

It's was all computerized with robot fork lifts.

The fork lifts were named

Hewie, Dewie and Lewie

they ran on sensors in the floor.

They went up and down this long hall, picking up and

delivering money to the work rooms!

We got to watch one of the work rooms.

The room with $20s and $1's

We'd started our day with lunch at Ryan's

(Gabe's favorite that no one ever goes for)

WOW that trip there was enough to hold me for awhile.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday ~ Git 'r done

Today we were without Caroline. So it was a Git it done day.

I had a lot of appointments to make. My insurance is just about to change. YES I've already made my deductible (with my shoulder) BUT due to the high cost of health insurance I need to change my policy.... New policy New deductible! I wanted to get all the appointments I could before my new policy takes effective!

Moved my rugs outside to shake. That was a great idea UNTIL the wind turned chilly.

I gave G the job to clean the bathroom floor. He did a great job! He's a great worker. He used a technique that I didn't plan on BUT it got the job done just the same!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Caroline

I've been singing Sweet Caroline the past couple of days! OK, rather poorly but still singing just the same.

We (G is on spring break so he's included) have been babysitting Little Caroline. Her mother has pulled a muscle in her back so Caroline has come to play at our house. Caroline is 3, very independent, VERY friendly (so much that I worry about her, she'd go to anyone anywhere without a second throught), very cute and very sweet!

This morning when I walked in her house, she turned to her mom and said, "I'm going with Shelly, she my new best friend" my heart just melted. I'd take that girl anywhere!

I hope we get Sweet Caroline tomorrow! OH I hope her mom is getting better too, but really she could just come to play anyway!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life on Thursday

I was off and running this morning after putting on my GREEN shirt (Happy St Patrick's Day), I went to visit a friend, went to set up the church for tonight, then I headed to volunteer at G's AR store.

They get points for reading and then they can redeem those points for items. There is always a bigger item, a field trip that they can save their points for and purchase in the spring. I believe there is something smaller in the fall (maybe a movie). Today was the day they could redeem their points so I worked the store for an hour.

It was horribly humid outside and the temp was rising. I actually turned the AC on as I was driving. There was a strong wind and usually that blows the humidity out of here but not today! Shewww it was sticky.

I came home, piddle around when I got just absolutely exhausted. I laid down and SLEPT. I might not have told you this but I was discovered by W, so I might as well fess up! I NAPPED and it FELT GOOD!

Then I watched W watch the NCAA tourny. Our family, as usual filled out their brackets (the deadline was Tuesday, yes there was a deadline this year for your bracket to be posted on the frig!?) and now they sit and watch their bracket fall apart! I believe at one point I heard W state, "This is alot of stress! I don't think I can take it."

Then it was time to run again. Tonight was Relief Society's Monthly Meeting. (Relief Society is our woman's group at church) It was an easy going evening, the ladies were encouraged to bring items that they just never got around to doing and get them done! There were sewing machines set up so there was sewing, there was sorting of pictures, there was logging family history into a computers and then there was just sitting around and visiting! We then had several ladies share some of the preparedness tips.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ G on Safari

Safari is the theme for their State Testing
Their creative teacher made these pictures

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Git 'r Done Tuesday

Today was
Git 'r Done Tuesday
at my house!
WOW! I loved it!
On any Tuesday I start early with a list and just start marking things off. Today's mode was a if I open a draw I look to see if there is something I can do to make it better.
Can I throw it away? Can I donate something?
Today, I was mostly in the Kitchen this morning.
I loaded the dishwasher, did a quick look through the refrigerator, tossing old things, quickly wiping down the shelves. Swept the floor, wiped down all the counters. Then I moved over to the china cabinet for a quick couple of minutes. I worked on the drawers, ALOT got tossed there!
I love to toss things!
Around noon Stephanie brought a yummy lunch from Molly's Table.
Vegetarian lasagna (with chicken???), a roll and a salad.
Then we got to work.
First upstairs. I had Stephanie work on packing up quilts, and baby clothes. I had purchased tubs months ago so it all had a place, I just needed her to put things in them! I worked on a shelf in the room. There was a ton tossed! and a ton donated! I loved working up there!
Then we came down to the kitchen again. Stephanie and I wiped down my cabinet doors. She's tall so she got the top ones and I got the lower ones.
The last thing ... I set Stephanie up on Facebook.
Even W and G got in on the Git 'r Done mode.
While we were upstairs W replaced a light for me and G (& I) carried all the toss/donate items down from up stairs.
Then G did it!
he swept out the garage without being asked!?
Miracles do happen!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's Ramble ~ in Pictures

It's actually a bright day,
it's the snow blowing vertically that causes the haziness.....

It's March 14th for Heaven sake.......

Next week is the first day of spring .....

There is HOPE,
the rest of the week is suppose to be nice!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Can I just say?

It's just sicken to watch all the devastation of today's news of Japan's Earthquake and the resulting tsunami all over the Pacific rim.

I'm just glad that an Earthquake it's not a constant worry of mine.

I live in tornado ally, that is somewhat of a concern of mine for about 6 to 8 months out of the year. I would and do take tornado alley over an earthquake any day! Seriously, I know when a tornado could be coming. Like today, the weather is beautiful, sunny, mighty breezy but not the weather for a tornado! Earthquakes come anytime, right out of the blue!

I'll be joining all of you in your prayers for the people of Japan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday's Git 'r Done, Red Flag & PEO Meeting

This morning was really working on a list.

Order credit reports DONE
Update Blog - DONE on Wednesday
Find a skating rink DONE
Submit bills to Insurance DONE
Clean up the bill paying mess DONE
Take Hubby's car to shop for recalls DONE
Supper (Potato soup and grilled sandwiches) DONE
Clean on shelf of the freezer, Clean the lazy Susan, work on decluttering upstairs ~ can wait until next week!


Just as I was rushing out the door, the phone was ringing. I didn't have time to answer it but I was drawn to it. I did answer it and it was a (major) business trying to confirm an online purchase by Hubby. Hummmm?? While I had them on the phone I got hubby on my cell phone. Someone was trying to use Hubby's credit card. The amount was not a large amount (under $200) but some thing about the transaction had sent up red flags and they were calling to confirm. Hubby and I both confirmed that it was not us attempting the transaction and the the transaction was denied. I'm so glad I was drawn to answer THAT phone call!

PEO Meeting ~
I finally made it to my PEO meeting, LATE. I'm not a Late person (but I guess I'm glad I was today). I made a point to meet someone new in the group today. The theme was "Games we use to play". These ladies are all older than me, WAY older than me. They'd all played the games that I'd play, but still it was fun! Then the best part, they are great cooks.... we had coconut cream pie for refreshments!

Monday Hoops ~ Losing

Tonight was the championship game for G.
They lost, it was a really close game for most of the game but in the end they just couldn't keep it up until the very end.
I believe the score was 30 to 27.
It was a great season, with a couple of great games to end it on!

Sunday Thoughts ~ quotes to think about

**Just be the Best you Can
**Take Personal Responsibility for our improvement
**Be a Witness of the Savior constantly
**Temples .. are leading you to the path of perfection
**always have a prayer in your heart
**Create Zion on our hearts and homes
**To thy own self be true
**Ponder your values and standards, are they virtuous?
**Never too late to repent
**Have a seamless life (be undivided)
**What have I learned from the recent dip in the economy?
**How to stay strong ...
*keep the Sabbath day Holy*
*have a current Temple recommend*
*have family home evening, family prayer, family scripture*
*be more faithful in studying the scriptures*

Saturday Hoops Win!

Saturday started the playoff games for G. Fortunately they've started splitting up the teams into Divisions. This means alot less games if you're winning.

The only game they won this year was coached by W. W stepped into coach, when their coach was off somewhere else. He said it was stressful! This was good experience for W and G since they're thinking that W and Hubby will coach G's team next year. I hope this all works out. It will be a male bonding experience for all of them!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Git 'r Done Tuesday

Today is the first of what I hope are many "Git 'r Done" days.

My friend, Stephanie have set aside every other Tuesday afternoon as a day to get those things done that done ever seem to get done!

Today we were at her house and she got to pick what we work on. She choose that we work on her family history. Help get things lined out. I was to teach her how to check things out and set her on her way! It's little bites for her, so we worked together and I gave her a small assignment!

BUT before I left for her house, I'd made a list last night AND I needed to get that list done this morning! I think that entire list had something to do with PAPER! and as I went through the pile of PAPER, I found other things that could be easily taken care of! Can I just say online banking and online bill pay are GREAT things!

I loved the feeling as I left home .... with my pile of mail to be mailed, paper sorted, and my recycling to be recycled. It felt SOOOoooo good to get things done and then go help some one else get things done!