Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ everything

OK, there have been some note worthily things going on .....

**I didn't fair too well, after my long walk last weekend. I just think it's too soon to be jarring this shoulder! Heavy Sigh! I'll still on to the walk, but will do what I can on a shorter route. I've not mentally wrapped my mind around this yet, but when my body dictates I have to listen! Maybe things will change once I get to the point that I work on strengthening all these muscles. I have hope!

**I subbed 2 mornings last week. The first one, I just about froze! When I left I told the office that I believe this was the coldest room I'd ever been in!! That's when they told me that the janitor had just discovered the AC was on in that room! The next morning I was subbing in Preschool! That's always fun! Yea, I get paid to monitor play dough play!

**I worked through my taxes yesterday and this morning in order to get the FAFSA done.

**It snowed again! a couple of inches, but by this time of this year.... who cares?

**Our big TV went out!?!? That's bad for the boys, that's the TV they watched. I had the satellite man (who we called since the satellite wasn't' working) switch the satellite to the upstairs little TV. Now the combination of the TV, couch and electric warming blanket are just an invitation to a nap!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Thoughts ~ Gratitude

Today our Lesson in Relief Society, was on Gratitude.

We were reminded of the story of the 10 lepers. Remember? The Lord healed all 10 lepers but only one returned to Him the Thank Him. He asked, where are the other 9? I try very hard to not be in those 9, I always want to be thankful and to have a thankful heart. It's alittle more difficult than that though!

We were challenged at the end of the lesson to give a quiet thanks for things as we see them. We have always been taught to have a prayer in our hearts now our challenge is have a prayer of gratitude in our heart all the time.

I hope I can create a grateful heart and continual grateful prayer in my heart.

I know that if work on this all the other problems (or what I consider problems) will become smaller.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Ramblings ~ things heard from my boys

Yesterday Hubby spoke in Church, during his talk he stated that he was about to quote the Chinese Philosophiser, Confucius. Just as Hubby was stating this G turned to me and started laughing, saying .."Dad shouldn't speak in Chinese, he really needs to stick to English."

HUH?? Silly Boy
Today, I texted W asking him if he was going to be home for supper?

W's text ~ "yes, I'll be there, and G really needs a hair cut today"
I stopped to make sure it was W I was chatting with, I though maybe it was Hubby, but no it was W!
Me ~ "G is in a long hair stage right now"
story enhanced ~ last night we had a thunderstorm and G went downstairs to sleep in W's room.
W ~ "He walked into my room last night with only his underwear on and it looked like he had a motorcycle helmet on."

I started laughing hysterical, I couldn't look at poor G with his puffy hair. I then told him we had to 'shape up' his hair.

When I texted W back to say the job was done, he asked "How short?"

Background to the next story .....Last year around Christmas W was shopping and signed up to get Sports Illustrated for free (for 3 mos), Sports Illustrated sent us a card about making sure it was cancelled by Feb 1st. I was hopped up on shoulder narcotics around then so the subscription continued. G has just absorbed this magazine every week. So I went to the Library to get some Sports Illustrated for Kids. He liked those so I got him a subscription to that and planned to cancel the regular Sports Illustrated after March Madness's College Basketball issues.

I was totally waiting for the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition so I could make sure that G didn't get it! Fortunately for us the mail came early that day and we were in the car together when G got it out of the mailbox. With only the swiftness of a mom on a mission, I swooped in and grabbed the magazine before the boy even knew what had hit him! I hid all the mail until the next morning after G had gone to school! When I pulled out the pile of mail and handed it to Hubby, his eye got huge! in a stern voice he asked, "Who bought this?" I reminded him that we had a subscription .... with even bigger eyes ...."They send THIS with the little kid's subscription?" I corrected his thoughts before his eyes fell out of this head! He was so funny!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Thoughts ~ Forgiveness

Today the talks in church were concerning Forgiveness.

WOW just this week I was holding a grudge... More of a "I'm not going to be nice until you say you're sorry" attitude! Today the words took care of that!

**"I, the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive BUT you are required to forgive ALL"
**To be in the right we must forgive
**Forgiveness is an individual responsibility
**Peace and forgiveness are intertwined
**with what you judge you shall also be judged

After Church G and I were going to visit our new temple site. I called my friend Stephanie a couple of time to see if she wanted to go with us, but she didn't answer! Just before I left, I called her house phone, she answered and she and her husband wanted to go. I was abit surprised that her husband wanted to go, but the more the merrier!
I'm excited to tell you that it takes exactly 1 hour (from our church's parking lot) to get to the temple. Currently we drive 4 hours! What a huge blessing it will be to have a temple so close!

As we were driving around the temple site, snapping pictures. The car started shaking, there was something wrong with a tire. Stephanie's husband discovered we had a couple of bubbles on our tire. I suppose the belt separated on the drive up there. As Stephanie and walked around the temple, G and Stuart changed the tire. Just another Tender Mercy from the Lord!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ Hallelujah all Day!

Hallelujah it was a great workout! I walked 4.1 miles in an hour! It's still not 1/2 marathon speed but it's getting there! I needed a great workout since my pants are getting tight! Blasted Valentine's Candy!

Then off to the grocery store in all my stinky mess!

I came home to find W still at home. I could tell by his truck still in the drive. I had done a step class yesterday so I was too sore to really go downstairs to see what was wrong. I finally did go, groaning all the way! He had just over slept.

Then to make the most Hallelujah salad for tonight, love love love it!

Laundry laundry Laundry Laundry.

I must say it was a Hallelujah record setting day. Sunny and 75 by 1pm!
I believe last Thursday was a record setting day too, but for the opposite reason! Not so much a Hallelujah day, but that was last week!

Then back to church to set up for tonight's Relief Society Meeting. Home to shower and head back to church.

The Meeting was on Exercise "Run and Not be Weary, Walk and Not faint" it the famous Michelle, of friend, Y trainer fame gave the talk.

She talked about how we don't do the things we used to do, like sit on the floor. Why don't we do that? We should make an effort to sit on the floor and practice getting up. Why don't we skip? Skipping is great exercise. Ok, I can sit on the floor and get up. I don't look too graceful getting up but I can get up. SKIPPING? Nah, I'm not going to do that! There are alot of things that at 45 year old woman just can't pull off, and skipping seems to be in that category!

She talked about setting goals? What is a realistic goal? and what are you going to do to attain it. Daily do something to move you closer to your goal, plus make a change in your diet for the better.

We had healthy snacks, Quinoua, salad, and Hummus.

Side note ... After much prayer about tonight (earlier this week) I was prompted to share an event where I felt the blessing of being fit and why I feel like it's important to be fit. I won't share the whole story, but it really comes down to we never know when we'll be asked to "Run and not be weary, Walk and not faint" we have to prepared for that. There was a day a few years ago that my son needed me to be somewhere, it was important to him to have me there. Time was running short, and I had to jog to get there, through a series of events I had to jog much further than I'd really planned on. I was able to do it because I had prepared physically. Even though I've not been as fit through the years the Lord has always reminded me of that day, and reminded me of the importance to always be prepared phyiscally.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mrs Honeybee!

Today I was subbing in Kindergarten. It's really amazing to me just how fast and how distorted little Kindergartners can change my name! Today I was Mrs Honeybee! It really depends on the child on their level of understanding my name. Some give me that quizzical look, then try to remember my name before saying it, some just rattle what they think they heard.

I think it's really a pretty great name, Mrs Honeybee. It would make the other teachers smile when they would hear my class call me!

Subbing today was a desperate call. Out of the 6 kindergarten teachers only 2 where there today and well. I don't know where all the subs were BUT I was the only one that could make it. Well, I switched my schedule after the 2nd phone call. One teacher held out a half day before she left and the other's class had about 8 or 9 kids out sick so they just divided up the rest of her class. Even at G's school he said they sent home almost an entire 5th grade class! Unfortunetly not his, the class next to his!

Good/Strange thing about this all of the sick teachers seem to have something different. My teacher had pink eye! Yes, my eyes were itchy all day once I found that out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ Camera Purge

My camera doesn't talk to my computer!?! Both work great independently of each of they just can't get it together (it's a union thing I'm sure!). Most of the pictures I post here are from my phone, but I do still take pictures with my camera and when I have time I put the memory card in Hubby's laptop, download the pictures then burn a disc and move them in to my computer! Not a horrible process but still a process!

Here are some great shots from the latest Camera Purge ...

G's New Year's Party ~

The boys at Midnight
(Just after their fireworks)

Obviously I'm not the only one taking pictures ~

Ya, I created that
or should I say I gave birth to that!
He created THAT!
Outside my Bedroom Window ~

What you can't see is the Cat lurking around the tree!
My animals love me! ~

Last month I was hanging the last set of new curtains in my bedroom. When I started there wasn't anyone outside the window. By the time I finished they were both there, with their tail wagging!

Happy Valentine's Day

G's super cute, clever and fun Valentine's for his class!
I can call them that cuz I didn't think of the idea I stole it from some else's blog!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Thoughts ~ Pride

Today our Bishop spoke to us. He spoke on Pride and the damage it can do in our lives.

Pride leads to .....

We should have our lives focused on doing what the Lord wants of us, not what can we do for ourselves or what is best for us.

All arguing should stop! It tears relationships apart.

I'm sorry that I didn't take notes today, there were some great quotes!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being Social

Tonight was the 2nd Saturday night in a row that I was out past 9pm!
I know that's shocking.
I took naps for both of them.
I know that's sad!
Last week I went to a baby shower that started at 6:30pm.
It was supper, games and then fun baby things.
Tonight I went to the Y's Winter Gala. I don't know why it's the Winter Gala, there isn't a summer Gala, or even a Spring or Fall Gala, but it is the Winter Gala. My friend Stephanie purchased a table and I got to have a seat at the table. The food was good, the company was good so it was all good.
our dark picture of the night!

There was a silent auction, I didn't bid on things, until the very end. Friend, Trainer, Y employee and Gala organizer, Michelle came to me and asked me to bid a this super cute iron tea cart up. Seems the Area Y director's wife had seen it at the beginning of the night and said she was going home with it, no matter what it cost! Michelle thought it was going too cheap and my job was to run it up! I could only run it up by $10 before the time was up. The director's wife took it home for $141! still way too cheap. That was fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life on Thursday

First things first ... it is Freezing! When we left for school this morning it was ~14!

I subbed today. I've got an on going subbing position with the lower elementary's science teacher. It's on going in the respect that she only calls me to sub for her. Now the truth is her children are grown (youngest is W's age), so she doesn't have sick kids, she isn't sick so I only sub for her when she wants a day off.

Good side of this is... I get advanced warning
Bad side of's not very often.

I taught the Water cycle to 2nd and 1st graders.

Now this lady has been teaching for around 25 years, so her lesson plans aren't very sub oriented. Meaning, it's not enough for a sub. For an hour class I have 2 books to read. NOT ENOUGH. I came up with a couple of other things so I had 45 minutes worth of stuff but still I hate to sing and dance with a class. Oh, well it means that I earn my $$$. I get to go back to they same thing tomorrow but I at least have the singing and dancing down from today!

I do have to say that 1st graders just have a smell to them!?!? They smell farty all the time! OK, not all of them, but today while I was reading a book, I thought I was going to have to open a window! and I have was in a good size room, a huge room in fact... Sheeeszzz it was strong! If a class is going to stink it's going to be a first grade class!

G had a rare Thursday night game this week. They lost! They've finally gotten some more boys on their team. They had 7 to start the season, then one broke his ankle (the coach's son) and one just quite (claiming he just didn't know how to play). This put a strain on the rest of the team. They didn't have any subs and they couldn't miss. I don't what happened but they came up with 2 more players and the kid that broke his ankle got his cast off! So now that the season is almost over they have subs!

I drove through Burger King after the game and it was burgers for all!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ Therapy

After surgery I switched therapist. I think the other therapist did a great job but it was a great distance to get there. I now go to a therapist in the same town that G goes to school (and the same town as Walmart). My travel time is greatly reduced. GREATLY!

I've always been leary about this local hospital but I knew I'd been through enough therapy that if I didn't think they were making good progress then I could always go back to the other therapist.

OK, I love this therapist! She massages the tight muscles! If there is a 'catch' when we move my shoulder she'll stop and massage things until the 'catch' is gone! HEAVEN! Remember at this point there isn't scar tissue (or at least not much yet) so now it's just tight muscles keeping the shoulder from moving!

My range of motion is increasing! and I'm happy.

I did start back with exercising this morning right after therapy.....My shoulder is screaming now!

Face Lift or Brighten up

My little blog is about to be 3 years old so I thought it needed a face lift! That AND the fact that we've been snowed in WAAAAYYYY too many times this winter, things needed to brighten up!

Enjoy ~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Thoughts ~ Thoughts from Julie Beck

Julie B Beck

Today it was my opportunity to create and teach a lesson for a few of the women in our Church Congregation. It's more than a bit overwhelming IF I choose to think about it. This time I took an interview and a talk of Julie B Beck's.

Psst ~ I love this woman.

Quotes from Sister Beck that I love .....
"I believe that when we focus on the important and forgo the frivolous, we gain confidence & our spirits are lifted. We cope better & feel less burdened"

"Our hands are His Hands, Our love is His Love, Our service is His service"

and then my very most favorite piece of direction

"We must ask for a broader vision to see what the Lord sees."

Then there were 3 challenges ..

"What is your Mission?"

"Prioritize your life"
(an example of her system)
When we're ready for new way to
study scriptures,
ask yourself as you read ....

*Who Am I?
*What are my responsibilities in the House of Israel?
*How do I fulfill my responsibilities?

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today was G's county spelling bee! He was out in the first round with a miss spelled Peripheral! Drats!

Once came to sit by me, I gave him a pencil and paper where he wrote his attempt at the words. Some good, some wrong!

Here are some of the words that we heard today, how would you do?


In true G fashion he pulls out his study list last night at 9pm (bedtime) to start working spelling. REMINDER .... we'd been snowed in for 3 days with the words in his backpack! That's G for ya!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life on Thursday

W and Hubby finally ventured out after the big Blizzard of 2011. From our house (inside looking out), we fared well. There's not much snow on the field but there are knee high drifts at all the doors! There are places with around a foot (that's not a drift) and then hay popping through in the field. How do you measure when it's like that!

We woke up to -9 degrees (had been down to -14) this morning, no wind! No School for G (hasn't been since Monday).

G and I had a relaxing morning. We downloaded a new game this week, Burger Shop 2, so we took turns playing this but then I wondered to kitchen and mildly cleaned out the frig and then I started in on my long list of phone calls (appointments), and could get G into the eye doctor today, so things picked up for us.

I showered and we were off. This was a big accomplishment for me since this was the first day I had really done things swiftly. My arm ached all through my errands but it's still fine.

G's eye exam ~ he'll be getting new glass

(we're hoping to just order lenses that fit his glass now)

Walmart ~

G and I have been working on these super fabulous Valentines this year!

I can't wait to show you!

lunch ~

our town has a new Burger King

delivered dishes and thank yous

to those that had brought meals to my family while I was out with my shoulder

Post office

Home ~

Only to find out that I'd left the doctor's office without paying. They were going to call my insurance to see if it was in the system and I was suppose to drop right back by there and pay.......totally forgot about it! I'll be stopping by there in the morning!
Tonight's supper will be a simple burgers and fries with carrots with ranch to dip them in!