Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ Therapy

After surgery I switched therapist. I think the other therapist did a great job but it was a great distance to get there. I now go to a therapist in the same town that G goes to school (and the same town as Walmart). My travel time is greatly reduced. GREATLY!

I've always been leary about this local hospital but I knew I'd been through enough therapy that if I didn't think they were making good progress then I could always go back to the other therapist.

OK, I love this therapist! She massages the tight muscles! If there is a 'catch' when we move my shoulder she'll stop and massage things until the 'catch' is gone! HEAVEN! Remember at this point there isn't scar tissue (or at least not much yet) so now it's just tight muscles keeping the shoulder from moving!

My range of motion is increasing! and I'm happy.

I did start back with exercising this morning right after therapy.....My shoulder is screaming now!

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