Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mrs Honeybee!

Today I was subbing in Kindergarten. It's really amazing to me just how fast and how distorted little Kindergartners can change my name! Today I was Mrs Honeybee! It really depends on the child on their level of understanding my name. Some give me that quizzical look, then try to remember my name before saying it, some just rattle what they think they heard.

I think it's really a pretty great name, Mrs Honeybee. It would make the other teachers smile when they would hear my class call me!

Subbing today was a desperate call. Out of the 6 kindergarten teachers only 2 where there today and well. I don't know where all the subs were BUT I was the only one that could make it. Well, I switched my schedule after the 2nd phone call. One teacher held out a half day before she left and the other's class had about 8 or 9 kids out sick so they just divided up the rest of her class. Even at G's school he said they sent home almost an entire 5th grade class! Unfortunetly not his, the class next to his!

Good/Strange thing about this all of the sick teachers seem to have something different. My teacher had pink eye! Yes, my eyes were itchy all day once I found that out!

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