Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Thoughts ~ Thoughts from Julie Beck

Julie B Beck

Today it was my opportunity to create and teach a lesson for a few of the women in our Church Congregation. It's more than a bit overwhelming IF I choose to think about it. This time I took an interview and a talk of Julie B Beck's.

Psst ~ I love this woman.

Quotes from Sister Beck that I love .....
"I believe that when we focus on the important and forgo the frivolous, we gain confidence & our spirits are lifted. We cope better & feel less burdened"

"Our hands are His Hands, Our love is His Love, Our service is His service"

and then my very most favorite piece of direction

"We must ask for a broader vision to see what the Lord sees."

Then there were 3 challenges ..

"What is your Mission?"

"Prioritize your life"
(an example of her system)
When we're ready for new way to
study scriptures,
ask yourself as you read ....

*Who Am I?
*What are my responsibilities in the House of Israel?
*How do I fulfill my responsibilities?

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