Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ everything

OK, there have been some note worthily things going on .....

**I didn't fair too well, after my long walk last weekend. I just think it's too soon to be jarring this shoulder! Heavy Sigh! I'll still on to the walk, but will do what I can on a shorter route. I've not mentally wrapped my mind around this yet, but when my body dictates I have to listen! Maybe things will change once I get to the point that I work on strengthening all these muscles. I have hope!

**I subbed 2 mornings last week. The first one, I just about froze! When I left I told the office that I believe this was the coldest room I'd ever been in!! That's when they told me that the janitor had just discovered the AC was on in that room! The next morning I was subbing in Preschool! That's always fun! Yea, I get paid to monitor play dough play!

**I worked through my taxes yesterday and this morning in order to get the FAFSA done.

**It snowed again! a couple of inches, but by this time of this year.... who cares?

**Our big TV went out!?!? That's bad for the boys, that's the TV they watched. I had the satellite man (who we called since the satellite wasn't' working) switch the satellite to the upstairs little TV. Now the combination of the TV, couch and electric warming blanket are just an invitation to a nap!

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