Monday, January 31, 2011

After 21081600 seconds

After 21081600 seconds, or 351360 Minutes or 5856 hours or 7 months and 30 days

aka 3 surgeries
1 month and 1 week in the hospital
laying most of that time in our bed
reading a pile of books
watching hours and hours of mindless TV
playing countless games of spider solitaire

Hubby is returning to work
only to most likely have a snow day tomorrow and Wednesday!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have survived

and I have survived well!

This surgery was not as bad as I was prepared for. I seem to do that prepare of the worst!

1 ~My surgeon was 45 minutes late.
2 ~They were able to break it mostly lose by just manipulation but still broke things up arthroscopically. I have two little stitch marks.
3~ I got the most wonderful shoulder block (lasted over 24 hours). I was actually doing a load of laundry Thursday morning. (see #6)
4 ~ I tried to sleep in bed at least one night too soon!
5~ I'm so grateful for my friends that brought food to feed my family.
6~ G got the flu, the throwing up kind.
7 ~ I felt like I was rushed out of the outpatient surgery, it was after 5pm.
8~ I've already had Physical Therapy.
9~ I've realized the bad part of sleeping on the left side of the bed. It's my left arm.
10 ~ When I ripped off the bandage, I ripped a small piece of skin off my back. Seriously, why did this bandage need to go all the way down my back? I've got to get this arm moving cuz this little piece of healing skin is going to itch like crazy!
11 ~ I learned to sleep with that U shaped pillow that I never knew had to sleep with before.
12~ Today, day 4 is the first day that I haven't reached for some sort of medication just after my feet hit the floor. I've still not had any meds.
13~ G being sick does not mean that he was quiet or still.
14~ I briefly decided that I didn't need surgery once the shoulder block doctor told me all the negative things that could happen!
15~ my family took good care of me.

Now I'm off to take a shower, I thought I'd better get this written before the shower since that could change the entire tone of this post!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There will a thaw!

Tomorrow my frozen shoulder will be thawed!
I wish it would just that simple,
but the end result will be the same,
a loose free moving shoulder!
I'll be back in a few days,
(hopefully not all hopped up on drugs and
talkin' crazy) with an update!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thing that make me go hmmmmm....

After getting a text hours earlier that W was at his friends house playing video games, then getting a text at 5:52am that says W is spending the night at his friend's house.

**At 5:52am I thinking it's morning and about to get up, not thinking about it as a time to decide to 'spend the night' someplace??? Maybe it's an age gap thing?!?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long overdue Update.......

I'm so tired of having appointments!

They never seem to be where I can do more than one a day, so my current life has been an appointment at either 11am or 12:30pm daily! Drive an hour there, have appointment, then have a small amount of time to get another errand done and then drive the hour back to pick up G from school. That seems to be my life and I'm just sick of it!

I'm a homebody and this isn't the life for a homebody!

There have been some highlights in the past couple of weeks!

Super Speller!

G is the 2nd runner up in the all school Spelling Bee! He'll go on to the County Spelling Bee next month! Silly Boy didn't even realize that he was in the All School Spelling Bee, he thought he was 3rd! His teacher said he was talking when she told him, can't image that can you? I lost my mother of the year award ... I'd been to one of those many appointments (Dentist this time) and had come back home. While I was home my mind just kept going to G and school. Even one time I thought I should just go and see what his class was doing (yes, I kid you not, I actually had that thought). Several minutes later the phone rings and he gives me that news that he got 2nd runner. Since he didn't hear that he was even in the All School Spelling Bee, he also didn't hear when the Spelling Bee was going to be .... I missed it!

I wonder why we don't get many birds at our feeder?!?

G has been super consumed by the playoff games leading up to the SuperBowl.

While I was decluttering I found this, it's Hubby's from the late 70's. You set your men up and then turn it on, the field then vibrates making the men move around. Once someone touches the person you designated that has the ball the play is over. Hubby and G have been having fun with this.

My declutter has come to a bit of a stopping got cold! We block that room off when it's cold in an effort to keep our house warmer. Just too much effort to take the 'door' up and down.

We (hubby, W and I) got the basement bathroom to a point where it's usable! This has been years in the making!

I have been inspired by Peter Walsh by getting things off the floor. Today I went to the Dollar Store and got several (cheap) laundry baskets. I've labeled them and now we'll (I like to image that other members of my family sort clothes!) sort our clothes in to baskets and not on the floor!

We went sledding with some friends. It's so hard to believe that we're already on our 3rd snow day. In years past we never had a snow day and I was having to drive white knuckled all the way in to school! It's like we're in the SnowDayTwilightZone!

The doctor and I have decided that it's time to have surgery on my shoulder. It shouldn't be a major thing, just a sore 48 hours and then back to therapy and back to active life (exercising) in a week! I had an MRI just to make sure everything is as the doctor expects it. Since it's been too snowy I haven't been able to get those results and make concrete plans for surgery BUT I go this Monday and hopefully (cross your fingers) that I can have surgery on Wednesday of this week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Random things and Snow

*finally Good news on the medical/financial end of things. W has some gum receeding on a couple of teeth. Our dentist thought it was a condition that happens to people that have had braces and sent him to a Periodonist. If needed the Periodonist would do a small skin graft to the area. NOT NEEDED! The Periodonist thought the receeding was from gritting and clinching his teeth and thought the dentist could just fit him for a mouth piece to keep this from progressing. For once something that didn't require alot of money and surgery to fix!
Maybe 2011 will be our year for good health!

*I signed up to walk my 1/2 marathon. The date is rapidly approaching! PANIC! If you're interested in this, it's all on the workout blog!

*G's Basketball season has started up. They start up really before Christmas break, but it's just one practice and one game then the break so it just doesn't seem right. Now they've started up for good! They lost their first game by quite a bit. G plays with 5th & 6th graders. There is a big difference between 5 grade boys and 6 grade boys in size and talent! G is the smallest player that I've seen thus far. He got knocked around quite a bit but he didn't seem to mind. He didn't mind until Sunday morning when he was sore all over!

*it snowed Monday morning and all day. I don't know how much is out there, but enough. They never cancel school in our district, but they did Monday and Tuesday. I was surprised, since we'd gone in much worst weather in the pass. I suppose it was cancelled since they now have so many walkers.

* I'm creating and teaching a lesson at church in February. I think it will be on HOPE and JOY. Just wish it was already written!

*I will not watch the Bachelor this time! I will NOT, I WILL NOT! I've already watched this guy, he had his chance and he blew it! I WILL NOT WATCH!

* It's cold. This morning when I got up (around 7) the thermostat was -0.4. They say tomorrow will be much colder! If they cancelled for walkers (which I don't know if that was the reason I just speculate) then why don't they cancel for sub zero temperature?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life on Thursday

First of all this post #900!
*Took G to school
*Dropped a bag of clothes off at the thrift store
*Tried to dropped off the recycling but the trucks were gone ?!?
I quickly call a friend yelling, "Where are the trucks?" Panic was setting in and then the thought "what if they do away with the recycling trucks!" Could I actually go back to throwing away milk jugs and cardboard? I just went into the land of denial.... it just couldn't be! I took my recycling to the friend's house, since the town recycling is going to be picked up tomorrow! She saves me again!
*Then off to a great workout. I walked for an hour then worked on strengthen this stuck shoulder of mine! I just don't get this shoulder of mine, stuck STUCK STUCK it is making some progress in some positions but some are just aren't making progress at all!
*Came home
*Paid Bills
*Sorted paper
*tossed paper
*made phone calls that I'd been putting off
*performed a quick decluttering job up stairs (YAY)
*Went to get G
*Grocery Shopping
*Dropped some decluttering treasures off at a friends
*Home again Home again
*put groceries up
*cleaned the kitchen
*Back to town for G's basketball practice
*dropped G off while I went to check on the recycling trucks ... they just really be gone!
THEY WERE THERE! I wanted to dance on them!
*Watched G's practice
*Wee Wee Wee all the way home .....again
*fixed (pan) grilled chicken sandwiches, raw veggies and fries for supper
*finished cleaning the kitchen
*Blog this day
*Now off to take a shower and hit the hay!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ Decluttering!

I have a horribly clutter room!
It's above my garage.
It's cold in the winter, hot in the summer.
The lights have mysteriously stopped working up there!?!
It's the room that if you're coming to visit and I have things to stash,
those things go into that room.
It's also storage for all of Christmas,
all crafts, Halloween,
all things that need a stopping place before leaving our home (toys),
Easter, games, old family things, pictures,
school supplies, and for all things that might not be needed at all!
After watching Peter Walsh on the new OWN
(Oprah Winfrey Network) yesterday.
He made a comment that hit me.
"If you're keeping Memories from the past
and things you might need in the future,
then you're not living in the PRESENT!"
Remember my 2011 resolutions ...
Yesterday, I went up for just a few minutes and made all sorts of head way in that room, and then just went up there this morning! The trash is full, the recycling is full and the pile for 'Give & Take' (at church we take things we don't want that others may want. At the end of the evening everything left goes to charity! The key here is to give and not take!) is full also.
One Valuable lesson I learned from the FlyLady years ago is to only work in 20 minutes increments. I usually work for 2 20 minute increments. It's amazing what just 20 (or 40 minutes) can do!
My family's reaction to my de cluttering this room is so very typical of them ....
G ~ "hey, I love that, it's my favorite" (to the item he hasn't seen in years)
W ~ "you shouldn't just trash it or give it away, we should have fun and burn it all"
Hubby ~ "out of all the things to declutter you start with that room" (complains about that room but not happy when I do something about it! never happy, that man!)
Don't worry I'm not getting rid of pictures or old family things,
but I am putting them all in the same area.
If I love these things I need to treat them like I love them!
everything else is being considered and being happily tossed!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scary Scary Scary moment for W

I've always told W that he is just like me! I always knew it was scary that this could actually be true. What 19 year old boy wants to think he's just like his mother?!?!?

Today it was proved. G and I had gone to get birthday cards for Hubby's birthday, while W went later on his own. Out of all the birthday cards we could have picked ......

We picked the same card!
Funny, funny, funny for me
Scary, scary, scary for W

Sunday Thoughts ~ "Look Not Behind Thee"

Saturday, January 1, 2011


OK, I've never been big on resolutions if I do them I usually do them later.
I usually think about them through January and implement them Feb 1st!
since I had to stay up until Midnight last night,
I sat at the computer and worked on some ...

Have Hope
Think to Serve
Know that My Body is a Temple
Be comfortable with myself
Be Present
Move forward Eternally
Be thankful
Show Kindness

Plus to work on some relationships by daily ......
* Doing one kind deed
*Giving one kind touch
*Saying one kind word someone around me