Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long overdue Update.......

I'm so tired of having appointments!

They never seem to be where I can do more than one a day, so my current life has been an appointment at either 11am or 12:30pm daily! Drive an hour there, have appointment, then have a small amount of time to get another errand done and then drive the hour back to pick up G from school. That seems to be my life and I'm just sick of it!

I'm a homebody and this isn't the life for a homebody!

There have been some highlights in the past couple of weeks!

Super Speller!

G is the 2nd runner up in the all school Spelling Bee! He'll go on to the County Spelling Bee next month! Silly Boy didn't even realize that he was in the All School Spelling Bee, he thought he was 3rd! His teacher said he was talking when she told him, can't image that can you? I lost my mother of the year award ... I'd been to one of those many appointments (Dentist this time) and had come back home. While I was home my mind just kept going to G and school. Even one time I thought I should just go and see what his class was doing (yes, I kid you not, I actually had that thought). Several minutes later the phone rings and he gives me that news that he got 2nd runner. Since he didn't hear that he was even in the All School Spelling Bee, he also didn't hear when the Spelling Bee was going to be .... I missed it!

I wonder why we don't get many birds at our feeder?!?

G has been super consumed by the playoff games leading up to the SuperBowl.

While I was decluttering I found this, it's Hubby's from the late 70's. You set your men up and then turn it on, the field then vibrates making the men move around. Once someone touches the person you designated that has the ball the play is over. Hubby and G have been having fun with this.

My declutter has come to a bit of a stopping got cold! We block that room off when it's cold in an effort to keep our house warmer. Just too much effort to take the 'door' up and down.

We (hubby, W and I) got the basement bathroom to a point where it's usable! This has been years in the making!

I have been inspired by Peter Walsh by getting things off the floor. Today I went to the Dollar Store and got several (cheap) laundry baskets. I've labeled them and now we'll (I like to image that other members of my family sort clothes!) sort our clothes in to baskets and not on the floor!

We went sledding with some friends. It's so hard to believe that we're already on our 3rd snow day. In years past we never had a snow day and I was having to drive white knuckled all the way in to school! It's like we're in the SnowDayTwilightZone!

The doctor and I have decided that it's time to have surgery on my shoulder. It shouldn't be a major thing, just a sore 48 hours and then back to therapy and back to active life (exercising) in a week! I had an MRI just to make sure everything is as the doctor expects it. Since it's been too snowy I haven't been able to get those results and make concrete plans for surgery BUT I go this Monday and hopefully (cross your fingers) that I can have surgery on Wednesday of this week!

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