Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leadership notes

This morning I had a church leadership meeting. It was good and refreshing. As I drove home I thought about the notes I'd taken and how they were good for my general life also.

How to stay encouraged.....
1) Seek the Holy Spirit to help guide you
2) do what you can do on your own (personalize your plan)
3)Set personal priorities
4)Just do your very best
*What 'clamours' for your attention that isn't getting your Eternal Life?
5)Find joy

Thursday, February 26, 2009

time for a little Ketchup?

Boy this week has been busy, so it's time for a little Ketch up!

* Monday
*I straighten up the house in the morning

*wroted letters to Missionaries

*Met some friends for lunch ...Applebees! Had some Cheese burger sliders and a salad. The
salad was WAY better than the sliders. I'll go with another choice next time.

*I went to a Dentist appointment. Man that Hygienist is wicked with the scrapper!

* W picked up G after school and met me at the dentist office.

*They went in for they'll cleaning and I walked to the county Treasure's office (across the square) Why didn't someone stop me and say ..."hey it's the last week of the month, you realize that you won't be alone?" The lines a fairly short considering. Once I got to the clerk, it took 2 minutes. I walked back and the boys were finished.

*I had 3 cavities (GASP!) and they had none! But I (and only I) get the joy of going back next week and sitting for 80 minutes. reminder to load Ipod with new stuff!

*Then G and went to Piano lessons. They've recently renovated the local community center and it just opened a couple of weeks ago. G's piano lesson switched to there, and the piano is in the beautiful auditorium. Also G likes to play all of his songs fast, I suppose he thinks that it means he knows them!?! His instructor was having to slow him down all night!

*Then rush off to G's make up basketball game. Which started at the same time as the lesson was finished, but we were already in town to it was just a drive across town.'

*going to the dentist always makes me have a headache (from all the scrubbing and scrapping) so when Hubby showed up in the 3rd quarter I left for home and the bottle of tylenol!

*what a lovely day... I stayed home as much as I could ... I cleaned, I did laundry, I cleaned bathrooms, ....ah it was good! To be home and the sun shining! My favorite.

*Wait I couldn't stay home all day, I had books overdue at the library and money to deposit in the bank! I ran to the town with the library and swung by the bank on my way to get G from school.

*went to the Grocery store, had to pick up some items for a family in the area that were just arriving home from a funeral.

*made it home.. fixed supper, tosadoes! Loved them!

Wednesday .....
*Drop G off at school,
*go get my hair cut and colored. It's cute and the color is just about the same. I thought we were going a little blonder? oh well....
*decorating for the Blue and Gold Round #1 (fix tables), Butcher paper and little flag center pieces. But they need something more....
*come home call about getting some balloons ($1 for each if I get High Flyers! or 50 cents for regular ones.... went with 15 regular balloons)
*eat lunch (can't remember what it was!)
*pay bills
*update computer check book
*go to G's spelling bee ~ once again he didn't study and makes the spelling bee, but gets out in the first round on the word .... autograph.
*take G with me to the pick up the balloons
*realize that it's our family's week to clean the church and boy does it need it!
*decorate for Blue and Gold round #2 add the balloons, looks good enough.
*G and I run the vacuum in the chapel and take out the bathroom trash before coming home. We'll get the rest later.
*go home and relax for a an hour or two
*pick up some clutter
*go back to the church early so I can get the blank map copies made for the busy work for Blue and Gold (round #3)
*Blue and Gold dinner and ceremony (we have a new cub master and he's not really organized... it showed) the night lasted WAY too late, should have been over 45 minutes earlier! Who knew the balloons would cause such a riot at the end of the night?!?
*got home just in time to read with G
*cleaned up the kitchen
*fall asleep (before hitting the pillow I think)
Thursday ......
*had a meeting at church at 8:15 am until 1pm (at least it didn't last until time to pick up G after school!) finished up that project ... or at least until someone wants things changed!
*I'm here doing Catch up with you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's for dinner

It was house full of boys, my boys, the missionaries, then a couple of other boys.

I served Breakfast Casserole
(I'll post that recipe some other time) with this.....

Baked French Toast with Pralines
1 loaf French bread (13 to 16 ounces)
8 large eggs
2 cups half-and-half
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Dash salt
Slice French bread into 20 slices, 1-inch each. (Use any extra bread for garlic toast or bread crumbs). Arrange slices in a generously buttered 9 by 13-inch flat baking dish in 2 rows, overlapping the slices. In a large bowl, combine the eggs, half-and-half, milk, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and beat with a rotary beater or whisk until blended but not too bubbly. Pour mixture over the bread slices, making sure all are covered evenly with the milk-egg mixture. Spoon some of the mixture in between the slices. Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.
The next day, preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Spread Praline Topping evenly over the bread and bake for 40 minutes, until puffed and lightly golden. Serve with maple syrup.
Praline Topping:
1/2 pound (2 sticks) butter
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1 cup chopped pecans
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and blend well.
Makes enough for Baked French Toast Casserole.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 degrees from an Oscar!

Just how close are you to an Oscar?

As I was watching tonight's academy awards show I realized that I'm only 4 degrees from one!

Back up to a couple of years ago.....

I was chatting with a lady at church and we were discussing computers (she is a big computer whiz for her age 70+), Jean likes to talk (and talk and talk) so her story was taking all sorts of twist when it finally came around to her nephew "little Eddie" (what she called him) and his computer knowledge! "Little Eddie had worked with computers and video games for years and finally had gotten a job with Pixar. Actually, her words were, "oh, you know that company that makes all those kid movies, like Toy Story?" My ears perked up now but I was thinking that Little Eddie was probably pushing some mail cart around the Pixar offices. She chatted some more when she said that she and her husband had gone to see Toy Story 2 and waited and waited for the end credits to see Eddie's name. Well, it wasn't there and what a surprise that was to them. So now I'm thinking that little Eddie must have been a computer artist that worked on the movie. My interested was now peaked even more.

A couple of weeks later this same lady came back up to me and said she'd called her brother about why "little Eddie's" name wasn't in the ending credits of Toy Story 2, her brother informed her that Little Eddie's name was at the beginning of the film. Wow my interested was at the highest!
Just How Can this be?
As I sat through the rest of church I was absorbed with this conversation......I got to figuring this all out.... the 70ish lady at church is the youngest of many children, so her "little Eddie was probably not a teenager or a twenty something (like I'd pictured him), he was most likely a grown man older than I, and then I got to thinking of her maiden name (remember she likes to talk so I've heard it many, many times).......
Little Eddie is .......

Ed Catmull

and tonight he won another Oscar!


Me, Jean (lady at church), Little Eddie (as we call him here on the prairie), Oscar

that makes 4 .... you know me so that gives you 5

AND I'll have to tell you my Steven Spielberg connection someother time!

Sunday thoughts

Hope ~

the importance of Hope ~
*"Hope is one leg of a three legged stool (with faith and charity)"
*Hope is a gift of the Spirit
*we have Hope that we'll be resurrected (through the atonement)
*We have the responsibility to make it an active part of our lives to have Hope/ not lose Hope

*Hope is not knowledge but is a trust in the Lord

Hope leads to Good works ~
*The things we'll Hope for lead us to faith
*The things we have Hope in lead us to charity
*All three (Hope, faith and charity) lead us to good works

*Never surrender Hope
*Never allow despair to overcome your spirit

The lesson comes from this"TALK"

Friday, February 20, 2009

a Series of Unfortunate Events

You know those books for kids "A Series of Unfortunate Events"? Where the kids are just repeatedly hit with tragic or well..... Unfortunate Events?

I'm beginning to think I'm a child in those books this week. Fortunately for me, none of the events this week have been tragic, but they have been ..... let's just say annoying!

Sunday W and I jumped in the Yukon and started out of the drive, down the gravel road and then set off on the Highway only to find that they transmission was gone.... well... going. We turned around and headed back home.

Monday I spent all day telling W that he needed to drive the 'kon in to the Mechanic and ride home with hubby. W fussed all day that he didn't think he could drive it just 30 mph! I replied to this "I don't think that'll be a problem, since 30 mph was all it was going to go!" When he and his buddy LT left home, the rest of the gears continued to go, including reverse. They quickly (attempted) to turn around (finally using a large portion of prairie) and headed back home in Neutral! yea, we still don't understand that! Just How Can This Be?

The Yukon is home sitting safely in the driveway! We're still scratching our heads at this one! Do you think I could plant flowers around it?!

Then this morning the kitties appear for their morning affirmation (lovin') at the back window. Only Sophie's left eye was shut.... this goes on for hours. I let her in to watch her, she's just lost (she is usually the prowler and she just sits still), can't get her eye open, won't wash it (she will once, but then quickly stops) ~ it hurts! I finally call the vet (you know I was convinced that our money loving animal days were over). Take her the time we're ready to leave, it's open alittle bit and she's more active (will now purr a little) but not much more. By the time I'm sitting in the Vet's reception area (is that what you call it?) her eye is completely open but looks bad, BUT she's peed in her box (she does this when she gets nervous)!

I'm sitting there trying of comfort her (talking to her through the box) when she decides to clean off her paws so she flicks her paw and sprays me with pee! Shirt, arm, glasses, face......(Heavy sigh) NASTY. Now usually I don't care (about the over whelming animal presence of the the vet's office) because I don't EVER shower before going to the vet, I was freshly showered but now covered with cat pee! JUST HOW CAN THIS BE? OK I'll stop but will add that she purred when she got out of the box on the vet's table! Rotten cat! to shorten this story.... she scratched her cornea (I don't think she'd had popcorn) and maybe deeper.

You know I could have named this post .... watching $ flow out the door!

Flashback Friday

Christmas 1966/7?

Me and my Aunt Valli Gayle

OH, but we've seen Val in a flashback before

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a fun concert!

Tonight was G's choir concert! Enjoy.... this is his favorite song.

Looks like I have another sway-er!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday

Tonight was a getting ready for the Blue and Gold Banquet next week night.

We made invitations, then we played a states game (ie: name a state that starts with an A, name a state that has a river running through it) this was a simple game, BUT I forgot the map of the United States! Oops, but you know these boys put their thinking caps on and did great.

We then worked on a little funny (aren't they all) skit for the Banquet.

The boys then did the "Scramble States of America" puzzle.

This is a favorite puzzle of G's and he was so excited when it got pulled out of my bag to put together. I try not to let G know what we're going to be doing so he can be surprised with everyone else.

While the boys were putting the puzzle together the assistant and I tried to work on center pieces for the tables next week.

I'm so not creative ... so they will be simple! We were really hoping to get something figured out so the boys could put them together for us,

but time was running out and they were so enjoying their puzzle!

Doodles by W

Monday, February 16, 2009

oh my goodness.......

I've been wrapped up this book all day!

I have laughed with them, I've stressed over them, I've worried for them, I've cried about them, I've cried with them..... Goodness this books is Good!

I highly suggest you get it! RUN don't walk........

happy President's Day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Forewarning this is going to be long... today was
Ward Council and the speakers were just wonderful!

Stake President ~ Kendal Ross

*sometimes we don't see what is most important right in front of us.

Patriarchal Blessings
For more information about Patriarchal Blessing click here .
*revelations from God
*God has tremendous expectations for our youth
*Patriarchal Blessings are chapters from your book of life
*Heavenly Father gave us all a blessing before we left heaven to come to earth. Even though we don't remember this blessing it still effects our lives. Some of that Blessing can be revealed in our Patriarchal Blessing.
*How can I become the person I read about in my Patriarchal Blessing? or our Spirit personalities?
**use our Patriarchal Blessing to understand
**Read it often
**pray about understanding your Patriarchal Blessing
**compare your life today to your Patriarchal Blessing then set goals to move your life in that direction
**consult your Patriarchal Blessing when making life changing decisions


Keeping balance in our lives, how and what can we do to help keep our lives balanced

*knowledge of God's love for us ~ plan of salvation
*knowledge of Jesus Christ and the atonement
*Agency ~ learn to control elements around us and that our surroundings don't control us.
*Knowledge that we will not be tempted beyond our ability to resist temptation
"The Lord gives us more that we can handle without Him" He wants us to turn to He for help
*Holy Ghost
*prayer ~ be proactive


Sister Leslie Anderson (RS President)

We were challenged to get out of our comfort zone.

Challenged to ......
*make time and space for those outside of our age group (or any other group we're in)
*search out a sister that made us feel bad and befriend her
*know every sister and YW in our ward by name & speak to them
*write words of appreciation to each other
*Pray for one another by name (use a note card to remember if needed)
*try new service opportunities
*serve in different ways this year. Make your service more personal and meaningful
*Love on another ~ better yet say it
*find what is hard for us and accomplish it
*be truly a Sister in Zion (read/sing the song and live the words)

I am a list person and I love that the last sister gave us a challenge and then specific items to work on!

Happy Blogoversary!

Today my little Blog is 1!
Thanks for Visiting Along Plum Creek,
I really appreciate it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Scoreboard

Little G's basketball game looked more evened out today, size wise.
They still lost BUT G made a great assist on the only 2 points they scored!

W travel a couple of hour south for an indoor track meet. Hubby and I both thought it was not worth him going but let him make the decision. He as been working out all winter and even though he hasn't been jumping or even working out his 'steps' he wanted to see what he could jump! He jumped a 39'9 and missed making the finals by an half an inch!

Hubby's team (without W) won their game.

Valentine's Day Tradition lives on!

We have a Valentine Tradition of a Valentine treasure hunt. In past years I have given clues to prizes around the house. Where the young Valentine would have to figure out the clue to find the Valentine treasure. This year I took pictures of places around the house where once figured out the young Valentine would find his gift.
This still proved to be a challenge for him and he needed clues!
I took the pictures, but when I ran them off (on my little photo printer) the dark ink was out so I got PINK pictures (I couldn't have tried for something more perfect for Valentines Day).
guide to Picture collage.....
#1 G reading his Valentine's day card
#2 what G gave as Valentine's to his class ~ fun dips that said "I'm a dip for you"
#3 the PINK picture clues
#4 his Garfield card
#5 little star wars people that were his 'treasure'
#6 G's Valentine' Jar! decorated it with Star War's stickers!

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey guess you get a bonus Flashback today!
This is my Aunt Valerie!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday the 13th

Happy Birthday Big Bro!
Big Bro in 1959
Remember when I used to wish that I was older than you ......
Well, not anymore!
Big Bro turns 50 today!
What could be more scarier for the Friday the 13?
OH, sorry mom, I guess having your oldest baby turn 50!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Nook

A couple of weeks ago I just longed for a weekend that I could snuggle up with a good book. I don't think I've had one since giving birth! (yep, that long ago) It didn't happen that weekend either but I got the book from the Library anyway.

I had heard such good things about this book, "These is My Words" by Nancy E Turner. If you'd like to read more about this book & the other books in the series, go here.

I'll let you know what my final thoughts are!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what mom learns from a campus visit!

#1 Our student Ambassador walked backwards (?), facing us through the campus while naming every building, giving little tidbits of information and answering questions.

#2 in the introduction (propaganda) video they said, (paraphrasing) even though we are a major (huge) university we work hard to have a small college feel. You'll not walk across our campus without running into someone you know.

#3 This university is built on a hills and in valleys! (making #1 even more amazing)

#4 they close the campus to cars (except professors and employees and buses) during the day.

#6 this university only (but did) used a few seconds (maybe 60 seconds) using they're sports accomplishments in their introduction (propaganda) video. This made this mom roll her eyes!

#7 the bus drivers were very helpful

#8 W met with a specialist in his area of interest. She was extremely helpful and gave us more information than I could have ever expected. We now know W is in for a 7 year educational experience!

#9 While starting out tour with our ambassador (See #1) we hear someone yelling W's name! We finally found the girl behind the yell, and it was someone that had played soccer with W a couple of years ago! this amazed this mom (see #2) and amazed at what great eye sight this girl must have!

#10 We learned to ride the buses (see #3, #4 and #7)

#11 The college scholarship dead line has passed!?!

#12 W came home even more set on going to this university

#13 Glad we went today (it was 70 degrees in February).

#14 W has a variety of friends. His friend LT went with us, but we met his MB there. I spent an afternoon with all 3 of them. They are all so different and so funny together.

#15 He's going to be fine, get an good education, and he's going to have fun!

Bonus ~ when we got home we were chatting about his area of interest. He was more certain that that IS what he wants to do. The 7 years didn't scare him, but he did make the comment, "you know Mom it's going to be like, like all College classes." HUH?

Just how can this be? ......

" it's like, like all college classes?" what did he think this was going to be?

After a couple of moments of just plain staring at him..... I busted out laughing and he quickly joined in! We had a conversation about how not every college class so intense, there will be some fluff mixed in there!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweets for your sweets Recipe!

Years ago I made a bazillion of these as Christmas gifts! I nibbled and nibbled as I made them so by the time I was finished I swore I'd NEVER eat one again. This year a friend of mine made these and gave them out for Valentine's! I was so blessed to get a bag! They are scrumptious!

Wait, what about a picture? you say!
I say.... OH, that's funny they're already gone!

Here is the recipe anyway.....

Candied Pecans
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg white
1 tablespoon cold water
1 pound pecan halves

Mix sugar, cinnamon and salt until well blended.
Beat egg white and water with fork until frothy.
Pour over pecans and stir well until all pecans are covered.
Pour sugar mixture over pecans and stir until all the sugar
has coated the pecans.
Spread on a cookie sheet and bake at 225 for one hour, stirring occasionally.
Makes one pound.

Wait is that PEE-can or pee-KON? I once heard a cooking instructor say.... a PEE-can is something you pee in so we should always say pee-KON! Well, if that didn't teach you something it certainly gave you a visual when you hear someone say PEE-can!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday thoughts....

I should preface this by telling you that we don't have any paid clergy. Our church "calls" people (through prayer and revelation) to do all the positions (teaching, overseeing, cleaning, etc). We do have a man in the position of "Bishop" but he isn't paid, he's 'called' or asked to volunteer his time (usually for 2 years). Then everyone else has a job (or two) to do within the church's organizations.

I have 3 positions within the organizations,
#1 I work with the cub scouts
#2 I am the secretary for the women's organization
#3 I am asked to go into the homes of 5 women every month to make sure their needs are being met (or just to make sure they have a friend)
these are in no particular order!

Our Sunday talks are given by members of our congregation. They are generally given a subject and about a week to prepare. It's a growing experience for all involved.
Notes from today's talks.....
daily scripture reading.. "is the Lord trying to speak to us OR is he trying to change us"
going to Heavenly Father for help ... "Pride vs humility"
teaching our children ... "we are teaching even when we don't realize that we're teaching"
"we should not do anything we wouldn't want to see our children do"

In one of our classes the lesson was from the parable of the Wheat and Tares
(found in the book of Matthew)

the instructor explained to us what a Tare was. I'd never known what an actual tare was, but I do now. It's a toxic plant that looks just like wheat until it reaches maturity then they show themselves in different ways. The wheat's bloom is heavier and will bow whereas the Tare's bloom has purple berries and is light and will stand straight up.

some of my thoughts from this lesson....
*are we strong enough to bow (to be the wheat)
*The plants aren't weeded until they mature (or when the Savior comes). So we have time to make ourselves Wheat. Given the chance to become what Heavenly Father expects of us.

Seating update... hubby is out of town so we got to adventure up into the pews! Hubby sits up higher than everyone else so he MUST sit in the back, when he's not there it's a heyday on where we will sit! Oh, the opportunities were endless...... we bubbled over with excitement!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday's Scoreboard

Remember this picture from the soccer season? Well, that's what G's basketball game looked like this morning. Only not as round, but just as tall, if not taller! In G's league they must be 3rd and 4th graders. G's team is made up of all 3rd graders, and this other team must have been all (towering, long legged and long armed) 4th graders. G (who is not the shortest player on his team) only came up to the just below a couple of the opposing teams players shoulder. It was an impossible game to guard in and an impossible situation to be guarded in! The opposing 4th graders were aggressive. There were about a million turn overs .... OK maybe not a million but it's safe to say that 3/4's of the passes were intercepted (is that a basketball term?). The end score was 54 to 2 (those precious 2 points were made in the last 2 minutes).
Hubby is out of town and W's team went up against their toughest team! It was difficult and it got nasty (they are all so competitive and believe it or not some even come with hot heads!). W's team couldn't pull it out. They lost. I think W wanted an undefeated season. They meet up with this team again, and hopefully hubby will be in town.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Conversations with G

this week I have 2 very interesting conversations with G........

#1 ~
G ~ "Mom, what games did you play with when you were little."
Me ~"we didn't have video games, or computers. I watched TV." "But our TV was only 3 channels"...."and not cartoon channels."
G ~ looking quite serious didn't reply right away but finally said, "I'm so sorry, Mom."
Me ~ not sure that we were still on the same subject "what are you sorry for."
G ~ "that you had such a bad time when you were little."
We then had a little conversation about how I didn't know any better, because I'd ever had anything else. I could tell by the look on his face he still felt so sorry for me!

Tonight after we left the HS we drove through town. We commented on how there were so many cars at the local Applebees.
G~"well, alot of people go out to eat on Friday nights, because that's the day everyone gets paid."
Mom ~ "Everyone gets paid on Friday?"
G~ "yea, everyone gets paid on Friday and then they go spend it."
Mom ~ "Dad doesn't get paid on Friday and I don't get paid on Friday."
G~ "Really when do you get paid?
Mom ~ "Dad gets paid once a month and I get paid once a month."
G ~ "really? Well, that would mean that Dad gets paid alot of money, since it's just once a month. Dad would have to get paid at least $100 if it's only once a month. Because $100 is alot more than $50"
Mom ~ ??????

Evolution of Dance

Remember the 'dance practice' comment from earlier this week?

Well this the result!

At homecoming every year the dance team invite

boys to help them dance.....W was invited by his friend, Baily!

Flashback Friday

What a FLASHBACK in fashion......
Mother, Daughter and a Goat!
Bush Gardens in St Louis, MO 1973.
As I was going through pictures last night I witnessed
my mother's hair grow higher and higher!
I love the polyester pant suit (pure 70's)
I just image wearing polyester in St Louis in the summer heat!
How did she do it?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Winter is Wasted!

About mid January G proclaimed, "This winter is a Waste!", when I asked what that meant. He explained, NO SNOW! and that makes this winter a waste!".

Just how can this be... A winter without snow?

I tried to build winter up by saying that February can very snowy! He really wasn't buying it, but it did give him alittle hope.

Now that February is here...... I'm wondering if "This Winter is a Waste"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday

This month is the Birthday of Cub Scouts so we'll be getting ready

(a little every week)for our Blue and Gold Banquet at the end of the month.

This month's theme is "ABC America"

So to start this out we're going to write a little note to #43 (a Thank you) and #44 (Welcome to your new home). Talk about the being the President of the United States, I found these at the Creative Conversations going on at 2cleverblog. (Those girls are just amazingly 2 clever!) We'll move into chatting about maps by talking/showing where the cards will be mailed to.

Then we'll learn about a map of the US, naming the States

Then we'll discuss our skit (!) for the Blue and Gold Banquet.

It's always a fun time at cub scouts!

Say What?

conversation from this morning.....

Me ~ "W, make sure that you get the trash out of the yard when you get home from school"
W~ "OK, oh wait I have dance practice after school so it won't be right after."


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a Non Van

When is a Van not a van? when it's 'van door' (you know the back door) doesn't open? Our van door was closed on this day. When I got to the place to unload the back door didn't open and hasn't opened since! Just how can this be?

This situation which rendered my van a non van! Frustration hit several times, like the day I went to Home Depot to get these long mental thingys (for hubby) and NO, the van door doesn't open, NO, they don't want to go in the side door, NO, NO, NO...... a non van that's what it was!

This is only one event of life with the non van....... Last week I'd had enough! I took it in to be fixed..... $90 later, it opened! They had to take the back panel off, found it full of dust. They cleaned it out, lubed it up and sent me on my way.

I now know what it's like to drive around inside a can of WD-40. The smell was awful BUT the VAN is back!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Make'em Laugh

Last week our local PBS station ran a series of shows called Make 'em Laugh. It was so funny, it showed the laughter throughout the years, from Buster Keeton all the way to our current day Jon Stewart.

A couple of weeks ago W and I were discussing Steven Cobert's comments of Kanye West and his attempt to have his album out sell Kanye's on Itunes. Very funny stuff!

W and I tried to pick our favorite funny people, we both agreed on Steven Colbert, Steve Carell (did you see the hour long "The Office" last night after the super bowl?), and Tina Fey, but then we were stuck for our 4th person (where we got the idea we needed 4 people I don't know). I like Seth Meyers from SNL weekend report, but is he really the best guy for our foursome?

Who would be your 4some of funny people?
Hmmm, not so easy is it?
Go ahead comment with your favorite funny people!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Be Grateful is the message that I heard throughout the services today!
I'm not sure that's what everyone else heard but that was the message for me today.

When I hear this message it reminds me of going to church with my Grandparents. I would stand between them and sing the hymn "Count your many Blessing, name them one by one, Count you many Blessing see what God hath done."

For those of you that have tuned in to hear if I got 'our' seats ..... No, I didn't.

I even plotted and planned, only slightly thinking that hubby and little G would be under the weather just enough that they'd stay home..... No, luck there. Knowing that W was tired I only went to wake him once, and then thought I'd just let him sleep today. Well, that one didn't work either. Just as I was walking out of the bedroom dress and ready, I heard him brushing his teeth, Heavy sigh, he was up and getting ready! Hubby and G left while I waited for W. Heavy sigh, I was going to be late again!

Geez! do you see why I got the message to count my blessings today? My entire family was in church! What a blessing! and yes, an even greater blessing than me sitting in "my seat"!

Saturday's score board.....

As a typical Winter Saturday, the balls were flying!

The morning started early with W and I headed to the city for his indoor soccer game. I had gotten up, showered and was about half way there when I realized that I was probably not well enough to survive this trip! Too late now! As we stepped out of the truck W mentioned that he had the same thoughts! WOW and this kid was going to play a sport, it was all I could do to just sit there with out falling over!

W and I made it back home and into bed a few minutes before hubby and little G made it back home from his game. Getting a game report from G is an experience, you get action replays of what everyone else did.

When I finished my 2 hour nap we had some lunch and then we were off to W's game. He looked much better this afternoon.

Oh, yeah the score board ~
indoor soccer ~ lost
G basketball ~ lost
W basketball ~ won