Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just so ya know!

#1 .. my butt hurts today!

#2 .. I'm back in my capris from last year! and they aren't even tight!

#2 cancels out #1 YAY!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bad vs Good


My computer Monitor seems to have gone the blink!?? I've had to resort to using hubby's laptop. It's fine BUT I have things on my computer. I'm going to try another monitor on my ever increasing finicky prehistoric computer before I go and purchase another monitor.


I made these for dessert tonight!

Strawberry Chocolate Nachos

I made them just as the recipes says and they were good! Next time I don't think I'll do the Dark Chocolate as my family just didn't seem ready for "dry chocolate" as hubby called it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life on Thursday

I love how I've started doing my "Life on Thursday" on Friday!??! I was just too tired last night to get back up and fill you in!

Today started with the usual Swim Team at 7am.

I had a trainer at the Y show me how to use all the machines there and set up a plan for me. We've been member for around 3 years and I've never done my 'wellness plan' with them so that was good and will give me more to do.

We rush home for a 20 minute eat breakfast and then head off to a Strength Class for G from 10 to 11am. I sat in the car.

We came back home. I mowed for what I wanted to be just 35 minutes but inspite of leaving a noisy timer to ring and telling G that he was suppose to come and tell me when the timer went off, I mowed longer. It seems that G is a TV zombie and when the timer went off, he got up turned it off and switched from watching TV to playing Wii. ???? I only mowed 10 minutes too long and had to rush around to get ready for the next trip into town!

After showering, eating lunch I got G to his next exercise event, Basketball Camp, from 1:30 to 3! Then I went to a PEO planning meeting. We got all of our great ideas firmed up. I am pleased that this is finally getting ready for the next phase of planning.

Picked up G came home. Collapsed to just watch alittle TV. While I was watching just a started to justify that I could just listen to the TV, I would just shut my eyes and listen to it! I know NOW I can see what a foolish idea this is, but HEY I know you've been at that point too! Lucky for me I just had them closed for about 20 minutes when I jumped up and remembered that I had to be at the Post Office by 5. I was lucky to see it was 4:25.

We had tickets to the Major league Baseball game in town that were going to waste so I made a handoff to the a friend that "would love to go" in the middle of the street in front of the post office (wow that's a long sentence). She headed off the the ballgame and I headed into the post office.

Home again Home again jiggity jig!

Decided that my family couldn't shower since we had no clean towels, started laundry but then left it all downstairs.

Made burritos for supper and crashed in bed! BUT not before I turned off the alarm. That event is becoming my favorite thing! Turning off the early morning alarm on Thursday night!

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 for Friday

This week .....
G and his Boy Scout troop went on a 10 miles bike ride. G was a bit nervous about this since the older Boy Scouts were invited but as it turned out he had a BLAST. Half of the group stopped on the first 5 mile loop but G was all in for another loop!
As you know my Air Conditioner was out all week, which was really fine UNTIL I needed to look good when I was going somewhere. I had a PEO meeting on Tuesday, not only a meeting but a luncheon before! The meal was wonderful and atmosphere was great, but getting ready was a HOT MESS. You know the kind of mess where you're trying to get your hair dry, and the humidity won't let you and then you're sweating because your HOT curling your hair. I finally just had to give up and let it be.
Farmer Bob cut, raked, and baled the hay this week much to G's delight!
The day after the hay was baled G came in yelling that he found a rattle Snake. I stopped him asked where?
G ~ "at the edge of the field, right by the yard"
Me ~ "I don't think we have rattle Snakes around here. Why would you think it was a rattle snake?"
G ~ "cuz it had it's tail up shaking"
Me ~ "was it making a rattle sound."
G ~ "no, but when they're small they don't make noise."
Me ~ "was it small"
G ~ "well, no but it's a rattle snake! Where's dad?"
I guess the conversation wasn't going the way he wanted with me.
After a few minutes outside he came running back in and said, "well, it's dead now"
Me ~ "how did you do that?"
G ~ "I hacked it's head off!"
Me ~ " With what? You're grandma would be proud of you"
G ~ " The shovel. Now I'm going to show it to dad (who was in the basement)!"
Me ~"WAIT, you're not bring THAT thing in the house!"
G paused to think...... "ah, I wasn't"
After putting on the basement concrete, and having hubby look at it, it was a Bull Snake. We have alot of those! Well, not alot (not like the snake house that was on the news this week) but we do have Bull Snakes around.
When I asked G how he got the snake to the concrete, he replied ... I carried it! but of course he had gloves on ....My good winter gloves were found by the basement door!?!?
This evening Hubby called when he was almost home to say this was just up the road!

G and I jumped in the car driving to meet one of

G's idols!

G in Heaven, chatting with Reed Timmer

of DiscoveryChannel's Storm Chaser

Reed told him that he was scared of storms

when he was his age too! Then he started

studying the storms.

G checking out the Denominator!

These were the clouds they were watching,

but Reed told me that they were weakening,

but more would pop up over night, being just

strong thunder storms. BUT this area needs

to watchful on Monday. Things could be active

on Monday. This little tidbit we're not sharing

with G!

Lfie on Thursday

**up at 6:15am
**out the door by 6:50
I don't know what happened there, but I'm sure I can blame it on a very sleepy G!
G has been enjoying some late nights this week!
**working out with lead legs by 7:20am
man these legs didn't want to move this morning.
I blame it on the fact that I've always taken Thursdays off, but the swim coach didn't want to take Thursday off this year!
**Noon ~it's sprinkling while I'm sitting in the chair at the beauty shop (does anyone call it that anymore?) telling Mandy to just shave my head! For some reason this year this super fine hair of which I have tons of is a mess! I tell her what and where the problems are and she works her magic. I love her!

12:40 ~ G and I head to Applebees for lunch. I have the ever yummy Oriental grilled Chicken salad while he chooses Mac and Cheese, which I reject and tell him to try again! He then orders a steak!

1:30 ~ we head to the 'farm store' to look for some work/hiking boots for G. No luck!

We head back home to chill! and yes it's chilly, raining and cloudy. G actually opts for a blanket while we read scriptures.

THEN the phone call that I'd been waiting for! The AC repair man! Our AC has been out for the past week! After several visits (some late at night) they finally figured out the problem and then had to order the part! Yeah, there have been some sultry nights around here! along with some dang HOT days (hence some of the frustration with my wild hair). There were also some great and beautiful days (high in the 70's). BUT really if I can't sleep well, it's not good!

We had grilled chicken thighs, with roasted Asparagus and corn on the cob for supper!

OH and I ordered G some work/hiking boots from Kohl's for $20 that a double good thing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday W was looking for an envelope and stamp. He found the envelope but when he got to the Stamps, he found these....

He then said, "Do we have any different stamps then theses?"

I said, "They're just Stamps, no one cares what stamp you have."

W ~ "Mom, it's for my powerlifting competition for the State games, I can't put a LOVE stamp on it!"

FYI ~ I found him the .....

"Go Green" stamps. He was happy then!

Viper Report

G has his first swim meet of the summer last week and very impressively improved greatly.

Men 12 & under 50 FreeStyle 51.22 (-11.94) 7th place
Men 12 & under 50 BackStroke 55.42 (-16.92) 2nd place
Men 12 & under 50 BreastStroke 52.85 (-4.90) 2nd place

Since he hasn't swam since last summer and only has a week and half before the first meet these cut in times are AWESOME!

and doesn't it just make you giggle at the MEN 12 & under???

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick trip

Yesterday we ........

the boys and I

took a quick trip to visit family.

First we stopped to see .....

My Dad and Betty were having a fish fry for their church so we went to see everyone and enjoy Crappie.

Then we stopped by to see ......and had a couple games of Farkle .....

Blooming Monday

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Find

I love Guacamole!

and usually just make my own with an avocado and salsa.

I found this stuff and my life may never be the same!

If you think you'd be interested in trying this check them out on facebook

and get your $1 off coupon.

You can find them at Walmart,

BUT for other places check their website for a product locate button.

5 for Friday


It appears that our AC is not cooling.

Of course I discover this after 5 on Friday afternoon.

But the weather looks cooler for the weekend.

And our AC man, who is headed out of town

said he'd call us Sunday afternoon.


It's been a HOT week here so we've gone to

water the flowers and more specific the tomato plants 3 times a day.

Morning, afternoon and night.


One the things on my todo list today was to go by my friend's house and put her yard cart back up. Yesterday I have taken my recycles to her house (her recycling truck picks up everything, when my truck is selective), put them in her yard cart, when I couldn't find her recycling tub. Rolled the cart to the curb and left. My friend is out of town, but knew I was had things for her curb. Today when I went by the cart was gone! Sudden fear set in, someone had taken her yard cart! I went around the back of her house and there was the yard cart with all my recycling in it! He husband (we guess, he didn't say anything about it to her) had moved the cart last night and thus my recycling was still there! We'll try again next week!


G's 5th grade class pool party was today.

He'd gone to the pool yesterday and got sunburnt.

If this hadn't been an eagerly anticipated party I would have veto it.

Instead I just slathered him with sunscreen and sent him on his way.

He was so pink that the Pool Manager that knows him,

took him into her office and reapplied sunscreened.

I see this often and always laugh at Skipper.

He likes to eat laying down???

I've never seen a dog (or any animal for that matter) eat laying down,

but it seems to be Skippers favorite position!

When he saw that I was going to take his picture he looked up,

wagged his tail and just went back to eating!?!?

Life on Thursday

As the usual our Thursday started early! 6:15am out of the house by 6:40 headed for swim team!

I paid my Y bill (swim team for 2 months $100, 5k entry for G and I $50,and the Slim Down challenge $50)! I think we're set now!

I did the elliptical for 60 minutes! Shocker G was done before I was! The night before was the first swim meet so the 'fish' were all tired!

I came home to finish up the clutter exodus, W went to work and took G with him.

I got to the point where it was time to get rid of the many piles .... one to recycling, one to a friend, another to the thrift shop and one to the Post Office.

I picked up G at the pool after 3+ hours of swimming (well, more like 3+ hours of jumping off the diving boards), took him to McDonald's for a 10 piece Chicken Nuggets, a quick trip into the grocery store and then home.

After his shower we noticed just how PINK he was!

Had burritos for supper and called it a night.

Sometime in the night we must have had some wind, when I went out and a couple of my plants had blown over and some of my marigolds had broken off! Nice to sleep through it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Half Wall and Two and a Half Men

I have this odd wall. Well it's odd to decorate. It's a fairly large span of wall but it's in two rooms, my dining room and my living room! The two rooms are split by a half wall on that wall. It's just odd either way.

I've wanted for years to put things on that wall and have tried to do a few things but it just never looked right. I might also add that I have really high ceilings so that just makes the wall look bigger and more empty!

After pondering this wall for a few days, I was sitting in my favorite chair watching Two and a Half Men (late one night) and I noticed (once again) their Art work on the range hood. I knew instantly that I could do the same thing on THAT wall!

I set out to find the right piece of metal work ... found it in no time (one trip to Hobby Lobby) and it was half off! Loved that Part!

It took a couple of weeks for Hubby and I to get it hung. OK I just have to say that man is a geniuses when it comes to hanging things! He measured, measured again, maybe even a 3rd time and them had me measure down and over, hammer in 2 nails, I hit the studs (amazing) and the piece was hung! I love that Man!

I do have to say that he was concerned that it wasn't in the middle of the wall, but if you notice it's centered with the half wall!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Facebook Status

There is a mass exodus of clutter here today! Too bad most of it has taken a rest on my living room floor! Time to rally the troops and move it to the curb. HEeellllooo Trash man!

Bloomin' Monday

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Yesterday I attended our annual

Women's Conference.

I was really needing this morning and it didn't disappoint me!

It was set up where we could pick and choose the mini classes that fit us best.

I choose *Nauvoo, *learning from the best books, and *Journaling.

During the Nauvoo class I was impressed that I should research and study the lives of the women that lived there. Their trials were great but they stood firm to what they believed in and prevailed. I could (and will) learn alot from them.

Learning from the best books ~ The teacher was captivating. She drew me in and made me want to read MORE. She brought a huge selection of children's books and talked about the importance of books in children's lives. She told us about just a few of her favorite books and now I want so much to read those too!

Journaling ~ Well, I don't have a journal, I have a blog. This teacher give us several ideas of how to journal and some of her ideas were quite intriguing. The thing I was most impressed with was the thought from another lady in the class. She said (something like) our grandchildren will be interested in our lives because they will only know us as a grandma who can cook wonderfully, who has a clean house, who can do anything ..... when they read our journals they will see that our lives are just like theirs!

Then there were the closing remarks,

I loved this the most


I'll share those with you another time.

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Facebook Status

Can I just say "loved my day today" ? Spent the morning with some great and inspiring women, came home sweated outside while I put some plants in the ground and pots, showered, fixed supper, did laundry and finished it up with reading scriptures with my son! It doesn't get much better than this!

I'm not gonna lie ... I love that boy!

This summer G and I are having a 75 days to read the Book of Mormon. That is a push, we have to read 7.1 pages every day for 75 days (there are 82 days of summer break this year).

I love that just when I think he's not really paying attention when I'm reading he'll ask some great question!

I love to hear him read the scriptures!

I love that he reminds me it needs to be done!

I love that he doesn't fuss when I remind him!

I love that he's thinking about things!

I just love that boy!

Friday night Drive in Movie ~ Rango

Horrible kid movie!
Has a matter of fact I don't think it really was a kid movie!
It was littered with mild profane words (you know mild ones, not the biggies that kids KNOW are wrong but the ones they'd hear in Walmart but not at home). And by littered I mean a DUMP (ALL THE TIME!)
It had a sprinkle of adult humor that kids won't get but as an adult I thought was crude!
It had some slap stick comedy which make the kids laugh (everyone laughed)
Fortunately for me, G didn't like it at all!

AND for our Drive in experience ... I took a lawn chair and G took a blanket. He wanted to sit in the back of SUV, but ended up sitting on the blanket on the ground! After 3 weeks of the drive in we're finally getting the hang of it!

Mr Popper's Penguins

We have the rule that if a movie comes out based on a book then you have to read the book first! It saves alot of

"but I don't need to read the book, I've already seen the movie".

When we saw the previews for Mr Popper's Penguins G got all excited and said how much he'd already loved the book and couldn't wait to see the movie! It left me out of the excitement so on our trip to the library I got the book and read it! Thus proving to G that the rule goes for Mom too!

It's a fun book.

I would give it a 5 out of 5 for a rating.

It was the prefect start of summer read!

short sweet and simple!

Now we're both ready for Jim Carey as Mr Popper!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life on Thursday

WOW 6:15am came so much earlier today than the rest of the week! The novelty of Swim team Taxi is wearing off! Still we made it there by 7am, I worked out of for my hour.

Got organized with the classes offered at the same time I'll be there so I'll do a couple of classes during the week.

at 9am I delivered G to his Basketball camp. Where he begged me to text W and have him pick him up. Yeah it's true W picking you up is WAAAaaayyyy more cool than your mom. When I asked G yesterday if that was true, he just hugged me real tight and said, "yeah Mom it is"

Came home cleaned up my kitchen, went through the paper that just piles up!

I arranged for a friend to come over this afternoon. They pulled up the same time G and W did.

Then I sat on the phone in front of the computer all afternoon working on problems.
I've gone to online banking with almost all of my accounts .... well, I keep getting locked out of one account! I have to call them every month to help me get in ... today was that day. I then wrote all the information down and case caution to the wind. If a theft can find it in my piles of paper around my computer then more power to them.... I won't even be able to find them in 30 days!

They are previewing the new Food Pyramid today ... it's now a food plate, it makes sense until I realized that it could easily be a pizza!?