Friday, June 10, 2011

Life on Thursday

As the usual our Thursday started early! 6:15am out of the house by 6:40 headed for swim team!

I paid my Y bill (swim team for 2 months $100, 5k entry for G and I $50,and the Slim Down challenge $50)! I think we're set now!

I did the elliptical for 60 minutes! Shocker G was done before I was! The night before was the first swim meet so the 'fish' were all tired!

I came home to finish up the clutter exodus, W went to work and took G with him.

I got to the point where it was time to get rid of the many piles .... one to recycling, one to a friend, another to the thrift shop and one to the Post Office.

I picked up G at the pool after 3+ hours of swimming (well, more like 3+ hours of jumping off the diving boards), took him to McDonald's for a 10 piece Chicken Nuggets, a quick trip into the grocery store and then home.

After his shower we noticed just how PINK he was!

Had burritos for supper and called it a night.

Sometime in the night we must have had some wind, when I went out and a couple of my plants had blown over and some of my marigolds had broken off! Nice to sleep through it!

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