Saturday, July 31, 2010

Donkey Baseball game and my Birthday

46 years ago last night the little town I grew up in had a Donkey baseball game! My parents, and my Big Bro went along with everyone else in town. It was a big deal in our little town.

What you don't know what a Donkey Baseball game is? It where you ride Donkeys while you play baseball! Nothing too hard about that, huh? I don't know I wasn't there... YET!

My mom was having pains all throughout the game, she was in the bleachers, not playing (What were thinking!!?). Enough pains that my parents decided to leave the event early. They left my Big Bro with a neighbor, Beverly. Arrived at the hospital around midnight and a couple of hours later I arrived! 46 years ago today!

I guess you could say that followed the asses into town!
oops ~ Did I just say that out loud?

5 fer Friday

1 ~ Early this morning (ok it was 9:30ish, that's early for W) I was greeted by W. When I asked him what time he'd gotten home, he laid into me! "Yea, No one called me to see where I was, no one woke up for me when I came home! It's like you guy just thought I was out of town! What's up with that?" Guess he has yet to figure out that I'm old and tired!
2~ Drop and give me 10, this is the new rule around here. If G argues with me and G argues with me about everything, then I say Drop and give me 10 and he has to do it, because if he argues it's 10 more! When he went to complain to hubby, hubby just stated, "WOW, then I wouldn't argue with her anymore!"
3 ~Hubby and G called a quail into the back yard yesterday, not just the back yard but right off the deck. All this happened while I was gone. But they were both quite excited to tell me. AND before you ask.. I'll tell you, they did it by whistling. I have one question and concern ~ just how stupid can quail be that they fall for a BobWhite from a 10 year old that can bearly whistle?!!?
4 ~ I went to a Walmart in a neighboring town and just let me say that All Walmarts are not created equal!
5 ~ I believe this was on Thursday evening but I was unofficially declared the worst mother ever ... I think that means I must be doing something RIGHT!?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life on Thursday

This morning I had my Personal Training work out
This is Michelle,
I signed up to have them with her but she's on vacation!
Enjoying Bear Lake in Utah with her husband and 5 sons!

So I got to workout with Joel this week ~ (on the left).
I usually text Michelle to give her my pain level the following day.
Am a cursing her or just thinking about her?
Fortunately for me it's always been a 'just thinking about her' workout.
and Joel was the same.
Good workout!
I have gained 2 pounds while working out with Joel but as much as I'd like to blame Joel for that, I deep down don't think he had anything to do with it.
I really believe it has everything to do with a keebler elf!
The other guy in the picture is Kenny! He works the front desk. Kenny is a paraplegic and has been for the past 9 years (due to a truck accident). Kenny had never played any Wheelchair sports (Gasp!) ... until I hooked him up. He played (& loved) Wheelchair softball the past couple of months. He'll play Wheelchair Basketball this fall.
He wrote an article for our local paper this week
about his new found love where he stated ~
"The day finally came where I became an athlete again in my life,
and if you think that there is no where to turn just don’t ever give
up on your dreams and expectations you give for yourself. There will be
something or someone in the life to set you on your way with your goals."
I'm so excited for Kenny!
His wife not so much ..
she will hate me when she becomes a Wheelchair sports widow!
ooops, sorry Mrs Kenny!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok I just can't be wordless on this one! Hubby went for a MRI this morning and they put this one him. Now that's great that they are looking out for Hubby, but I wanted to ask "Who exactly isn't a fall risk when laying on that skinny MRI table?" I've laid on it, it's skinny, there are no handles, I had to wait until someone came to help me up or I would have FALLEN off the blasted table! I should have gotten a FALL RISK bracelet too! It's not like Hubby would have laid there rocking back and forth, or maybe that's the deal. He appeared to be a rocker and a roller. I just think this is a selective measure, and I'm not going to stand for it! I might fall for it ...... ahhh get it, fall for it???!?!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Book Review #10 "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt"

"Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt" by Beth Hoffman
5 out of 5

Cecelia Rose Honeycutt is 12 years old and taking care of her psychotic mom. Her mother is trapped in her past as the 1951 Vidalia Onion Queen. CeeCee's mother is tragically killed. Cee Cee's great aunt, Tootie (which she's never met) scoops her and takes her to Savannah.This is where CeeCee's healing begins.

Loved this book!
Loved the women that come together to form CeeCee's family.
Loved the southern gentility.
Loved the personalities.
Loved the healing.
Loved the common sense.
Loved the Love.

Doodle on loan

This is a Doodle that the Doodler made for his love. It's a Doodle of their relationship. There are hidden messages about things they've experience.

She was kind enough to loan it to me for this post!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Several years ago I was eating some watermelon at church with just a few people around. I found the salt and sprinkled some on my piece...... TALK ABOUT a show stopper! People stopped talking to watch me. What had I done? I was just eating Watermelon?!?
Then one of them nudged his wife and said, "Did you just see what Shelly did? She salted her Watermelon?" When I heard this, I innocently looked at them and said "What and you don't?"
As for me and mine .... we salt!
well, that's a far stretching statement because the rest of my little family doesn't really like watermelon... W likes to chuckle at me when I'm eating watermelon and say
"Oh mom, you and you're melons!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

5 fer Friday

You know when I envisioned my 5 fer Friday posts, I envisions at least 5 pictures from our Friday......WELL, as you can tell pictures just aren't happening. My camera has stopped talking to my computer and it's frustrating trying to be the mediator for those two so I will not have pictures from my camera. I can still take pictures with my phone but they're phone pictures not camera pictures! OK on to this week's 5 fer Friday!

#1 started at 4:45 this morning. Our neighbor, Jim's birthday is today and he took off work to go fishing. He asked G to go with him and they'd be leaving at 5:30am. G told me that he needed to be down there to get things ready by 5am. He was ready at 5am but we didn't see any lights go on at Jim's house until 5:19 (to be exact). Those were some tense minutes waiting for those lights! The fishing trip wasn't much of a success but I think G had fun! I'm not sure how much rest or quiet Jim has had today, since G has been down there almost all day!

#2 I started a new book that I'm loving "Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt". This book came highly recommended so I'm excited to read it!

#3 W is working the afternoon shift and then a pool party afterwards. This means that I need (I've been asked) to take dinner into him. Which is grilled chicken (leg quarters) and pouch cooked potatoes.
#4 It's hot! and Humid! Not just hot and humid ... EXTREMELY hot and Humid!

#5 today was a Mommy relax day. I slept, I read, I fell asleep reading, I woke, I munched on 'tasty' things, I read, I slept, I read, I munched .... get the drift?!!? I needed today.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Book Review #9

#9 "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate"
by Jacqueline Kelly
4.5 out of 5

First of all, isn't this the sweetest book cover ever?!?

I really really liked this book. It reflects about a 6 month time of Calpurnia Tate's life (or Callie Vee as she's called) when she's 12 turning 13. Callie Vee is the only daughter in a house of 6 boys (3 older 3 younger). It's at this time when she develops a relationship with her grandfather and a love for all things in nature, but it's also a time when her mother decides that it's time for Calpurnia to start learning things of the household.

This is a simply sweet book of Calpurnia's adventures.

Life on Thursday

Today was "Friend Day" for G.
He got to pick if they went swimming or to the movies.....

(actual screen without Glasses)

He chose Despicable Me in 3d with Drake!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life on Thursday

Maybe I should title this post, Kidnappers Come and get me!

I've had the most horrible picture on my drivers License for several years now, I think our state gives them for 6 years. That's just WAY too long if you have a yucky picture!

Several years ago W went through a time where he was losing his wallet every few months and thus getting a new drivers license every few months. One of these new license had a horrible picture also, I referred to it as his 'stoner picture' you the know the kind where his eyes are half open/half closed.

2 generations of horrible driver's license picture!

It was at this time that a woman in our general area went missing. Her picture everywhere you turned, I began to realize that it was her driver's license picture . Panic began to set in... What if I got kidnapped and my driver's license picture was plastered all over!?! They'd never find me, I don't look THAT horrible everyday, do I?

I can remember being in the kitchen with W one night when the girl's picture came on TV and telling him that if I were to disappear please, please make sure the media has a better picture of me than my Driver's license picture! He agreed but made me promise that I wouldn't let them use the 'stoner' picture .... THEN the real panic set in WHAT if we were kidnapped together???
We'd look like a real lovely bunch .. greasy momma and stone teenager!

W fortunately lost his wallet again after that, and I TODAY renewed my license which has a much better picture! I can go missing now!

I'm still debating on whether to post my horrible picture!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

surprise Doodle

I recently found this Doodle on the Doodler's 'to do' list

2010 Book Review # 6,#7,#8

#6 Glass Castles by Jeannette Walls
5 out of 5

Hated this book for the first few pages, thought my aunt was crazy for ever loving it and then suggesting it to me!?! BUT then once I let go of the actions of the characters I fell in love with them and was captivated by their lives . The lesson I got out of this is just that ...Once I let them be them I fell in love with them.

#7 Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls
5 out of 5

This book was written after Glass Castles, but occurs before it. Make sense, I don't know if it really mattered which way you read them but maybe it'd make alittle more sense to read this book first (of which I didn't). Glass Castles is a true story (from the authors memories) where as this book is a "true life novel". The author takes the stories she'd heard as a child and filled them out. I think I could say I like the writing style of Ms Walls, it's captivating and enjoyable.

#8 Bleachers by John Grisham
4 out of 5

This a really really quick read, and as I started it I just kept thinking it was a 'man's story', but by the time I got involved in it, it was a man's story with a coming into reality moment. I think any of us can relate to this book. Living in the glory days of High School, then the let down of real life. Just that some of us have more glory than others and some of us have more let down than others.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Swim Meet Results

First Place
Mixed 10 and under 25 freestyle 23.97 (-1.32)
Fifth Place
Men (?!!) 12 and under 50 yard Breast 57.75 (-1.11)
Fifth place
Mixed 10 and under 100 IM 2.05.55 (his first time in this event)

G was also in 2 relay races where his team placed 1st both times

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Noise UPdate

This past week I purchased G a "StarWars Trouble" game.
Remember the Trouble game from eons ago? Yea, it that only with a StarWars twist.
When you press the popit it makes R2D2 sounds, you know that sort of computer whistling sound. There is a variety of them, maybe 6 different ones.

So not only do we get to hear the PopIt all the time
We get to hear the PopIt with R2D2 sounds
and not only do we get to hear the PopIt with R2D2 sounds
but we get to hear the PopIt with R2D2 sounds with G repeating the whistle.
3 times the pleasure.

G got to make a surprise doughnut run yesterday morning so hubby could enjoy his morning sleep due to the Star Wars Trouble game!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday's update

This past week ....
*We watched it rain
*We watched it rain
and We watched it rain

OK, get the drift it rained all week

I suppose the highlight of week was for G. He went to a birthday party to a HUGE water park. Yes they got rained on for a short while but then got to enjoy the park on cloudy day. G enjoyed it so much that all he can talk about now is how he's going back SOON!

As for an update on Hubby, let's see he's watched about a million hours of' TV. I'm sure he's watch a billion people die and then their assassins be brought to justice. They're having a free month of foreign and Independent movies this month so now he can watch people die on a lower budget and foreign people die!

He has also watched every World Cup game (not just this week but for the past month), the long hours (agonizing to me) of the golf tourney at Pebble beach, the longest match at Wimbledon, not to mention other lesser moments in sports! I've also found him watching a Madonna concert!?!

In an effort to not go crazy (with hubby's remote flipping) I've read 3 books over the past couple of weeks (look for their reviews coming soon).

Friday, July 9, 2010

5 fer Friday

1. G had a blast cracking up this Styrofoam,

2. G finished his swim lessons by passing Level 5! Yay G

3. I paid bills and organized bills for the insurance company. You know I get later and later at paying bills, I just don't know what's wrong with me. This use to never happen!

4. G and I went to the pool for some R&R
(that's funny because I think we have R&R everyday!)
There were several of his friends there.
W and Megan were life guarding so all my chicks were there!

5. Did you notice some thing strange in every picture posted? It was there, go back and look!
There was SUN today, it's been days since we've seen the sun but it was big, bright and beautiful today!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life on Thursday

I went to visit Mandy today!
She cuts my hair and I love her.
She truly loves to 'do' hair
and I can tell.
I've never had a bad hair cut or color with Mandy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 5th of July!

Due to raining cats and dogs last night the 4th of July was canceled at our house. There were tears among the raindrops but everything was made right tonight (among the threat of rain).

There was a quiet passing of the punk this year.

G had been lighting his smoke bombs and parachute men for the past couple of days but tonight he lite his own fountains and barrel fireworks. I stood on the deck while W gave him instructions (what a proud mom I was) and watched him light them and run like the devil! Finally his big brother told him to watch the punk when he ran. That slowed him down a bit!

This was also a year without the "ear muffs" (as G calls them). He's growing up!

Swim Meet results

At last week's swim meet G slashed all of his times!

2nd place
Mixed 10 & under 25 meter Freestyle 25.29 (-2.14 off)
3rd place
Mixed 10 & under 25 back Stroke 28.64 (-1.42 off his)
3rd place
Men 12 & under 50 Breaststroke 58.86 (-7.67 off this)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week Recap

**This week G started his swim lessons, these are a waste of time and money. Hubby thinks he should finish all the levels offered by the Red Cross, so we signed up. What Hubby doesn't realize is that Gabe can swim. AND swim REALLY REALLY well, after this session we're DONE!

**Took Hubby to the get blood work done on Monday and then to see the Doctors on Tuesday. We waited for over an hour to get into a room!?! Every thing looks fine, and please come back in 2 weeks! Music to our ears!
** I usually go with the "it's their hair and as long as it is 'shaped up' they can have it as long as they want it. Hubby goes with the shave it off philosophy! G was into having his way with his hair this summer. This week I told him it needed to shaped up... he said, "I want hair like Tim Howard." Music to hubby's ears...WHAT you don't know who Tim Howard is???

He's the goalie for the American World cup team! and notice the hair? or lack of it!

G is disappointed that I can't get his hair cut as close as Tim's!

G's instructions now ..
"just as long as it's shaggy for winter time, we're good."
**We've watched a Momma KillDeer for the past couple of weeks protect her 4 eggs

**I put hubby and G to work making a catapult this week!
I think they did a pretty good job, huh?

Ok, honestly I think hubby made the above while G worked on the below!?!

**and as ever there was constant game of living room soccer with both boys and sometime Megan! sigh....

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's five for Friday time!

1. Sleeping in... well sort of. Hubby gets a IV med at 6am, but it can be late (and it can be earlier, but the morning dose hasn't ever been given early) so I gave it at 7am this morning. I know I'm old when it's a luxury to sleep into 7am. Between this medicine time and swim team, I'll be glad for school to start so I can sleep in to 7 every morning.


W was called into sub for a swim lesson instructor.
He's a lifeguard so he can sit in with another instructor.
When we got there for G's swim lessons, W was one of his
instructors. This seemed to be W's position for all of G's lesson!

3. Hubby smoked a Brisket today. It was so nice to pull in the drive smell the wonderful aroma and then realize it was coming from my back deck! Supper was sooo gooood!

4. G and I went to the pool late today. I sat reading while G jump off the diving boards a 100x. He's got one jump (the pencil) but calls it different things ... Like the Bacon jump. He does his Pencil jump while yelling "BACON" Today he worked on getting his 180 to a 360. yep, you got it, it's a turning pencil!

5. I started a new book, and already have a quote that I love.
"A fever that high can boil your brain and cause permanent damage, So don't ever tell anyone you had it. You do, you might have trouble catching a husband."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to Life on Thursday

Every day on the Way to the YMCA I travel the back roads
(it's much much shorter but much much more dustier).
At one point I cross this road.

I often wonder how far it is to that very last hill.