Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life on Thursday

This morning I had my Personal Training work out
This is Michelle,
I signed up to have them with her but she's on vacation!
Enjoying Bear Lake in Utah with her husband and 5 sons!

So I got to workout with Joel this week ~ (on the left).
I usually text Michelle to give her my pain level the following day.
Am a cursing her or just thinking about her?
Fortunately for me it's always been a 'just thinking about her' workout.
and Joel was the same.
Good workout!
I have gained 2 pounds while working out with Joel but as much as I'd like to blame Joel for that, I deep down don't think he had anything to do with it.
I really believe it has everything to do with a keebler elf!
The other guy in the picture is Kenny! He works the front desk. Kenny is a paraplegic and has been for the past 9 years (due to a truck accident). Kenny had never played any Wheelchair sports (Gasp!) ... until I hooked him up. He played (& loved) Wheelchair softball the past couple of months. He'll play Wheelchair Basketball this fall.
He wrote an article for our local paper this week
about his new found love where he stated ~
"The day finally came where I became an athlete again in my life,
and if you think that there is no where to turn just don’t ever give
up on your dreams and expectations you give for yourself. There will be
something or someone in the life to set you on your way with your goals."
I'm so excited for Kenny!
His wife not so much ..
she will hate me when she becomes a Wheelchair sports widow!
ooops, sorry Mrs Kenny!

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Anonymous said...

I would say "God sent you into Kennys life".
Isn't it great how that works !! MOM