Friday, July 23, 2010

5 fer Friday

You know when I envisioned my 5 fer Friday posts, I envisions at least 5 pictures from our Friday......WELL, as you can tell pictures just aren't happening. My camera has stopped talking to my computer and it's frustrating trying to be the mediator for those two so I will not have pictures from my camera. I can still take pictures with my phone but they're phone pictures not camera pictures! OK on to this week's 5 fer Friday!

#1 started at 4:45 this morning. Our neighbor, Jim's birthday is today and he took off work to go fishing. He asked G to go with him and they'd be leaving at 5:30am. G told me that he needed to be down there to get things ready by 5am. He was ready at 5am but we didn't see any lights go on at Jim's house until 5:19 (to be exact). Those were some tense minutes waiting for those lights! The fishing trip wasn't much of a success but I think G had fun! I'm not sure how much rest or quiet Jim has had today, since G has been down there almost all day!

#2 I started a new book that I'm loving "Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt". This book came highly recommended so I'm excited to read it!

#3 W is working the afternoon shift and then a pool party afterwards. This means that I need (I've been asked) to take dinner into him. Which is grilled chicken (leg quarters) and pouch cooked potatoes.
#4 It's hot! and Humid! Not just hot and humid ... EXTREMELY hot and Humid!

#5 today was a Mommy relax day. I slept, I read, I fell asleep reading, I woke, I munched on 'tasty' things, I read, I slept, I read, I munched .... get the drift?!!? I needed today.

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