Monday, August 31, 2009

Honking BIG that's what it is!

W's State Champion's Track ring!
Amazingly HUGE...

here it is on my NOT man hands.
Not bad for a kid that learned to triple jump off of YouTube.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This week in review ... do I really want to?

You know I started this blog to focus on the positive things in my life but still be realistic.... hmmmm that would be difficult this week. This week has been a roller coaster of events!

Sunday evening ~ I was watching tv and all through the evening the news promo were various things but at least one was "tune in to see what Police and the venue are doing to make sure safety at tomorrow night's big concert" Panic set in ... how safe would W be at this concert? I worked myself up in to a REAL Tizzy! What had I done, I'd gotten him tickets right to his death. Yes my tizzy had worked me into THAT place. I texted W and told him that I didn't think the concert was a good idea and I'd changed my mind .."He couldn't go" well, that didn't go over well, He told me I was crazy and things would be fine. I finally got myself into a place that the concert would be fine but the parking lot might be a problem (venue is a great place but on the edge of a questionable part of town). FINALLY the news came on to say ..."only those with tickets would be allowed in the parking lot to help keep the concert from turning into a 'festival' type of event" Shewwww, that made me feel much better! I was calm about him going!

Monday night it was calm around here for the most part...W was at his concert it was over by 11, he turned the correct direction coming out of the event and was in the safe part of town heading home. He later posted 111 pictures from the concert ... He had a GREAT time.

Tuesday was busy for me, a church meeting and then got my hair cut. I got a call to work that morning but because of things already planned I couldn't but got at call for the next day also. So I'd be subbing the next day ~ bad news there .. the teacher's daughter that was sick is a girl is G's class. There is something going around (there's always something going around but it was in G's classroom). This is the night G got hit with the baseball ~ black eye!

Wednesday I worked, it's not easy to sub this early in the school year, the kids simply don't know the rules and aren't really in a routine. This means that the sub has to KNOW the routine and rules. Good news for me I had subbed alot in this teacher's class room last year so I knew the rules and the routine. As I went through the e-nails that evening, there was yet another e-mail from W's college... new instructions about what to do if a student was feeling ill.

Thursday subbed again (little girl still sick). Called W to remind him about his dentist appointment. As I talked to him he sounded terrible and told me that his chest was congested and his head was stopped up. I told him what to get a Wal-mart to clear his head. He went to the dentist, has 3 cavities .. that boy has no enamel on his teeth what so ever! Poor kid! I got a text a 5 that he'd missed his class at 3:30 ... I immediately call him .. He'd gone home from the dentist and went to bed and slept until 5. He told me that he thought he needed to get a thermometer when he went to Wal-mart. By 7:30 he's called to say he has a temp of 101.5. I tell him to read the e-mail from yesterday and gather his things, I'll call our doctor and call him back. Our doctor says to get him home! He feels well enough at that point to drive himself home. He's home by 9pm and taking a long hot shower.

FRIDAY I sub again, leave W sleeping. The class is going great by now, I knew them and they know me! When I get home W's on couch watching TV, no fever but exhausted. I blow my cover by cooking roast beef and potatoes ... If I can do this and work all day, then why can't I do this when I'm home all day?!?! I hear G pushing the answering machine buttons, I hear one from our Credit card's fraud department. hmmmm, how did I not hear that one, someone else had already listened to it, but they didn't do anything about. I then go through the daily e-mails and there is a message from the CC company... I call them! Someone has used our credit card to purchase $1600 for an X box and various purchases from I tunes!! Thankfully we have a great Credit Card Company and they caught it, put a stop on our account. They'll now be investigating.

Saturday morning W mentioned that his truck didn't want to start as he was leaving college. His truck has had this problem alittle all summer but it had gotten worse. I take it in thinking that it's home. Good thing, it acting up in front of the mechanic ~ fuel injector ... $600.

This week ends to end!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Swine has landed

After a week of e-mails from the university and hearing all the news coverage . Telling the public (aka students and Parents) that IT was spreading and they weren't even to go to the Health Center if they had flu like symptoms they were just to go home! I knew it would be a miracle if he didn't get IT, and no it hasn't been confirmed but the nurse said IT didn't need to be confirmed she was sure IT was IT.
He's home until he goes 24 hours without a fever!
Which should be 3 days.
FYI ~ flu like symptoms are a cold with fever.

Adventures in Subbing 09/10 #1

This is a classic and so innocent at the same time.
The 2nd grade teacher that I've been subbing for is doing a "Favorite Book" lesson. Each student brings their favorite book and each day one book is chosen. We read the book, then the student go back to their desk and write a couple of sentences about the book and draw a picture about the book. The teacher collect these papers for a book she's putting together.
Yesterday we read the book ... they did their paper... I collected them.
Today I was moving them on the desk and I glanced a the top paper.
The student had written ....
"I lick the hole boob."
I just sat there and laughed ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey, Look you can now give me your reaction!
Down at the bottom of each post there are 3 choices
(of course I get to control your reaction to some limit...Muhahaha)
it's quick, it's easy and it's fun
yes, it's fun....because I said it's fun!

Concert memories

When I was a teen I went to alot of concerts, and always had good seats to them also! My aunt Val worked for the university and was able to get tickets before they were released to the general public. I was spoiled! I've seen more than I can remember, but I do remember seeing the Carpenters, Charlie Daniels, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton (along with Freddy Fender!?!), all of these with my mom but I did Alabama with my friend LouAnn.

When I moved on to college hubby (pre marriage) and I saw "Do You Think I'm Sexy"Rod Steward, and was AMAZED at this show ... not only did he sing but there were these white umbrella type things that would open and close to the music ~ I thought it was the coolest thing. SO Lame compared to concerts today.

Then I stood 4 rows back to see George Strait that the State Fair, I could even seen his Wrangle patch on the back of his jean .... not that I was looking at his behind (!) but that's IS where the patch was!

Hubby (still pre marriage) got tickets to see Michael Jackson (along with his brothers). Not great seats but we were in the stadium! Yes, I've seen the white glove and saw MJ sit on the edge of the stage and sing BEN. Funny (or sad which ever way you choose to see it) story, I took our nephew Matt with me, we parked and started walking to the stadium before I remembered to look to see where we'd parked. When I took notice of the letter on the pole I was sure that we'd only walked a short bit. When the concert was over, we walked over to the pole and then on a few rows ....NO CAR! We walked a bit more....NO CAR! I finally went to report my car stolen (at the stadium) they encouraged me to walk further. Poor Matt and I walked further still seeing no car until FINALLY we crested a hill finding another parking lot .... there was my car sitting all alone. Guess we'd walked further than I thought! I remember that better than I do the concert.

Why am I telling you this?

Just a couple of months ago W came to me and told me about a concert he wanted to go to. W has never been to any type of concert. I told him to check it all out and get the detail for me. He came back and was amazed (more aghast) that the tickets were $80. I was more amazed that the concert wasn't sold out! After he left I started checking things out more. End result ....... W is sitting in the 3rd row, not center stage ~ (hey, I'm not a miracle worker but still 3rd row)
at a

Lil' Wayne Concert
I've requested in return for the tickets.....
#1 that I am sent at least one phone pic
#2 that I get at least one "you're the greatest mom ever" text during the night from bothW and his friend Chris
AND last but not least ..
#3 I get at least 2 "I love you MOMs" text during the concert
Who says you can't buy love?

W sighting

W came home for Saturday evening.
He requested Biscuits and gravy!
He looked good but tired.

Never and lack of imagination

I was relaxing (aka napping) when all of sudden there appeared a caped, sword welding boy. His cape was flying and his sword was in action, then he announced "Call me Lord Elwood"!

This caused me to giggle!

Lord Elwood?

meet Lord Elwood ...

(if you'd like to see a video of Lord Elwood go to G's blog e-mail for the addy)
After Lord Elwood left G went fishing.
He took his "boat" out to our "fishing lake" and fished for a while.
I believe at one point he had to jump in the water to get the fish in the boat!

Gotta love this boy and his imagination!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update on this week ~

This week has been so nice ~ G and I have nice quiet evenings at home. For the past 4 years we have been running to sporting events (and I loved every minute of it) so it's nice to have a few weeks of quiet at home routine here. This quiet routine will not last once September gets here!

G has missed W, a couple of days when he'd get in the car he'd ask first thing if I'd talked to W that day. When bedtime hits he gets really missing him. He finally called him on Thursday (G was always too busy to call him any other day ... .missed him but was too busy to call him?!?!). W told him that when he ate dinner now it was like eating at Ryann's (their favorite place to eat) every day, and he'd played slip and slide down a big hill in rain! When G got off the phone he told me that he wants to go to school there too!

I've opened the windows to let the cool air in, I love it! the animals are a bit confused ~ they can hear us in here and they (mostly the cat) just whine at the windows! I wish this weather to last through the fall! think I can get my wish?

Saturday Morning

What a busy little morning.

I was awaken by the phone ringing at 8:20 (yes, I was enjoying being in bed at 8:20). G got the phone (he certainly wouldn't want to miss answering the phone around here), it was the neighbor asking if he would like to go fishing. WOW things got lively around here then!

After I got him out the door I started in making brownies. I had made these wonderful cookie bars (2 pans actually). I'd really like to take credit for them but I just can't. They are WAY rich so I don't think I could ever make a pan just for my little family. These cookie bars and the brownies are going to a funeral dinner at church so there will be plenty of others to help eat them.

Then for the rest of this morning (all of 2 hours of it) I've been putter around.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning with W

This morning I meet W half way to get those things that we hadn't already gotten.
Mostly a printer, and desk things.
He looked tired, we met at 10am (which means he had to leave his place at 9:30am), before I left Hubby asked me who picked the time!?! W did, said he needed to start getting up early.

then to the mall for some extra shopping, but he's a guy so there wasn't any 'looking' just shopping.

We ate at a new place for us "bd's Mongolian Barbeque"
it was interesting and something I think would get better the more you go.......
You fill 'your bowl' from a 'meat bar' then the 'vegetable bar', then move onto the 'sauce bar' THEN on to the 'spice bar' yea that's alot of choices for someone who'd never been there before.
Then you are directed to the large grill where they cook 'your dish'
Never the same thing twice!
By the way .. W noticed that there weren't any Mongolians working there!

Monday, August 17, 2009

busy busy beaver ....

Today is just a cleaning day, really cleaning.
I don't think I'll get to everything but things
are certainly looking better around here.
I feel like I'm getting my house back.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just in case I miss W

This will be the post I go to when I miss W.
Just one pile of his school stuff ~

On going pile of his stuff on the banister...

continually being blocked in by W's truck

The constant soccer game
(or soccer tennis or soccer golf)
that is going on in my living room

Had to take the picture out ...too much information

High Water bills
(that boy can take some LONG showers)

The pile of shoes ~
this is just one there was another at the front door
and notice the deodorant?!?
what a convenient place to keep in right next to the dining room table.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watching my baby pack up!

It's a challenge to watch W pack up for college.

He has all of his dvd's and game system but hasn't put his parking sticker on his truck yet!?!

OH, well, he'll be fine ... He's a good young man and I have no doubt that he'll survive.

I was uninvited to take him up in the morning, I think my planning was driving him crazy, it was driving me crazy so I can understand. Actually this is less stress on me and more excitement for him. win win situation

OH, drats I'd better go switch the laundry so he can take all clean clothes!

Friday, August 14, 2009

it's about time!

It's about time for a new look!
Hope you enjoy!
I'm trying to commission a personalize piece of artwork
(sometimes called a Doodle)
for my heading, but the artist is busy working on other aspects of his life right now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

things that are causing wrinkles ....

I'm gaining wrinkles because .....

W's college sent a 'suggested travel routes' for when he moves in. FYI ~ this University has all their dorms on one street. This means that most of the University's hundreds and hundreds of students will be moving in on the same street Sunday!

G is so excited about school that he TALKS from 3:20pm until his eyes close at night ... Yes, I'm so glad that he's excited but really 5+ hours of non stop talking was TOO much.

W is leaving some of his summer chores for me to do this fall.

I keep getting locked out of my online banking, I've gotten 2 password resets this week.

W's school is finally paid for! Well, the loan papers are all filled out! I still don't know why hubby wanted to go this route!?!

I discovered if I go back to school that I could make $65 more $ subbing ... now I really do have to look into going back.

I think it's time to budget (I think this every fall) and I don't like to budget!

OK, that's all that I'm bringing out right now, I'm sure there are more but I like the denial zone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G's first day of 4th grade

G had a wanted to get rid of the Mohawk before he went back to school but that would mean that he'd have to make time for me to cut it off. That wasn't happening! When we went to Sneak Peak last night, he got several "hey, I like that Mohawk" comments. He told me on the way home "Mom, I think I'll keep the Mohawk."

Mrs Wolford, G's 4th grade teacher.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the Ringing of the phone now scares him!

Yesterday we had a storm move through, it had the potential to be severe but all it did was rain really hard (a couple of inches in less than an hour).

A friend of mine called to tell me that the storm was coming. She knew I was out running around be didn't realize I was so far away. She told me that she'd gotten a phone call from the Sheriff's office telling her of the potentially severe weather. Neither of us had ever gotten that kind of phone call, so we were surprised.

I thought that was nice, but wondered if I'd gotten a phone call. When we arrived home, G went to get the phone messages ..... one from his bus driver (she'll be around at 6:55AM ~ GASP!) and one recorded message from the sheriff's office warning us about potentially severe weather.

This caused me to ponder if we would be getting this call in the middle of the night?!? and then concern about this phone ringing in the middle of the night. Especially when all we got was hard rain, I don't want be awaken for hard rain!

Fast forward to this morning, someone called for hubby at 7:30. This caused G to come running to see who it was and if it was the Sheriff's office !

Saturday, August 8, 2009


W at Medieval times Chicago
the 8th picture in the 8th folder (of 2008) is from our trip to Chicago.
this picture is when we were at Medieval times.
We ate in the dark with our fingers
(chicken, potato wedges, tomato/basil soup in a mug and some sort of pastry)
Not my favorite part!
then we watched knights duel.
I'm not sure how much W enjoyed the night but G drank it all up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the Good and the Bad

GOOD ~ Enrolling only one child in school only took less than 10 minutes (in comparison to over an hour with 2)
BAD ~ it's HOT, once again I'm reminded at how spoiled I was by the wonderful weather this summer
GOOD ~ only 1 week until G starts school (I'm sorry but it's true I'm counting down)
BAD ~ G threw his glasses today not only broke them but lost one of the lens
GOOD ~ Walmart is having a special on kid's glasses
BAD ~ We ran out of rock for the garage
GOOD ~ we have all of G's school supplies
BAD ~ Enrolling only one child in school cost half as much (Of course I'm not counting all the money I've already spend on W)
GOOD but could be BAD ~ it takes a week (hopefully less) to get new glasses at Walmart
GOOD ~ Got a great new recipe that I can't wait to try this week end

Oh, good I ended with 2 GOODS!

OH and this made it all GOOD ~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy Monday

We visited with Granny
(her 89th birthday is next weekend)
Granny and Gr'pa made Doll Houses for years.
this is her doll house, she's had it for years
and collected the furniture when she'd travel the country.
when W was little he would go and look at this doll house for hours
Today, he went and found the things that were new,
he also found the things he use to play with, 2 little kittens, and a black car.
W and Granny talking about her old things.
She has a plate from the HaHaTonka Castle
(it's the gold plate on the right in the picture)

We then headed off to play Miniature golf.
We've been experiencing the
coolest summer in history,
but this was not a cool day!
G kept commenting on the sweat dripping off of his head.

then we stopped by to see Aunt Maurice.
She always makes all of us feel so special!

Great Sunday

I didn't go to church today except to make some copies and hand them out.
Lucky for me I was there long enough for my friend,Iris to find me.
She had a Birthday gift for me!

We both got a laugh out of this ....
a very colorful nesting turkey!
She told me that she just laughed when she saw it
and knew I needed that for my collection!
She also said that she must really treasure ME
since she was parting with one of her
"Smithsonian" boxes for my turkey!

Then boys and I then took off driving to visit family.

I've been driving this same route for over 20 years
(probably closer to 25 years)
and when we go through an area where we see these signs ~

But I've never seen an Amish person or even an Amish buggy.
Just How can This Be?
Until the last time we went through the area, I turned to hubby, and said, "you know we've never seen an Amish person through here." I turn my focus back to the road and there is a buggy on the side of the road. I was about to tell W in this same thing on this trip, when we see a couple of barefooted Amish boys (in the Sunday clothes) walking along the road.

We stop at HaHaTonka State Park, we walk around the Castle ruins

and look out over the bluff.
The boy's Granny (hubby's mom) used to work at and stayed at
HaHaTonka Castle when she was young.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthday funny!

My friend Stephanie called me ..... I couldn't hear a thing. I knew the phone call was from her and I could faintly hear her but really nothing...... I began yelling ... I can't hear you, I can't hear you.

I've never had this trouble before. Then I remember my sister in law, Maurice telling me that she was perfectly fine at 39, she had a birthday turned 40 and then she began to fall apart! So I'm thinking that now that I'm 45 I've lost my hearing in my right ear! Just like that!

All this thinking while I'm yelling "I can't hear you, I can't hear you" When all of a sudden .... I hear Stephanie say .. "can you hear me now!" WOW, my hearing is back ......

Stephanie tells me what she wants ... but I can't really concentrate because I'm wondering what had happened to my ear that I was 45 was I deaf .... I finally asked her what had happened ... she then told me that she'd been whispering so the the computer repairman couldn't hear her!

hallelujah, I wasn't deaf ....she was whispering .... I scolded her told her I was now too old to play that game with her!

My Birthday day!

Ok, I'll share just what I did get for my birthday ........

From My Aunt Marie ~
This WAS some wonderful Zucchini Pineapple bread
sorry I didn't even think of taking a picture I just thought about eating!

From My Aunt Val ~ this super cute little notebook.
I love notebooks but so do my boys ... I'm always looking for something
that says "this is mom's stay away from this"
and I think this may just say that!

From my Mom ~
I got this bag filled with all sorts of goodies
finger/toe nail polishes, pedicure tool, hairbrush,
car organizer, sparkly flip flops just to name a few
I've already taken this places and gotten quite a few compliments!

I wide a variety of card but I must say half of them had pictures of
hmmmm are you guys trying to tell me something??

From Stephanie ~
these two nesting hens
(the brown one and the black one)
both very different from what I already had.

from myself ~ Of course
A cute lunch bag!
I get tired of carrying one the the boy's left over lunch bag.
Now why didn't I think to create this!?!?

Wii Resort!
This is my Mii (see the resemblance?) getting ready to
have a 3 point shot out! I didn't do very well.
My boys also took me out for a late lunch at a place that I've been wanting to go.
We had WAY TOO much food, but it was good.
the boys tried to have a "YES, MOM" day.
It was almost funny to see them shut off the arguing!
When we finished lunch W took G home.
I think it was funny, they weren't getting along at lunch but when W found out I was going to Kohl's to return things, he told G he could ride home with him.
I think it was more of a "I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Kohl's with Mom" sort of thing!
They were very anxious for me to get home since they hadn't given me the Wii Resort yet and I told them that they couldn't open or play anything they got for me until I got home!
We played, had fun and then they both went off and I got a very quiet home ~ Pure silence!