Saturday, August 29, 2009

This week in review ... do I really want to?

You know I started this blog to focus on the positive things in my life but still be realistic.... hmmmm that would be difficult this week. This week has been a roller coaster of events!

Sunday evening ~ I was watching tv and all through the evening the news promo were various things but at least one was "tune in to see what Police and the venue are doing to make sure safety at tomorrow night's big concert" Panic set in ... how safe would W be at this concert? I worked myself up in to a REAL Tizzy! What had I done, I'd gotten him tickets right to his death. Yes my tizzy had worked me into THAT place. I texted W and told him that I didn't think the concert was a good idea and I'd changed my mind .."He couldn't go" well, that didn't go over well, He told me I was crazy and things would be fine. I finally got myself into a place that the concert would be fine but the parking lot might be a problem (venue is a great place but on the edge of a questionable part of town). FINALLY the news came on to say ..."only those with tickets would be allowed in the parking lot to help keep the concert from turning into a 'festival' type of event" Shewwww, that made me feel much better! I was calm about him going!

Monday night it was calm around here for the most part...W was at his concert it was over by 11, he turned the correct direction coming out of the event and was in the safe part of town heading home. He later posted 111 pictures from the concert ... He had a GREAT time.

Tuesday was busy for me, a church meeting and then got my hair cut. I got a call to work that morning but because of things already planned I couldn't but got at call for the next day also. So I'd be subbing the next day ~ bad news there .. the teacher's daughter that was sick is a girl is G's class. There is something going around (there's always something going around but it was in G's classroom). This is the night G got hit with the baseball ~ black eye!

Wednesday I worked, it's not easy to sub this early in the school year, the kids simply don't know the rules and aren't really in a routine. This means that the sub has to KNOW the routine and rules. Good news for me I had subbed alot in this teacher's class room last year so I knew the rules and the routine. As I went through the e-nails that evening, there was yet another e-mail from W's college... new instructions about what to do if a student was feeling ill.

Thursday subbed again (little girl still sick). Called W to remind him about his dentist appointment. As I talked to him he sounded terrible and told me that his chest was congested and his head was stopped up. I told him what to get a Wal-mart to clear his head. He went to the dentist, has 3 cavities .. that boy has no enamel on his teeth what so ever! Poor kid! I got a text a 5 that he'd missed his class at 3:30 ... I immediately call him .. He'd gone home from the dentist and went to bed and slept until 5. He told me that he thought he needed to get a thermometer when he went to Wal-mart. By 7:30 he's called to say he has a temp of 101.5. I tell him to read the e-mail from yesterday and gather his things, I'll call our doctor and call him back. Our doctor says to get him home! He feels well enough at that point to drive himself home. He's home by 9pm and taking a long hot shower.

FRIDAY I sub again, leave W sleeping. The class is going great by now, I knew them and they know me! When I get home W's on couch watching TV, no fever but exhausted. I blow my cover by cooking roast beef and potatoes ... If I can do this and work all day, then why can't I do this when I'm home all day?!?! I hear G pushing the answering machine buttons, I hear one from our Credit card's fraud department. hmmmm, how did I not hear that one, someone else had already listened to it, but they didn't do anything about. I then go through the daily e-mails and there is a message from the CC company... I call them! Someone has used our credit card to purchase $1600 for an X box and various purchases from I tunes!! Thankfully we have a great Credit Card Company and they caught it, put a stop on our account. They'll now be investigating.

Saturday morning W mentioned that his truck didn't want to start as he was leaving college. His truck has had this problem alittle all summer but it had gotten worse. I take it in thinking that it's home. Good thing, it acting up in front of the mechanic ~ fuel injector ... $600.

This week ends to end!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, not a great week for you.
The Good News is you got thru it and things are looking better
(so far ).

You kept both boys out of the ER.
Thats a joy!
Love ya, Mom