Thursday, August 13, 2009

things that are causing wrinkles ....

I'm gaining wrinkles because .....

W's college sent a 'suggested travel routes' for when he moves in. FYI ~ this University has all their dorms on one street. This means that most of the University's hundreds and hundreds of students will be moving in on the same street Sunday!

G is so excited about school that he TALKS from 3:20pm until his eyes close at night ... Yes, I'm so glad that he's excited but really 5+ hours of non stop talking was TOO much.

W is leaving some of his summer chores for me to do this fall.

I keep getting locked out of my online banking, I've gotten 2 password resets this week.

W's school is finally paid for! Well, the loan papers are all filled out! I still don't know why hubby wanted to go this route!?!

I discovered if I go back to school that I could make $65 more $ subbing ... now I really do have to look into going back.

I think it's time to budget (I think this every fall) and I don't like to budget!

OK, that's all that I'm bringing out right now, I'm sure there are more but I like the denial zone!

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Anonymous said...

just be thankful you are not moving in a girl...jaymes first year, for her and her roommate, 5 cars....beds (because they wanted a loft bed), dressers, laundry baskets of shoes, dressers, rolly carts, I just shake my head when I think about it. Johnny moved in by himself after the first year!