Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the Good and the Bad

GOOD ~ Enrolling only one child in school only took less than 10 minutes (in comparison to over an hour with 2)
BAD ~ it's HOT, once again I'm reminded at how spoiled I was by the wonderful weather this summer
GOOD ~ only 1 week until G starts school (I'm sorry but it's true I'm counting down)
BAD ~ G threw his glasses today not only broke them but lost one of the lens
GOOD ~ Walmart is having a special on kid's glasses
BAD ~ We ran out of rock for the garage
GOOD ~ we have all of G's school supplies
BAD ~ Enrolling only one child in school cost half as much (Of course I'm not counting all the money I've already spend on W)
GOOD but could be BAD ~ it takes a week (hopefully less) to get new glasses at Walmart
GOOD ~ Got a great new recipe that I can't wait to try this week end

Oh, good I ended with 2 GOODS!

OH and this made it all GOOD ~

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