Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Sunday

I didn't go to church today except to make some copies and hand them out.
Lucky for me I was there long enough for my friend,Iris to find me.
She had a Birthday gift for me!

We both got a laugh out of this ....
a very colorful nesting turkey!
She told me that she just laughed when she saw it
and knew I needed that for my collection!
She also said that she must really treasure ME
since she was parting with one of her
"Smithsonian" boxes for my turkey!

Then boys and I then took off driving to visit family.

I've been driving this same route for over 20 years
(probably closer to 25 years)
and when we go through an area where we see these signs ~

But I've never seen an Amish person or even an Amish buggy.
Just How can This Be?
Until the last time we went through the area, I turned to hubby, and said, "you know we've never seen an Amish person through here." I turn my focus back to the road and there is a buggy on the side of the road. I was about to tell W in this same thing on this trip, when we see a couple of barefooted Amish boys (in the Sunday clothes) walking along the road.

We stop at HaHaTonka State Park, we walk around the Castle ruins

and look out over the bluff.
The boy's Granny (hubby's mom) used to work at and stayed at
HaHaTonka Castle when she was young.

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