Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Birthday day!

Ok, I'll share just what I did get for my birthday ........

From My Aunt Marie ~
This WAS some wonderful Zucchini Pineapple bread
sorry I didn't even think of taking a picture I just thought about eating!

From My Aunt Val ~ this super cute little notebook.
I love notebooks but so do my boys ... I'm always looking for something
that says "this is mom's stay away from this"
and I think this may just say that!

From my Mom ~
I got this bag filled with all sorts of goodies
finger/toe nail polishes, pedicure tool, hairbrush,
car organizer, sparkly flip flops just to name a few
I've already taken this places and gotten quite a few compliments!

I wide a variety of card but I must say half of them had pictures of
hmmmm are you guys trying to tell me something??

From Stephanie ~
these two nesting hens
(the brown one and the black one)
both very different from what I already had.

from myself ~ Of course
A cute lunch bag!
I get tired of carrying one the the boy's left over lunch bag.
Now why didn't I think to create this!?!?

Wii Resort!
This is my Mii (see the resemblance?) getting ready to
have a 3 point shot out! I didn't do very well.
My boys also took me out for a late lunch at a place that I've been wanting to go.
We had WAY TOO much food, but it was good.
the boys tried to have a "YES, MOM" day.
It was almost funny to see them shut off the arguing!
When we finished lunch W took G home.
I think it was funny, they weren't getting along at lunch but when W found out I was going to Kohl's to return things, he told G he could ride home with him.
I think it was more of a "I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Kohl's with Mom" sort of thing!
They were very anxious for me to get home since they hadn't given me the Wii Resort yet and I told them that they couldn't open or play anything they got for me until I got home!
We played, had fun and then they both went off and I got a very quiet home ~ Pure silence!

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