Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'll post about tonight's track meet
(the first and appropriately named "the Snowball Relays")
when I've thawed out!
I stood outside for 3 3/4 hours. It was about 43 degrees with a strong wind. As I have learned once you're frozen, you might as well just be out side because you really can't feel it anymore! Or at least that's what I kept telling myself!
I got home just before 8 and it was around 2am before
I found myself warm enough to kick the blankets off!
OH, the track meet stuff.... you want to hear about THAT!?

Long Jump

This is a big track meet (people wise), basically everyone gets to go and their place/time at the end of the night places them on Varsity or Junior Varsity.

W was very anxious to jump. After working out all winter he
felt like he could do great things jumping this year.

He placed 4th in the Long Jump

(an event that he hasn't done in a couple of years andNEVER jumped that far or placed this high)

with a 19' 9"

Then had a disappointing triple jump with 36 something
(he scratched his first and last attempt so he only got one good jump)

He placed 7th

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not your typical Wedding!

Enjoy this article about my little cousin, Jennifer and her wedding!

Make sure you read the last line of the article! That's exciting!

waking Sunday morning

9:30am yesterday
it's was 32 degrees

freezing drizzle yesterday afternoon
9:30am this morning
sorry you're missing the beautiful sparkle of the ice on the trees!
it's 29 degrees
Oh, and no Sunday thoughts
church was cancelled
edited Sunday night to add:
the temperature got to mid 50s so we're back to Spring time green around here!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

well .......

We're still watching weather. I didn't wake to a blanket of snow. I woke up to nothing! well, nothing except little G bouncing on the bed asking when I was going to wake up! an every Saturday occurrence.

It started to rain alittle bit around 9am but then by 10:30 it was really raining. By 11:30 it was sleeting, by noon the ice was sticking to the trees!

I would say that now ~ at 3:45pm we have maybe a fourth of an inch of ice on everything and the snow has started. They are now saying that we'll only get around 2 to 4 inches. Do they really know??

The wind is blowing so the wind chill is only around 15!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

July 1971
This is from the bunch of pictures that Evelyn gave me.
She told me that this was the first time that Grandma had ever worn shorts, but I think we can safely say it's the first time Gr'pa's legs had seen the light of day!
for those who don't know, these are my grandparents. They traveled quite often all over the country with their friends, Evelyn and Justin. At my grandma's funeral Evelyn gave me a little packet of pictures of them on various vacations.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You've got to be kidding

8 to 12 inches?

Just how can this be?

I'll believe it when I see it!... Saturday Morning???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Website Wednesday

When this came up tonight I just had to Smile...
and share with you the sweetness and cuteness of Bakerella.

I just recently found Bakerella when she went to visit Pioneer Woman.
What fun that was to see what happened from here and here

I know there are some VERY creative people

lurking Along Plum Creek, I pass this along to you.


Hump Day Updates

Well, things have been a whirl but I think it's just my life right now.

Tuesday, I dropped G off at school, and then head to a planning meeting at church, had Chinese for lunch, YUM YUM! Then off to play 'welcome wagon' to a new young lady (very young) in our congregation. She has the most beautiful little baby, Maggie who is just 10 mos old. As I chatted with Maggie's mom, I was remind of just how old I am (I SO wanted to head to aisle 5). Came home to rest for a few minutes before heading off to G's soccer practice.

Wednesday, I headed of to visit another lady from church. This was fun, we laughed, we talked, and we watched her make bread and homemade noodles! yes, from scratch. I'd never seen this, so it was fun. She works at the local YMCA as the program director and today was her day at home. So she was making a 'good' meal for her family!

As we (my friend Stephanie was along with me today) stopped by this great little BBQ place. It's at the airport. When we got there the car parking lot was full and the plane lot was full. We got the last table available. It was fun to see those around us leave in their planes. It made me wonder where they'd all came from. When you come to visit the prairie, I'll take you there for the experience.

tonight is a night of rest....and Laundry and all that other stuff that doesn't get done when I'm on the run!

Oh, for those of you who like to know.... G has not lost his glasses yet, but did lose his glasses case the first day he took/wore them to school!?! Just How can this be?

Monday, March 23, 2009

My new favorite hang out!

Today as I walked the grocery isles. I stopped in breakfast food isle to restock (after spring break all the cupboards are bare). As I was reaching for a box of Dinosaur egg oatmeal. An slightly older lady (with a baby in her cart) asked me "what do kids eat?" I said that mine liked these (dinosaur eggs) and showed her some other types they like. She motioned to the baby in her cart and said, "she has decided that she's done with baby food and gran'ma doesn't know what to feed her."

I mentioned some other things that my boys had liked (yogurt), but when she mentioned some 'baby yogurt' I said something like "when my boys were little they didn't have all that 'baby stuff'.

She turned to me, and stammered but finally said, "Can I ask how just how old you are?"

I said "45" (I didn't think it was too mature to say 44 2/3)

"OH, my you don't look it" Yay, I'll say that again ... "oh, my you don't look it" again ... "oh,my you don't look it" again.......

I'll be hangin' out right there in front of the Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal all week!

Especially around April 25 when my oldest baby turns 18.... yep, that's where I'll be! If you need me I think it's Isle 5.

AND NO she wasn't blind! I know some of you are thinking that. I'm sure she had PERFECT vision!


Unfortunately one of our banks became #20
in the nation of fail this past weekend. (of 2009)
Fortunately it was purchased by another bank immediately.
Lengthily but informative

"What Happens when a Bank fails"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday thoughts

We were all sent to this earth with a Special Mission.
**We promised we would do all that was set before us in this Special Mission

be an example of the Savior
Christ Centered Home
**how do we know our parental responsibilities? read the scriptures

What kind of person are you rising?
Kind vs rude
selfless vs selfish
service vs self centered

Righteous parenting comes one step at a time

WORK is the first order of Heaven
Teach our children to WORK no one else will teach them
We must do more than talk we must do!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You've got Mail LaShawnda!

Thursday afternoon, I was feeling springing so I changed my computer wall paper to pretty sping flowers. I stumbled on to the the ~ customize "You've got mail" message. So I changed it to a very nice "You've got mail, Shelly".

Well, when I return from running errands Friday afternoon, I come inside, settle in my comfy desk chair, sign on to the Internet, waiting to hear my lovely, "you've got mail, Shelly" message when I heard...... "you've got mail LaShawnda"

SAY WHAT?! Just How can this be? Things are just not right, LaShawnda?? who is LaShawnda?

then I hear giggling, no I hear snickering. W has been home alone all morning, using his time ever so wisely trying to find the most ethic name he could to change my lovely custom"you've got mail". I have to admit that I did bust up laughing (laughed hard enough to cry at the message).

Then it was priceless again when this morning I signed on hubby was in the room and the look on his face and his comment "Who in the world is LaShawnda"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

(l to r) Me, My dad, cousin BJ, Uncle Jim,
cousin Heidi, cousin Corey, Aunt Marie, cousin Michelle
late 70's

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goodness it's Good, What's for supper?

A few weeks I found this website on how to make $5 Dollar Dinners.

Then I found this recipe. Well, in reality I thought this recipe sounded good, but it was a little over the top for my family. OK, the truth, I forgot the recipe when I went to the grocery store, so I got what I could remember which just were the highlights of the dish for me.

I really LOVE what turned out ~

Boneless, skinless chicken breast
wrap with enough bacon to have one layer (mine used 2 strips of bacon)
BBQ sauce ~ whatever you have is fine, but I watered mine down so it wasn't so thick.
salt and pepper to taste.

Bake in a 375 oven for about 35 to 40 minutes

Maybe could have used a bit more BBQ sauce or maybe to brush more on half way through. Not too late 'cuz then it won't get all glazey.... that's the best part.

I served this with a version of this recipe, this time I sliced the potatoes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Reader

Heavy Sigh!

I thought this book was OK. I really, really wanted to like this book but I don't think I ever really ever got connected to these characters. I think that was the purpose of Hanna to remain unconnected. I don't think I was suppose to get connected to her, she was there in a major way, she was illusive and she seemed distant to me.

Only in the very end (and I don't want to ruin by giving the end away) did I feel a connection and understanding of her. Once again, I wonder if that's what the author wanted.

I'm a very visual person and a book has to draw a picture for me and this book just didn't do that for me. It's short; 218 pages, so that didn't give it much time to pull me in and help me see them.

Let me know ~ who wants to read it next?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

taken from these talks
"Come to Zion" and "Our Hearts Knit as One"
City of Enoch
*one heart
*one mind
*no poor among them

*Be one or you're not mine
*Joy comes from unity

Unity with ourselves ~
*unity with our true selves
"This above all: To thine own self be true." Wm Shakespeare
We should be more than good, we should be Holy

Unity in Marriage ~
Do we really listen to each other?

Unity in families ~
*our homes can work in harmony, but our homes need to have the melody to be truly beautiful.
Let each other live together in unity.

Angry people are more likely to bend to temptation
We are not to be doormats to those around us, but we should pick our battles.

Unity in Church ~
Greatest downfall is Pride, gossip (it's never idle, it moves) and contention.
contention ~ Satan stirs up contention
contention quickly moves to from WHAT is right to WHO is right

Saturday, March 14, 2009

things that are just not right!

We are a Star Wars family! The last Christmas we lived in the apartment (13 years ago) I got Hubby the 3video set as a gift! We were moving so they were quickly put into a box. When we moved in and still had so much work to do. I searched them out, set up a tv and a chair for W to watch. AND did he WATCH? He watched and fell in love with the original Star War movies.

I can remember seeing the first Star Wars movie in the movie theatre, I vividly remember that first opening scene with the words floating up the screen. Being mesmerized at everything, in that first movie. Being in love with Luke Skywalker. Hoping that Luke and Lea would get together but then learned they were brother and sister! GASP!

How could they trust Landau? How could he be good and then freeze Han in Carbon? then the bomb.... "Luke I'm your father" WHAT, how could that be? I always knew the end before I ever even thought about the beginning. I was left for years with questions, how were they brother and sister?, does Han survive the Carbonite?, How did Anakin turn to the dark side? and Why did Jobba the Hutt want Han (guess we still don't know that)...
The youngest Star War's fan, "G" ~ the day we set up our big screen tv, the first movie was Star Wars! episode III

Little G doesn't have any of the same memories that I have ~ he's always know Luke and Leah were brother and sister....he's always known that Darth Vador was their father, he's always known how Anakin turned to the dark side, he's always known why he wears the 'vador suit'. He's always known who the 'chosen one' was, the one that would bring balance the force. He's known the beginning, middle and end!
This just doesn't make sense.... Little G's (and his generation) Star War's experience is so very different than the rest of our families (the older generation).

miracles do happen!

W went off on a little last minute trip the past couple of days!

I got him a room and gave him $100 cash, (for food and just in case he needed it)
but I requested to get some cash back.....

I got $60 back!

I just about fell over!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A bucket of Golf Balls?

We have just replaced a toilet in our home. When we built our house they had just placed restrictions on toilets. Toilets needed to conserve water! We had to buy on of the water conserving water toilets. They may conserve water in the first flush but many times it takes more than one flush to get a clean bowl.

So we've been replacing the toilets in our house with the newer high power flushers! (insert a Tim the toolman laugh)
I got the toilet last week. When hubby inquired about the flushing force, I said with great pride, "the box says it can flush a bucket of Golf balls."
W was listening to this short conversation and add, "Wow Mom, I don't think I could even supply a bucket of golf balls."

Say What?


WOW! This is my 400th Post!

Monday, March 9, 2009

What's on my Ipod?

Tomorrow I'll be going to the Dentist for my lovely morning of 'spa treatment' .... I know, I know it's not a spa treatment but that's what I'm calling it so let me be in my 'happy place'!

I've filled my Ipod tonight ..... so what's on my Ipod, you ask?

Muddy Water ~ Trace Atkins
God Love Her ~ Toby Keith
Roll with Me ~ Montgomery Gentry
Tune to a twenty dollar bill ~ Joey and Rory
It Happens ~ Sugarland
Steve Earle ~ Sugarland
Tu compania ~ Keith Urban
I Run to You ~ Lady Antebellum
Slow down Sister ~ Lady Antebellum
Love's Look'n Good on You ~ Lady Antebellum
Things People say ~ Lady Antebellum
One Day You Will ~ Lady Antebellum
Put Your Records on ~ Corrine Bailey Rae
Papa Loved Mama ~ Garth Brooks
Let It Be ~ Beatles
Heart of the Wood ~ Joey and Rory
Me and Mrs Jones ~ Michael Buble
Play the Song ~ Joey and Rory
Callin' Baton rouge ~ Garth Brooks
Steve Earle ~ Sugarland
You belong to Me ~ Taylor Swift
Sin Wagon ~ Dixie Chicks
Sweet Emmylou ~ Joey and Rory
Clumsy ~ Fergie

Never have those minutes back.....

I've spent the last two days reading a terribly boring and predictable book. I kept thinking all day yesterday "I could put this book down and never think about it again!" but did I, NO! I just kept going thinking that it would either get better OR I'd finish it. Well, I finished it.

Oh, how I wished that I'd read the next book in the Sarah Prine series or "The Reader"

By the way it was Danielle Steele's "ImPossible" don't bother.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new book!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday thoughts

I found little nuggets of "trials" in the talks today.

*Our purpose in life is be tested
*if we pass the test we gain blessings
*Heavenly Father doesn't create challenges or trials but he allows them occur
*our challenge is how we react to trial
**Trials are like getting a shot, we all prefer not to get it but if we can handle a small amount of pain then the result is life long safety (or blessings)

*We should be thankful for our trials
*We should be thankful for everything "are we thankful for the ability to Blink?" we should be.

*through the atonement we never bear our burdens (trials) alone.

As the Closing Hymn we sang "Rock of Ages" talk about haven't heard in ages, and it transporting me back ages! I can remember singing this standing between my grandparents when I was little!

Spring Forward

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Saturday in Pictures

With all this talk about the time change I thought I'd give you an hour by hour account of my/our day.

AT 7am ~ folding laundry

8am ~ playing basketball
This was G's last Basketball game.
G's team hasn't won a game all season, but this game was close.
GASP! They went into overtime 12 to 12. it was a sudden death and the other team got a basket first! It was all good.

9am Driving home...
These fertilizer tanks are everywhere on the Prairie this weekend!

10am ~ Recycling and Friend time
First Recycling and then pick up G's friend for some fun time!

11am ~ playing and wrapping
I believe the building is a Star War's fortress! and in the foreground the present for the wedding reception tonight!

12 Noon ~ got this text
W went off to a Power lifting tournament today. He's been lifting all winter. I really didn't know what to expect other than I was sending a VERY excited boy this morning! I texted him all morning without any response, but finally at Noon his girlfriend sends this.......

1pm ~ Stephanie's flowers
I was getting these flowers to ready to take to my friend, Stephanie. When she called. Back up a couple of days, Stephanie and I (and others) were at the church on Thursday morning when she got a phone call that her sister had unexpectedly died. It was heartbreaking to watch Stephanie come to grips with this news. Just I was getting the card ready to go with these tulips, she called to give me an update on how her parents were doing! I'll sneak these into her house tomorrow so she can find them when she gets home.

2pm ~ choice
I really want to go curl up and read some on a book I've been reading (any book for that matter) but there are still things to pick up, sweep up, dust off, wipe off.......I chose to clean up!
3pm ~ finally talked to W
below is the note I made when I was talking with him..... can you read it?
OK, I didn't really know what I was sending him off to do this morning, or how well he'd do. Back up... this boy has a great "I can do this" spirit! years ago when he was 8 we went ice skating, he'd never been ice skating but we'd just watched the Olympics. All the way to the rink he told me all about the jumps and spins he was going to do....??? well, when we got there reality set in and I'm sure you can figure the rest out.

Then last year he goes to an off season indoor track meet. You pay your entrance fee and you can sign up for any events you want (one might think that you'd only sign up those you knew how to do, but you could sign up anything!) W sign up for his long jump, triple jump and then thought he'd try the High jump. I'll just stop this by saying when reality set in he can't high jump!

So I wondered about this morning. He had trained all winter, but what would he go up against.
As you can tell, in reality he was ready! He tried to tie the State Record but didn't make it! He ended up 2nd overall in his weight class! (note translation: he took 1st in the Clean, 2nd in the squat, and 4th in the bench. He tried for the state record but didn't get it.)
I'm so shocked and proud of him! No more asking him if he can lift this or that ...I'll just tell him to move it!
4pm ~ I'm blogging!
OK, I'm done with the pictures....I have to get ready for this reception and you don't need pictures of that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is Big Bro (almost 2) Christmas of 1960
My Aunt Marie
(you haven't seen her yet in Flashback Fridays)
got this 'walking doll' for Christmas

Thursday, March 5, 2009



Doodles by W is on hold. W has been reading my blog and wants to have say in which Doodles get presented. I was just going to wherever I could find Doodles (which in reality is everywhere in our house) and picking which one I liked. Well, that wasn't working, "Mom, you can't pick just any doodle, and certainly not a church doodle!" So now he has creative input on the Doodles, that also means that I can't post whenever I want... I must wait for the master to pick on out!
Hopefully tonight!?!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday

OK, tonight I didn't plan enough. I have a mixture of boys, half are typical rowdy boys. The other half are more quiet, serious and more studious.

Well the latter half wasn't there tonight!

The Theme for tonight was "When I grow up" I started by pulling different types of job tools out of my box (ie: stethoscope, dental mirror, hammer, calculator, etc) we discussed all the type of jobs you could have with these tools. It got quite silly ....remember the more serious boys weren't there!

Then we moved to doing a word search with different jobs... G loves doing word searches! Well, the other boys weren't into being quiet so we finally had to make this a competition by separating the boys and telling them that the first one done got a prize next week. The element of competition was the trick! This quieted the silliness down and they got to work. Little G came out the winner very quickly ( I saw this coming... I'm telling you he loves a good word search).

We were able to stretch it out a few more minutes but it was clearly too short for these boys!

Adventures is Subbing #15

Today I subbed and it was
Wacky Wednesday!
A celebration of Dr Seuss!
I'm just sure there is double pay or at least a perk of a spa day included in todays deal!
I've never been so glad to be home in my life!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday thoughts

I think the over message I got from today's talks was,

"Live your life so people know
what you stand for without saying a word"

BUT then there was this disappointing thing of church today...
This other lady and I have prayed and worked and prayed and worked
on a project/assignments for weeks. These assignments were to be
handed out today. We knew some people would not be happy but I don't think we realized just how upset some women would get at the changes. Some ladies just got so upset
at being moved out of their comfort zone. DISAPPOINTING.

Saturday Scorebroad

Little G lost his first game 22 to 8
Little G lost his second game 20 to 0

W's team played their toughest competitor, "the Orange" team (you know they aren't really orange they're more rust... who picked out that color?) I don't like it when they play this rusty/orange team because the other team plays nasty. It was tough they lost. I don't know the ending score because W got elbowed in the nose and left the game. I spend the rest of the game (a couple of minutes) watching the door for W come back in. OK after I told you how nasty the other team is W was elbowed by his own teammate!

W loves this picture...

W is #5 and the other boy is about 4 or 5 inches taller than W.

Tanslation the other boy is VERY tall!

This picture was taken by the other boy's grandpa!