Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life on Thursday

This day started WAY too early.

Hubby had surgery on Tuesday and had rough night and day yesterday. He's back in the back bedroom recuperating. He text me if he needs something, thus I got a text 2 something AM. I got the Advil, and then couldn't get back to sleep.

I picked up my phone to read/clear my emails, when I saw that I'd gotten a "out of office" message from someone I hadn't emailed in years! Huh? I laid there pondering this until I finally drifted off to sleep!

By the time I finally did get up this morning, my email was full of messages from people telling me that I had a virus! Well, that's a fine "How Do You Do" morning! I got my anti viral software updating as I took G to school. Evidently I'd sent emails (several) out to everyone in my address book with links to "Male Enhancements" I didn't look but others told me about them!

I ran some banking errands and to the grocery store before coming back home. I started the software running. It takes forever!?! Nothing it found NOTHING! Fortunately, I'd sent the virus to one of smartest computer guys I know, He's a genius in my book, as well as other's book too! He emailed me and asked if I needed help! YES, PLEASE after several email exchanges (and several hours like by 6pm) we found a anti viral software that found a Trojan, and deleted it!

Now back up in my day, Hubby felt better today (much much better than yesterday), he was able to get washed up, thus feeling so much better. He's still just every tired. I'll have to post this whole surgery's ordeal later!

When I went to pick up G, I ran to the grocery store again! I'd forgotten that I'd volunteered to take Potato Salad to school tomorrow for teacher appreciation. I made the wonderful potato salad that I told you about here Potato Salad.

I purchased a pumpkin and a mum for the sweet lady that had taken care of G after school when Hubby had his surgery. As we were leaving she said, "Oh, I couldn't get your email opened this morning, is it important?, am I going to enjoy it? I just can't get it open!" Aggggrraahh, it was sent to everyone. I couldn't say/yell "NO, don't open it, stop trying" fast enough. Yes, my computer had not left out the wonderful ladies I go to church with!

Since G is under heavy grounding this week, we had a nice quiet evening at home. You know it's nice not to run around, not have the TV on or any other electronics! Really peaceful. You know G is in a much better mood without all this stuff too!

We had Hamburgers for supper with celery and chips for supper!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Ramblings: He or She

Last week when Hubby and I went to his fancy shmacy doctor's office we had a conversation that I'd like you're input on.

The fancy shmacy office is a free standing building with it's own small packing lot. It's really only one row of sidewalk parking lot. There were 2 Handicap spots that were full, so Hubby pulled into the next available spot (about 4 down from the door and with no one parked passed us in the lot). Hubby pulled WWWAaaaaayyyy over (the tires were on the line) so he could get out with his wheelchair.

We had our doctor's visit.

We come back out and there is someone parked right next to us. Hubby gets in, and then I take the wheelchair over to the other side (due to the seat configuration inside the van). The space was not enough to get the wheelchair (3 feet) between the cars, so I just put it in the back.

As I got in Hubby having a mini rant "did you check if SHE dinged my door?" "I bet SHE dinged my door!", SHE, SHE, SHE.....

Whoa, Whoa there Mister, "what makes you think it's a SHE it could be a HE!" was my obvious response.
Hubby ~ "It's a SHE, SHE just pulled in not thinking about anything" "SHE didn't think, SHE just parked."

Me~ "I think it's a HE", "HE just decided to show you what you'd done wrong!" "Yep, it's a HE"

There wasn't any gender markings on the car, No bumper stickers, no flowers, just one thing ... a wooden choker hanging from the mirror. I've seen similar on both HE and SHE.

So what's your opinion? HE? or SHE?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Saturday

Last night I sat in the kitchen with Hubby and W while they chatted I made a list of things I wanted to get done today. At one point I was overwhelmed by the urge to strangle them!

Here I was planning all this out side labor and they were discussing which college football games why were going to watch. Just what's wrong with this picture??

W is sick and Hubby is still laid up in bed, that's what's wrong with this picture!

Any way, I love yard work, when the temperature is cool, and today give me just that!

I started out early ~ 7am.

Remember when Saturday mornings were meant for sleeping in? No, I don't really remember those days, probably since I've had children! I can remember one the first Friday nights after I came out of the New Baby fog, thinking, oh, good tomorrow is Saturday I can sleep late....WRONG! that baby didn't care if it was Saturday or not!

Oh, I got sidetracked there! sorry.....

Dropped G off early this morning for a day of Cub Scouting!
They're celebrating Scouting's 100 years. He's going to have alot of fun, and be tired when he gets home. I was so glad I wasn't going.
I then ran to Home Depot to get winterize for the yard. Why does that have to be soooo expensive? I did find some cheap perennials.
Had an impromptu to trip into Target
alone, quiet, leisurely, lovely, meandering....
did you know that you DON'T have to go to the toy section
every time you go to Target? NO, it's not required.
purchased only impulse items!
Then home to work in the yard.
I mowed
I weeded
I planted
I made suspicious discoveries
I fertilized.
I worked up a stink sweat
I showered
I loaded the dishwasher
I folded clothes
I washed more clothes
I worked on Cub awards
I fold more laundry
I discovered I didn't start my planned meal for supper early enough
so now I'm trying to figure out a supper plan again!
I blogged!

Friday, THE puking conversation and Angel, THE man

Today I subbed in Pre School. It is a half day, and filled with children at all levels from 3 to 5. It's a mentoring class so there are bright preschoolers and then some that need some guidance. It's always fun! Fun mainly because there are 10 children and 5 adults (sometimes 6 adults).

As the children were having center play, one little boy walked by me, stopped and said,

D ~ "Andy can't eat shrimp because he'll puke, but I can have shrimp and I won't puke."
Me ~ "oh, I'm glad you can eat shrimp, I like shrimp too"
D ~ "So it doesn't make you puke?"
Me ~ "no, I'm fine eating shrimp"
D ~ " I like Shrimp and I won't puke too."
just then another boy walked by added to the conversation,
boy ~ "I can puke too"

I walked off leaving the conversation hanging.....

Last week, the doctor's nurse, Angel, the man called and left a message that Hubby's surgery #3 was "taken care of". I didn't know what that meant, and Hubby was willing to just wait until Monday's doctor's appointment to see when the surgery was, BUT I wasn't. As the Mom of the house, there are plans to be adjusted, babysitters to call, a strategy to work out, and NO, I didn't want to just wait and see!

I called the surgery scheduling department to see what day the surgery planned for. Well, the surgery wasn't on the schedule!?! So, what did Angel, the man mean by it was "taken care of"? I don't know but I took the liberty of scheduling the surgery! It will be this week! Hubby is thrilled, he would have been happy if it would have been yesterday, so this week is perfect for him.

This doesn't give me much time but let's open the war room and get the plans working and moving.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life on Thursday

Today was a day of errands ....

This was the much worried over list
that just couldn't forget!
Last night I kept putting it in just the
right place so I wouldn't leave it at home!
I'm very glad to say, I didn't forget!

G on the other hand forgot all of this school work.
When he forgets his work at home, doesn't have it signed
or doesn't do his homework he has to stay inside for the first recess.
He got the lovely opportunity to read the first recess today.
Laundry, on going task around here!

Finally, the city errands begin.
This is Hubby's fancy, shancy doctor's office.
I'm thinking there is money in plastic surgery
and not Medicare money (like ours).
I do have a question about this office.
We walk in way back there by the EXIT sign,
when we walk in there is a lady sitting behind a fancy marble counter.
She seems to serve no purpose, she doesn't make eye contact,
she has a sign on her counter that points you to the other two places
(a spa facial counter, and then the doctor's offices, who own the entire building)
She does know where the bathroom is, I know this because I've asked her and she told me where to find it! BUT other than that I don't see her purpose.
When I go back I may ask her what her purpose is!
OH, yeah the doctor said,
"everything looks fine, don't come back"
We then stopped at the TMobile store.
We didn't see Mr T, but I did see Juan.
He helped me and I fell in love with him!
Well, maybe not him but what he did for me.
I'm saving $$$$ because of Juan.
We had a business phone in our house that really just took messages.
It was costing us too much, so we decided to go the cell phone route.
BUT the business number is printed on everything,
so it was important that we keep that phone number.
Juan made that happen,
yes, you can take your landline phone number and "port" it to a cell phone!
Then Juan secured my heart by asking "what kind of Credit Cards do you have",
I told him and he then said, "we can give you a 12% discount monthly!"
Zing went my heart strings!
The deal was sealed, "I Love you Juan"
The next stop I pulled out that worried over list
and purchased the cub scout awards.
Alot of them! all due to the Cubs hard work and day camp!
This is a common sight around here now.
I love the burst of yellow everywhere.

Today was Friend day for G.
The anticipation was great, so great that there was a mini melt down
when we had to stop at the grocery store after school and then another one
when we had to wait for a train.
We FINALLY made it to G's buddy's house and not a minute too early for G or his buddy!
G and his buddy, tried to go fishing (too windy) so they ended up riding bikes.
They had a blast!
We had 'make your own pizzas' and salad for supper.
W came in during supper claiming "I don't feel good"
He ate and then headed to bed!
Hopefully just a cold or allergies!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Rambling: The Mayor and her TAXI

Today as I walked to my car after another disappointing Walmart trip, I saw a scene that warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face.

The Mayor of the little town that I live closest to was in front of Walmart. She was helping a older gentleman and his what appeared to be blind daughter into her TAXI. Yea, that's right the mayor drives the TAXI in town. When she finished helping this couple into her car, she slowly pulled to the other entrance, stopped, got out and helped another elderly gentleman and his purchases into her TAXI.

It's not uncommon to see her in the grocery store, juggling several list and a cart with carefully piled items (with items in each corner of her basket and then a pile in the seat area). She's shopping for the house bound elderly in our town.

She sits in her taxi in the elementary school lines dropping off or picking up students who's parents can't do it.

When her husband recently died the TAXI didn't sit still, her son and daughter in law ran it for her for a couple of days.

This town loves their mayor and her TAXI and she loves them!

I feel like there should be a musical number in the back ground of Paul Simon singing, "My little Town"

OH, and I won't go into the fact that she also runs the only laundry mat in town and what she does there!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

"We women have a lot to learn about
simplifying our lives.
We have to decide what is important and then move along
at a pace that is comfortable for us.
We have to develop the maturity to stop
trying to prove something.
We have to learn to be content with what we are."

Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Friday, September 17, 2010

something I look forward to everyday!

I've been reading this blog, Andrea Merriman. I've become so involved with this stranger's life that I can't wait to see if she's posted everyday. I read her FIRST!

You have to go visit her blog and start at the beginning. The very beginning, where her husband of almost 21 years confesses that he's been running a ponzi scheme for 20 years and milked innocent people out of millions, we're talking millions and millions and millions and millions...... 17 to 20 million.

How her life that went from worrying about if her children had the right St Patrick's day attire to being told her husband's life has been a complete lie for almost their entire married life. From being very well off to now a life with her 4 children, and NOTHING (no job, no home, no money)! From not having an enemy in the whole world to almost everyone you know hating you for what your husband had done to them. From living an every day life to having reporters peaking in your windows. From your children having freedoms, to now having to protect them from your neighbors.

This real life story is the best 'novel' I've ever read, I've cried with her. I've actually just sat her sobbing for her, to laughing as she documents her dating life, to cheering when she finally says, "it's time".

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life on Thursday

You know this day wasn't very eventful, and really boring in a get things done sort of way.

I worked out, my personal training sessions are done so I'm trying to be my own trainer. That's funny all in it's own! I have committed to working out for an entire hour 5 days aweek!

I came home and started getting things done. I always wish for a rainy day so I can get things done, BUT yesterday was a really really raining day and I did nothing. NOTHING! so I had plenty to get done today.

Hubby moved off his special bed and back into our room. This left cleaning up all the extras in the back bed room. It's amazing at all the things that can be gathered in just 7 days to add comfort to a life.

There was a phone call from the school, but I'll not be going to that.

There was sorting, faxing, packing, shipping, trashing, mailing, emailing, phone calls, errands to the bank, grocery store and post office among other things in this day.

Finally a soccer practice, and a meal of Hamburgers, Tatar tots and the last of some yummy chocolate chip cookies (that some kind person made for our family .... well, really for hubby, but I like to think they were for all of us!).

I'd like to think I got it all done today, but nope! My house is a mess, there is laundry to be done, plants to get into the ground, dishes to be done, papers to gather, bills to be paid, toys to packed away..... maybe I'll do that on the next rainy day OR the day after the rainy day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Thought

Today I sat in our church meeting fuming about something that had occurred in a meeting just minutes before. Just fuming!

When G came in (he'd ridden with another family while I was in my meeting), everything started well, but then he did it. He does this every Sunday, so today wasn't any different.

He hung on me. He doesn't lean his head gently on my arm, he grabs it with both hands, and with his full weight he hung there. It either tugs my sleeve completely off my shoulder, or it rips my skin down my arm. I kid you not, it's painful. I've asked him not to do every Sunday in his short life of 10 years, but every Sunday it happens again!

This Sunday since I was already fuming and trying not to take it out on him. Even though my shirt was hanging half way down my arm, I decided I'd distract myself and not correct him once again. I decided that I'd read the words of a Hymn. I'd let the Lord pick the hymn by just flipping to a page and let that by my message.

Unbelievable but true this was the Hymn I flipped to ......

I believe the Lord knows me,
knows my struggles and
has a sense of humor!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I never turned the TV on in the morning, but that morning I did.
With in minutes they were breaking in with the news that a plane had apparently hit the first tower. That feeling of what a horrible mistake this poor pilot had made, did he have a heart attack?, was he injured? How could someone possibly knowingly hit the World Trade Tower?

Then the realization, as I watched the second plane it, this wasn't an accident.

Then the fear of what was next set in.

This was day I was take W to the lake to fish with his grandpa. There wasn't any music on the radio, when we stopped at Walmart their in store monitors were tuned to the news with a crowd gathered around, hoping to glean some sort of answer as to what was happening.

I remembering telling W he would be safe at the Lake and I would be safe at home, because we lived out in the country away from the crowds of people.

We were safe but the world we lived in was forever changed along with ourselves.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

LIfe on Thursday

Today really should start with last night, Hubby came home after being away for 4 weeks. He didn't get home until around 8pm and it wore him out.

So he goes from 24 hour nursing care to.... my Life on Thursday!

up at 6:30am shower, get ready (everything except curling my hair) by 7.
come in get lunches ready for the day, wake up G, fix him breakfast, nag at him to stay on track with getting ready.

We leave at 7:40am....Aggghh, later than I'd like
Drop G off at his school, and I go to sub in Kindergarten.

It's Kindergarten on day #16 and I'm their first sub.
I hear alot of "That's not the way Mrs **** does it." and "We're suppose to be doing it this way not that way." It's a challenging morning but things fall into place by the afternoon. Either it's that or I'm just counting minutes by then and in a total stupor! At this stage in the game (stage day #16) I actually get "No, I'm not going to do that and you can't make me!" from a student. Aww that's when you love to see a para teacher come along so you can send this child to the principal! No, I didn't send him to the principal but I did send him to the rescue teacher next door for some help!

Happy Bear came to visit the class today! He tells them about good touching and bad touching. He teaches them the proper name for their privates, from the responses from my class, the boys have been taught the correct name but the girls (and the boys for that matter) had no idea what their private part was called. I didn't notice any snickering when the boys said what their private part was called, but there was alot of snickering when they were trying to guess what the girl part was! it was funny! I can add this to my adventure in Subbing book!

Off to the Book Fair (G got a must have Star War Clone wars book) and then to Walmart to pick up prescriptions! 5 of them (2 for me and 3 for hubby). Only to get a text from Hubby on the way home that said, "I don't want all those Rx, only get the Cipro" Too late! good thing, they were all on the $4 list!

I had (and always do)such a headache when I get done subbing. I came home to pop some Advil and see if Hubby had survived his day alone. Alone, just him, his special bed, his lunch box and his Internet. From 24 hour nursing care to Alone, absolutely ALONE!

Then ran off to take G to soccer practice and I walked 3.5 miles at the track. Home to eat supper, fix lunches for tomorrow (I'll be in 1st grade tomorrow) and off to bed!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Diorama Labor day!

Yay, we're pros at this Diorama thing, last year we did a climate Diorama. This year (this weekend) we (G) were assigned a water cycle in 3d. G could pick a 3d poster, a mobile or a diorama. He put his plan on paper, and had strong feelings about 3 things, cotton balls for clouds, pipe cleaners at evaporation and blue glitter glue for the water.

We gathered our items from Hobby Lobby Saturday evening. A place you'd swear G had never been, as he found so many things he needed to save his money for and can't wait to go back and buy things! **a $17 bucket of soldiers and a foam sword that he didn't see the price of!

Well, we worked on it yesterday afternoon and then finished it up today. Wanna see?

UPDATE: we, ur G got a 100% on this! we're, hmmm he's very pleased!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Love this DAY!

Need I say more?

No, time for blogging today,

I've got an cool outside to become more acquainted with!

PS ~ at noon it was 71!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life on Thursday

I got up early, put G on the bus, did some work for Hubby, got ready was out the door by 9:30am.

Stop #1 Took G's forgotten lunch to him,
Stop #2 dropped things off at the Post office, then head to the city.
Stop #3 my new orthopedic doc, who specializes in shoulders! Good news there I just need PT to loosen up some frozen muscles. Loved that!
Stop #4 pick up one of favorite lunches, Pei Wei Spicy chicken salad, yum!
Stop #5 eat my lunch with hubby. I had just finished eating (or should I say struggling to eat .. wait and you'll understand) when my cell phone rang. It was my Stop #6 saying the Dentist could see me earlier! I didn't let the door hit me, I was out of there!
Stop #6 the Dentist. Yesterday I had cracked my tooth (in 3 places mind you!). Not just any tooth, but the tooth that I bite things off with! AND I didn't even crack it on something hard..... A Bagel! Pain Pain Pain all day yesterday, not even to mention the fact that I now had to concentrate on eating in another part of my mouth, that's just too much thinkin' for me to do while I eat! Fortunately, it was just the tooth and not the nerve so I got a lovely temporary crown. Not covered by insurance for $1246 whole other ouch! and I'll be passing the offering plate when we're done. I missed out of the root canal (YAY)! The good thing is that I got it all done today!
and here is my biggest smile to show how
well it went!

Stop #7 Grocery store ~Ok , you know what kind of smile I had but as I was going through the grocery store, I kept thinking that I had a stuffy nose, when I got back to the car I looked in the mirror and saw this!

Who knew?

Stop #8 Home to what I think is to be a quiet evening at home with a nice dinner, when I get a text from Michelle (of friend/personal trainer fame) asking me if we were coming to cub scouts!?!?!
Stop #9 Church for Cub Scouts (screaming tires into the parking lot 10 minutes late, not really but it sounded good)
Stop #10 Home again, Home again, jiggety jig!
Stop #11 my bed with my head on my pillow! Good night!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sorry, I know I promised this on Tuesday but I had a bit of life going on yesterday!