Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life on Thursday

I got up early, put G on the bus, did some work for Hubby, got ready was out the door by 9:30am.

Stop #1 Took G's forgotten lunch to him,
Stop #2 dropped things off at the Post office, then head to the city.
Stop #3 my new orthopedic doc, who specializes in shoulders! Good news there I just need PT to loosen up some frozen muscles. Loved that!
Stop #4 pick up one of favorite lunches, Pei Wei Spicy chicken salad, yum!
Stop #5 eat my lunch with hubby. I had just finished eating (or should I say struggling to eat .. wait and you'll understand) when my cell phone rang. It was my Stop #6 saying the Dentist could see me earlier! I didn't let the door hit me, I was out of there!
Stop #6 the Dentist. Yesterday I had cracked my tooth (in 3 places mind you!). Not just any tooth, but the tooth that I bite things off with! AND I didn't even crack it on something hard..... A Bagel! Pain Pain Pain all day yesterday, not even to mention the fact that I now had to concentrate on eating in another part of my mouth, that's just too much thinkin' for me to do while I eat! Fortunately, it was just the tooth and not the nerve so I got a lovely temporary crown. Not covered by insurance for $1246 whole other ouch! and I'll be passing the offering plate when we're done. I missed out of the root canal (YAY)! The good thing is that I got it all done today!
and here is my biggest smile to show how
well it went!

Stop #7 Grocery store ~Ok , you know what kind of smile I had but as I was going through the grocery store, I kept thinking that I had a stuffy nose, when I got back to the car I looked in the mirror and saw this!

Who knew?

Stop #8 Home to what I think is to be a quiet evening at home with a nice dinner, when I get a text from Michelle (of friend/personal trainer fame) asking me if we were coming to cub scouts!?!?!
Stop #9 Church for Cub Scouts (screaming tires into the parking lot 10 minutes late, not really but it sounded good)
Stop #10 Home again, Home again, jiggety jig!
Stop #11 my bed with my head on my pillow! Good night!

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Sandra said...

LOVE the smile after the dentist!!! ;)