Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Saturday

Last night I sat in the kitchen with Hubby and W while they chatted I made a list of things I wanted to get done today. At one point I was overwhelmed by the urge to strangle them!

Here I was planning all this out side labor and they were discussing which college football games why were going to watch. Just what's wrong with this picture??

W is sick and Hubby is still laid up in bed, that's what's wrong with this picture!

Any way, I love yard work, when the temperature is cool, and today give me just that!

I started out early ~ 7am.

Remember when Saturday mornings were meant for sleeping in? No, I don't really remember those days, probably since I've had children! I can remember one the first Friday nights after I came out of the New Baby fog, thinking, oh, good tomorrow is Saturday I can sleep late....WRONG! that baby didn't care if it was Saturday or not!

Oh, I got sidetracked there! sorry.....

Dropped G off early this morning for a day of Cub Scouting!
They're celebrating Scouting's 100 years. He's going to have alot of fun, and be tired when he gets home. I was so glad I wasn't going.
I then ran to Home Depot to get winterize for the yard. Why does that have to be soooo expensive? I did find some cheap perennials.
Had an impromptu to trip into Target
alone, quiet, leisurely, lovely, meandering....
did you know that you DON'T have to go to the toy section
every time you go to Target? NO, it's not required.
purchased only impulse items!
Then home to work in the yard.
I mowed
I weeded
I planted
I made suspicious discoveries
I fertilized.
I worked up a stink sweat
I showered
I loaded the dishwasher
I folded clothes
I washed more clothes
I worked on Cub awards
I fold more laundry
I discovered I didn't start my planned meal for supper early enough
so now I'm trying to figure out a supper plan again!
I blogged!

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