Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Ramblings: He or She

Last week when Hubby and I went to his fancy shmacy doctor's office we had a conversation that I'd like you're input on.

The fancy shmacy office is a free standing building with it's own small packing lot. It's really only one row of sidewalk parking lot. There were 2 Handicap spots that were full, so Hubby pulled into the next available spot (about 4 down from the door and with no one parked passed us in the lot). Hubby pulled WWWAaaaaayyyy over (the tires were on the line) so he could get out with his wheelchair.

We had our doctor's visit.

We come back out and there is someone parked right next to us. Hubby gets in, and then I take the wheelchair over to the other side (due to the seat configuration inside the van). The space was not enough to get the wheelchair (3 feet) between the cars, so I just put it in the back.

As I got in Hubby having a mini rant "did you check if SHE dinged my door?" "I bet SHE dinged my door!", SHE, SHE, SHE.....

Whoa, Whoa there Mister, "what makes you think it's a SHE it could be a HE!" was my obvious response.
Hubby ~ "It's a SHE, SHE just pulled in not thinking about anything" "SHE didn't think, SHE just parked."

Me~ "I think it's a HE", "HE just decided to show you what you'd done wrong!" "Yep, it's a HE"

There wasn't any gender markings on the car, No bumper stickers, no flowers, just one thing ... a wooden choker hanging from the mirror. I've seen similar on both HE and SHE.

So what's your opinion? HE? or SHE?

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Sandra said...

definately a "HE!" ;)