Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life on Thursday

This day started WAY too early.

Hubby had surgery on Tuesday and had rough night and day yesterday. He's back in the back bedroom recuperating. He text me if he needs something, thus I got a text 2 something AM. I got the Advil, and then couldn't get back to sleep.

I picked up my phone to read/clear my emails, when I saw that I'd gotten a "out of office" message from someone I hadn't emailed in years! Huh? I laid there pondering this until I finally drifted off to sleep!

By the time I finally did get up this morning, my email was full of messages from people telling me that I had a virus! Well, that's a fine "How Do You Do" morning! I got my anti viral software updating as I took G to school. Evidently I'd sent emails (several) out to everyone in my address book with links to "Male Enhancements" I didn't look but others told me about them!

I ran some banking errands and to the grocery store before coming back home. I started the software running. It takes forever!?! Nothing it found NOTHING! Fortunately, I'd sent the virus to one of smartest computer guys I know, He's a genius in my book, as well as other's book too! He emailed me and asked if I needed help! YES, PLEASE after several email exchanges (and several hours like by 6pm) we found a anti viral software that found a Trojan, and deleted it!

Now back up in my day, Hubby felt better today (much much better than yesterday), he was able to get washed up, thus feeling so much better. He's still just every tired. I'll have to post this whole surgery's ordeal later!

When I went to pick up G, I ran to the grocery store again! I'd forgotten that I'd volunteered to take Potato Salad to school tomorrow for teacher appreciation. I made the wonderful potato salad that I told you about here Potato Salad.

I purchased a pumpkin and a mum for the sweet lady that had taken care of G after school when Hubby had his surgery. As we were leaving she said, "Oh, I couldn't get your email opened this morning, is it important?, am I going to enjoy it? I just can't get it open!" Aggggrraahh, it was sent to everyone. I couldn't say/yell "NO, don't open it, stop trying" fast enough. Yes, my computer had not left out the wonderful ladies I go to church with!

Since G is under heavy grounding this week, we had a nice quiet evening at home. You know it's nice not to run around, not have the TV on or any other electronics! Really peaceful. You know G is in a much better mood without all this stuff too!

We had Hamburgers for supper with celery and chips for supper!

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