Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life on Thursday

Today was a day of errands ....

This was the much worried over list
that just couldn't forget!
Last night I kept putting it in just the
right place so I wouldn't leave it at home!
I'm very glad to say, I didn't forget!

G on the other hand forgot all of this school work.
When he forgets his work at home, doesn't have it signed
or doesn't do his homework he has to stay inside for the first recess.
He got the lovely opportunity to read the first recess today.
Laundry, on going task around here!

Finally, the city errands begin.
This is Hubby's fancy, shancy doctor's office.
I'm thinking there is money in plastic surgery
and not Medicare money (like ours).
I do have a question about this office.
We walk in way back there by the EXIT sign,
when we walk in there is a lady sitting behind a fancy marble counter.
She seems to serve no purpose, she doesn't make eye contact,
she has a sign on her counter that points you to the other two places
(a spa facial counter, and then the doctor's offices, who own the entire building)
She does know where the bathroom is, I know this because I've asked her and she told me where to find it! BUT other than that I don't see her purpose.
When I go back I may ask her what her purpose is!
OH, yeah the doctor said,
"everything looks fine, don't come back"
We then stopped at the TMobile store.
We didn't see Mr T, but I did see Juan.
He helped me and I fell in love with him!
Well, maybe not him but what he did for me.
I'm saving $$$$ because of Juan.
We had a business phone in our house that really just took messages.
It was costing us too much, so we decided to go the cell phone route.
BUT the business number is printed on everything,
so it was important that we keep that phone number.
Juan made that happen,
yes, you can take your landline phone number and "port" it to a cell phone!
Then Juan secured my heart by asking "what kind of Credit Cards do you have",
I told him and he then said, "we can give you a 12% discount monthly!"
Zing went my heart strings!
The deal was sealed, "I Love you Juan"
The next stop I pulled out that worried over list
and purchased the cub scout awards.
Alot of them! all due to the Cubs hard work and day camp!
This is a common sight around here now.
I love the burst of yellow everywhere.

Today was Friend day for G.
The anticipation was great, so great that there was a mini melt down
when we had to stop at the grocery store after school and then another one
when we had to wait for a train.
We FINALLY made it to G's buddy's house and not a minute too early for G or his buddy!
G and his buddy, tried to go fishing (too windy) so they ended up riding bikes.
They had a blast!
We had 'make your own pizzas' and salad for supper.
W came in during supper claiming "I don't feel good"
He ate and then headed to bed!
Hopefully just a cold or allergies!

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Deb G. said...

There is no way that you can begin to comprehend how much I love "seeing" your days! You are amusing, inspiring, talented, dedicated and just plain freakin' awesome! Thanks for sharing your days with me while I am sitting in my room behind the computer. You inspire me to "Keep Looking Up!" =)