Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Thought

Today I sat in our church meeting fuming about something that had occurred in a meeting just minutes before. Just fuming!

When G came in (he'd ridden with another family while I was in my meeting), everything started well, but then he did it. He does this every Sunday, so today wasn't any different.

He hung on me. He doesn't lean his head gently on my arm, he grabs it with both hands, and with his full weight he hung there. It either tugs my sleeve completely off my shoulder, or it rips my skin down my arm. I kid you not, it's painful. I've asked him not to do every Sunday in his short life of 10 years, but every Sunday it happens again!

This Sunday since I was already fuming and trying not to take it out on him. Even though my shirt was hanging half way down my arm, I decided I'd distract myself and not correct him once again. I decided that I'd read the words of a Hymn. I'd let the Lord pick the hymn by just flipping to a page and let that by my message.

Unbelievable but true this was the Hymn I flipped to ......

I believe the Lord knows me,
knows my struggles and
has a sense of humor!

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Sandra said...

heeeheee!! That's pretty funny :)