Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life on Thursday

You know this day wasn't very eventful, and really boring in a get things done sort of way.

I worked out, my personal training sessions are done so I'm trying to be my own trainer. That's funny all in it's own! I have committed to working out for an entire hour 5 days aweek!

I came home and started getting things done. I always wish for a rainy day so I can get things done, BUT yesterday was a really really raining day and I did nothing. NOTHING! so I had plenty to get done today.

Hubby moved off his special bed and back into our room. This left cleaning up all the extras in the back bed room. It's amazing at all the things that can be gathered in just 7 days to add comfort to a life.

There was a phone call from the school, but I'll not be going to that.

There was sorting, faxing, packing, shipping, trashing, mailing, emailing, phone calls, errands to the bank, grocery store and post office among other things in this day.

Finally a soccer practice, and a meal of Hamburgers, Tatar tots and the last of some yummy chocolate chip cookies (that some kind person made for our family .... well, really for hubby, but I like to think they were for all of us!).

I'd like to think I got it all done today, but nope! My house is a mess, there is laundry to be done, plants to get into the ground, dishes to be done, papers to gather, bills to be paid, toys to packed away..... maybe I'll do that on the next rainy day OR the day after the rainy day!

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