Saturday, September 11, 2010


I never turned the TV on in the morning, but that morning I did.
With in minutes they were breaking in with the news that a plane had apparently hit the first tower. That feeling of what a horrible mistake this poor pilot had made, did he have a heart attack?, was he injured? How could someone possibly knowingly hit the World Trade Tower?

Then the realization, as I watched the second plane it, this wasn't an accident.

Then the fear of what was next set in.

This was day I was take W to the lake to fish with his grandpa. There wasn't any music on the radio, when we stopped at Walmart their in store monitors were tuned to the news with a crowd gathered around, hoping to glean some sort of answer as to what was happening.

I remembering telling W he would be safe at the Lake and I would be safe at home, because we lived out in the country away from the crowds of people.

We were safe but the world we lived in was forever changed along with ourselves.

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Wil said...

Thats not at all how it happened. I was watching the Buzz Lightyear cartoon and it got interrupted by some big breaking news. I was mad cause my show wasn't on. I wasn't ever scared, you were more freaked out than I was! I was always the cool one in the family about it!