Thursday, September 9, 2010

LIfe on Thursday

Today really should start with last night, Hubby came home after being away for 4 weeks. He didn't get home until around 8pm and it wore him out.

So he goes from 24 hour nursing care to.... my Life on Thursday!

up at 6:30am shower, get ready (everything except curling my hair) by 7.
come in get lunches ready for the day, wake up G, fix him breakfast, nag at him to stay on track with getting ready.

We leave at 7:40am....Aggghh, later than I'd like
Drop G off at his school, and I go to sub in Kindergarten.

It's Kindergarten on day #16 and I'm their first sub.
I hear alot of "That's not the way Mrs **** does it." and "We're suppose to be doing it this way not that way." It's a challenging morning but things fall into place by the afternoon. Either it's that or I'm just counting minutes by then and in a total stupor! At this stage in the game (stage day #16) I actually get "No, I'm not going to do that and you can't make me!" from a student. Aww that's when you love to see a para teacher come along so you can send this child to the principal! No, I didn't send him to the principal but I did send him to the rescue teacher next door for some help!

Happy Bear came to visit the class today! He tells them about good touching and bad touching. He teaches them the proper name for their privates, from the responses from my class, the boys have been taught the correct name but the girls (and the boys for that matter) had no idea what their private part was called. I didn't notice any snickering when the boys said what their private part was called, but there was alot of snickering when they were trying to guess what the girl part was! it was funny! I can add this to my adventure in Subbing book!

Off to the Book Fair (G got a must have Star War Clone wars book) and then to Walmart to pick up prescriptions! 5 of them (2 for me and 3 for hubby). Only to get a text from Hubby on the way home that said, "I don't want all those Rx, only get the Cipro" Too late! good thing, they were all on the $4 list!

I had (and always do)such a headache when I get done subbing. I came home to pop some Advil and see if Hubby had survived his day alone. Alone, just him, his special bed, his lunch box and his Internet. From 24 hour nursing care to Alone, absolutely ALONE!

Then ran off to take G to soccer practice and I walked 3.5 miles at the track. Home to eat supper, fix lunches for tomorrow (I'll be in 1st grade tomorrow) and off to bed!

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Sandra said...

that's a loooong day. What a woman!