Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's with a Heavy Heart and
tear filled eyes that we say
Good bye....

Our last hugs....

Last Thanksgiving was the last we saw Lillian.
I just happened to take pictures of her hugs with my family.
I hugged too, but there isn't a picture.
Thanks for the love
and thanks for the memories ~
You'll be missed
My mother in law

Monday, May 24, 2010

Never a Dull moment

For the past few months Hubby has had an issue with his shoulder. A pain issue. He had an MRI last week (with dye ~ I have to add that because he says that was painful!).

this morning, Frank (the doctor's assistant) called with the results .......

a small Rotator Cuff tear AND a Slap Tear
(basically that's a tear in the bicep where it attaches to the shoulder socket)

Due to other family issues he has not schedule his surgery yet, but it will be in the next 2 to 3 weeks. (updated: well, how about 4 weeks!?! Hubby called Frank and left a somewhat begging message to see if it could done earlier UPDATE #2 They have called back again and it's been moved up to 2 weeks! What a relief!)

This will mean that I will have all 3 of my 'boys' home for the summer!

Friday, May 21, 2010

He's been promoted to 5th grade

Yes, with great success
G has been promoted to the 5th grade.
I forgot to take a picture of the last day of school, but I did realize that he wore the same shirt for the last day as he'd worn on the first day!

Movie Night

Last weekend we watched

The Blind Side
Yes, we were the last people on earth to see this movie!
Hubby watched it first, then said he thought G could watch it with both of us.
We settled in to watch the movie, when G got upset at Big Mike's life. Upset to the point that he cried and cried. We tried to console him by telling him how it ends, and how Big Mike over comes all of his trials. We promised him that we'd watch the movie again as a family the next day so he could watch Big Mike's good life emerge. He wanted nothing to do with it! He was upset.
Just when I think I know this child, he is all surprise.
By the way ~
Hubby and I loved it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Market Day

Today was G's Market day.

They (the students) were to create a business of either a product or a service.
G chose (with alittle help) to make 'matchbox note pads' and
"Brownies on a stick"
Some of the other kids did .....
Pet a snake
hot dogs
painting finger nails
playing games
art exhibit
G and his partner were the top sellers in their class

An Evening at the Wax Museum.

Meet Michael Jordan......

G choose to be Michael Jordan
for his Was Museum person.
He studied him
charted him
and then (did his best to) recreate him!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long night with little sleep

Last night was a long stormy night with little sleep, until this morning. I seemed to sleeping so good when the alarm starting going off.

Last night about 5:30 there was amazing lighting. Hitting all around our house while I was trying to leave for the Wax Museum (I'll post about that later). As I pulled out of our little road, I saw lighting hit the tower on the next hill over. That was a cool first for me.

The sky was a just mildly rumbly when I went to bed, but then in the phones (all of them) started ringing. Our county has started a code alert where they'll call you if your home is in the line of storm. At 11:10 our home was in the line so the phones were ringing, we switch on the TV about the time the front line of storm hit. Fortunately for us just strong wind and heavy rain!

There was another storm around 1:30am but I guess my house wasn't in harm's way because my phone didn't ring! Just the thunder and lighting to awake me this time.

I will admit that I was sleeping with the mild smooth rolling thunder this morning when the alarm started going off!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's day!

My boys gave me Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

They were gigantic and ever so scrumptious!

I fixed supper, but they cleaned up afterwards and even started the dishwasher!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bloomin' Monday

One person's trash is the another's treasure

The bread was just toasting away under
the broiler while we were eating supper.
Long forgotten to me until the smoke started to come out of the oven.
I quickly moved the bread to the deck to cool
and remove the stink (or most of it) from the kitchen.
My Trash!
A while later Skipper found a new toy!
He was so excited, he was tossing them up in the air,
wanted me to play fetch with them and then he chewed them up!
His Treasure!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

4th Grade Field trip

Last week was G's 4th grade field trip!
Due to budget cuts each class has been cut down to only one field trip per year.
AND that field trip is paid for by the PTO not the school! Yes, one field trip for every grade (k-5) is made through donations to the PTO.
We first stopped at the park to play. The weather was perfect

After playing we ate lunch then board the buses again.

We then went to watch the children's play Frindle.

I had fun, but it literally takes hours for my
ears to stop ringing after getting off the bus!

This is the Thank you that the teacher sent to me .....

isn't that sweet!?!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie Night

Tonight we dug out
Night at the Museum 2, Battle at the Smithsonian
Always good, always fun!

2010 Book Review #5 ~ the Help a novel

Goodness I just know where to start with this book!
love, loVE, LOVE this book!
I was initially intimidated by the size (400 pages), but now I could kick myself for not reading in weeks before! By the time I got the end, I was wishing for more pages. These ladies were done with me but I wasn't done with them! I wanted to go on.
It's clean, it's honest, it's real,
I laughed with these ladies, I worried about these ladies, I cheered for these ladies,
I thought of these ladies for days after I'd finished the book
You can read more about the book here AND did you see when you went there that it's soon to be a Movie ~ I'll see it the first day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Movie Night

This week Movie Night got pushed to Sunday afternoon Movie~

I had
Secrets of the Mountain
on the DVR.
Great family movie!

The boy

Today G brought home the pre registration packet for school next year. Yes, it seems early but it really saves time in the fall!

I was flipping through the papers when I saw the school supply list and mentioned to G that he'd be in 5th grade. I believe my exact words were "WOW, G you're going to be in 5th grade!"

He quickly replied, "I am? How do they know that already? Mom, the school year's not over yet!"

This boy has never gotten the concept in that he will pass every grade the first time. I remember first having this conversation with him in first grade, where he started worrying about it early in the year.

The boy that reads at the 11 grade level, the boy that represented this class in the all school spelling bee, the boy that loves math, is the boy that is always surprised and relieved that he passes the grade!