Monday, May 3, 2010

The boy

Today G brought home the pre registration packet for school next year. Yes, it seems early but it really saves time in the fall!

I was flipping through the papers when I saw the school supply list and mentioned to G that he'd be in 5th grade. I believe my exact words were "WOW, G you're going to be in 5th grade!"

He quickly replied, "I am? How do they know that already? Mom, the school year's not over yet!"

This boy has never gotten the concept in that he will pass every grade the first time. I remember first having this conversation with him in first grade, where he started worrying about it early in the year.

The boy that reads at the 11 grade level, the boy that represented this class in the all school spelling bee, the boy that loves math, is the boy that is always surprised and relieved that he passes the grade!

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