Monday, September 26, 2011

Hellllooooo let me introduce myself!

I know I've been gone a while, but I've been sick! Just laying on the couch, coughing, with a pounding head sick! I blame it on Allergies but I don't really know anymore. I still can cough like I've had too many cigarettes! Lovely picture huh?

I'm back today with a long list of things to do! Some from last week that never got done and plenty from this week to do! I love a good list to scratch things off of!

I have the dishwasher going now and the laundry already down stairs (thanks to G) .... So I need to get things really moving ....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

P.E.O Tuesday

Yesterday the PEO group that I belong to opened their new year. I had worked on the "yearbook committee" this year. This means that I along with 2 other people had worked on putting together a year's worth of activities for this group.

Yesterday we had lunch at a wonderful place just out of town. It is a bed and breakfast as a wonderful veranda that over looks a small lake and newly planted grape vines. The style is Italian and it is simple beautiful. The owner is a fabulous cook and fixed us a wonderful meal of Appetizers: Goat Cheese and Roasted Tomatoes with Herb Crackers,Braised chicken with artichokes and Olives with a variety of other vegetables, Bread, a wonderfully moist lemon cake for dessert. There was not one thing I did not enjoy! We had 25 ladies in attendance. This place was a new experience for this group and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it.

We presented out new year of program ideas, and yearbooks.

Side note ... it was HOT! it was 93 degrees, there was a saving breeze but still HOT!

A Student's Delight ... A mother's nightmare

This year G moved to the middle school, this means there is an increase of responsibility placed on the student.

A student's delight ....A Mother's nightmare.

School meals! In middle school there are 'choices' at lunch. There is a choice of 2 main dishes, choice of a salad bar, and then all sorts of ala carte options. Choices, Choices and more Choices! A Student's delight .... A mother's nightmare. We've already had to have a lunch conversation, since I put $83 on this lunch card at the first of school, and by the 13th day of school it was gone! GONE! not a penny left! Let's see that was 13 days of meals that used up $83! He was spending over $5 at lunch everyday. The regular meal is $2.45 so he was adding another 2.50 to his meal everyday. A large milk, a cookie and a package of elf grahams (more cookies) A student's delight.... A mother's nightmare. We had the conversation then about just what choices he was making and explained to him what it was costing. He agreed to cut some "ala carte" items (large milk and elf grahams) out of his daily selections.

Tonight I looked at his lunch money spent amount since last week (when I sent more money) and he had spent $25 in 7 days! A child's Delight .... A mother's nightmare! He was still getting $1 more in ala carte items! Another conversation ...... Say a prayer that this gets controlled soon before we're in the school lunch poor house!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Adventures of the Oil Fields

W worked his first shift in the oil fields this Friday morning.

He learned to run a giant fork lift! He said that all of his years of playing with Tonka Trucks was now coming in handy!

He worked 32.5 hours at $26 an hour. He should get 3 shifts like this a week, with time and a half after 40 hours! you can now see how W's funds are going to add up quickly!

He gets at least a 4 hour break (paid) while he's out there. He slept. Depending on the shift he could actually get 2 of those breaks. There are 2 men always working while the other is on break.
He said it wasn't hard work, it was just long work. He said it was a slow process of sending the pipes up to the oil rig. Work for a couple of minutes then wait for the pipe to get up the shoot (4-5 minutes) then load another. He wasn't thrilled about the waiting.

I had to ship him some cheap jeans from here. He couldn't find any at his Walmart. He said that his Walmart didn't have enough people to work, the shelves weren't orderly and stocked.

In this oil field town they pay $15 an hour for the minimal jobs in town, fast food, Walmart etc but can't get workers since the oil fields are paying so much more!

Life on Thursday ~ Adventures in Subbing addition

Today was my first full day of subbing this year.

I was in kindergarten, I'm always reluctant to go into kindergarten so early in the year.

AND I'd signed on for 2 days of this class! If it was bad the first day, it was going to be BAD the second day!

Much to my joy this class was great! They sat quietly, while I gathered my wits. That's HUGE in kindergarten. They didn't tell me all day "That's not the Mrs. ***** does it" That's HUGE in kindergarten. They didn't make noise while we transitioned between specials. That's HUGE in kindergarten!

I will tell you the that this class had interesting first names ... Truman, Johnson, Adeline, Koumorie, Kenny are just a few.

After school G and I went to watch Megan play volleyball. They play the best out of 5, and they played all 5 games before winning. It was fun to watch her.

W called from North Dakota, he got "put on crew". He was hired as a floater, but even before he went to work he had a spot on a crew. Thursday morning they told him that his crew would be on call that night. They don't ever know when they'll be called but they will be called. He got his call around 3:45am (and he starts getting paid once he's called) and he reports within 30 minutes.

BUT really that's Friday's story!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off on an adventure

Last Saturday afternoon W left for his Grand Adventure.

He'll be working in the oil fields of North Dakota.

He had been more than ready to leave for the past 3 weeks, setting a date but then having to miss the deadline due to not finding a place to live. His frustration was just growing week to week, until finally we found a place an hour away. It sounded perfect, but his future boss wanted him to be within 30 minutes as he would be 'on call' and would need to report within 3o minutes. Cancel that plan but at the same time Hubby's old friend told us he could stay with his family until he could find a place. Answer to prayers. The house is small and there are already a lot of people in the family, but he's there and finding a place and pouncing on it will be easier. He says "they're a fun family" so that makes me feel better, now to get to work.

Before he left we snapped a couple of pictures.

Don't I have handsome boys??

I just don't know what happened to my babies!

Me and My Boys!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ Why Not?

Today when I got back from the Y, there was this pile of blocks in my front yard. Yes, there were there when I left and really had been there for a couple of days. When I got home, I decided that I'd work on them .....Why not? it was September 1st and the weather is suppose to be cooling down, RIGHT?

WRONG ... this week we've been having temps hoovering around 100! So Why Not work on the blocks today. I waited for W to emerge from his cave bedroom, when that didn't happen by noon, I went out and started without him ... and the proceeded without him all afternoon!Until I had used almost all of my Blocks, the yard was clean....

Well, there is a dying bush that got pulled out!

But one side is finished! YEA for me! There is a quote that says "Sweat is your fat crying" Well, my fat cried all afternoon!

Even though the temp was 102, the wind was strong so the humidity was low. So Why Not... it was a perfect day!

I even was able to put a Roast on for supper!

Yes, I was on a roll today.... tomorrow I might even be able to roll anywhere!

Where is that Advil bottle???