Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ Why Not?

Today when I got back from the Y, there was this pile of blocks in my front yard. Yes, there were there when I left and really had been there for a couple of days. When I got home, I decided that I'd work on them .....Why not? it was September 1st and the weather is suppose to be cooling down, RIGHT?

WRONG ... this week we've been having temps hoovering around 100! So Why Not work on the blocks today. I waited for W to emerge from his cave bedroom, when that didn't happen by noon, I went out and started without him ... and the proceeded without him all afternoon!Until I had used almost all of my Blocks, the yard was clean....

Well, there is a dying bush that got pulled out!

But one side is finished! YEA for me! There is a quote that says "Sweat is your fat crying" Well, my fat cried all afternoon!

Even though the temp was 102, the wind was strong so the humidity was low. So Why Not... it was a perfect day!

I even was able to put a Roast on for supper!

Yes, I was on a roll today.... tomorrow I might even be able to roll anywhere!

Where is that Advil bottle???

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