Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ Adventures in Subbing addition

Today was my first full day of subbing this year.

I was in kindergarten, I'm always reluctant to go into kindergarten so early in the year.

AND I'd signed on for 2 days of this class! If it was bad the first day, it was going to be BAD the second day!

Much to my joy this class was great! They sat quietly, while I gathered my wits. That's HUGE in kindergarten. They didn't tell me all day "That's not the Mrs. ***** does it" That's HUGE in kindergarten. They didn't make noise while we transitioned between specials. That's HUGE in kindergarten!

I will tell you the that this class had interesting first names ... Truman, Johnson, Adeline, Koumorie, Kenny are just a few.

After school G and I went to watch Megan play volleyball. They play the best out of 5, and they played all 5 games before winning. It was fun to watch her.

W called from North Dakota, he got "put on crew". He was hired as a floater, but even before he went to work he had a spot on a crew. Thursday morning they told him that his crew would be on call that night. They don't ever know when they'll be called but they will be called. He got his call around 3:45am (and he starts getting paid once he's called) and he reports within 30 minutes.

BUT really that's Friday's story!

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