Saturday, September 10, 2011

Adventures of the Oil Fields

W worked his first shift in the oil fields this Friday morning.

He learned to run a giant fork lift! He said that all of his years of playing with Tonka Trucks was now coming in handy!

He worked 32.5 hours at $26 an hour. He should get 3 shifts like this a week, with time and a half after 40 hours! you can now see how W's funds are going to add up quickly!

He gets at least a 4 hour break (paid) while he's out there. He slept. Depending on the shift he could actually get 2 of those breaks. There are 2 men always working while the other is on break.
He said it wasn't hard work, it was just long work. He said it was a slow process of sending the pipes up to the oil rig. Work for a couple of minutes then wait for the pipe to get up the shoot (4-5 minutes) then load another. He wasn't thrilled about the waiting.

I had to ship him some cheap jeans from here. He couldn't find any at his Walmart. He said that his Walmart didn't have enough people to work, the shelves weren't orderly and stocked.

In this oil field town they pay $15 an hour for the minimal jobs in town, fast food, Walmart etc but can't get workers since the oil fields are paying so much more!

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