Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Student's Delight ... A mother's nightmare

This year G moved to the middle school, this means there is an increase of responsibility placed on the student.

A student's delight ....A Mother's nightmare.

School meals! In middle school there are 'choices' at lunch. There is a choice of 2 main dishes, choice of a salad bar, and then all sorts of ala carte options. Choices, Choices and more Choices! A Student's delight .... A mother's nightmare. We've already had to have a lunch conversation, since I put $83 on this lunch card at the first of school, and by the 13th day of school it was gone! GONE! not a penny left! Let's see that was 13 days of meals that used up $83! He was spending over $5 at lunch everyday. The regular meal is $2.45 so he was adding another 2.50 to his meal everyday. A large milk, a cookie and a package of elf grahams (more cookies) A student's delight.... A mother's nightmare. We had the conversation then about just what choices he was making and explained to him what it was costing. He agreed to cut some "ala carte" items (large milk and elf grahams) out of his daily selections.

Tonight I looked at his lunch money spent amount since last week (when I sent more money) and he had spent $25 in 7 days! A child's Delight .... A mother's nightmare! He was still getting $1 more in ala carte items! Another conversation ...... Say a prayer that this gets controlled soon before we're in the school lunch poor house!

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