Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off on an adventure

Last Saturday afternoon W left for his Grand Adventure.

He'll be working in the oil fields of North Dakota.

He had been more than ready to leave for the past 3 weeks, setting a date but then having to miss the deadline due to not finding a place to live. His frustration was just growing week to week, until finally we found a place an hour away. It sounded perfect, but his future boss wanted him to be within 30 minutes as he would be 'on call' and would need to report within 3o minutes. Cancel that plan but at the same time Hubby's old friend told us he could stay with his family until he could find a place. Answer to prayers. The house is small and there are already a lot of people in the family, but he's there and finding a place and pouncing on it will be easier. He says "they're a fun family" so that makes me feel better, now to get to work.

Before he left we snapped a couple of pictures.

Don't I have handsome boys??

I just don't know what happened to my babies!

Me and My Boys!

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