Wednesday, September 14, 2011

P.E.O Tuesday

Yesterday the PEO group that I belong to opened their new year. I had worked on the "yearbook committee" this year. This means that I along with 2 other people had worked on putting together a year's worth of activities for this group.

Yesterday we had lunch at a wonderful place just out of town. It is a bed and breakfast as a wonderful veranda that over looks a small lake and newly planted grape vines. The style is Italian and it is simple beautiful. The owner is a fabulous cook and fixed us a wonderful meal of Appetizers: Goat Cheese and Roasted Tomatoes with Herb Crackers,Braised chicken with artichokes and Olives with a variety of other vegetables, Bread, a wonderfully moist lemon cake for dessert. There was not one thing I did not enjoy! We had 25 ladies in attendance. This place was a new experience for this group and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it.

We presented out new year of program ideas, and yearbooks.

Side note ... it was HOT! it was 93 degrees, there was a saving breeze but still HOT!

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