Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sampling through Costco!

Yesterday G and I went to Costco. That was good, but I knew....

I'd eaten breakfast later and then didn't eat lunch ... do you see what's coming?

Costco always has great snacks or samplings, whatever you chose to call them.

I didn't buy all the snacks, but I did get some. I passed on the polish sausages, knowing that I was the only one in my family that liked them thus the only one that would eat them. G tried them too, but still we passed.

We got the Hummus and Garden flavored pita chips. I love this Hummus and have had it in the past but the chips were new to us.

We got the salsa (that we already love) but got the Margarita lime flavored chips that we'd never had.

We skipped snacking on their pot stickers (I don't know why we like those but somehow we missed the stand)

We did try and got the fish sticks. G loves McD's fish sandwiches and these really tasted like that. We even had them for supper.

We tried the strawberry jelly but passed.

We tried the veggie chips and passed on those.

See I didn't get everything I snacked on!

G's beautiful Pearly whites


After ~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eat dinner with your family

Our family has dinner together more than we don't so I think we have this covered
but it still nice to be reminded ~
It's a tie that binds!
By the way we had tacos last night
with chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

zero balance ....

After working on the checkbooks this morning,
it's now confirmed we're out of money
(OK not totally out but it's the same feeling)
G and I played a game of LIFE.
I made it to Millionaire Estates!
Along the way I cured the common cold,
created a new flavor of ice cream and
was elected President!
Ahhh, I feel so much better now!

Friday, September 25, 2009

FlyLady Where are you?

Why oh Why have I not been doing Flylady all along?
Today I'm getting the Chaos under control!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet answer to prayer

I had been pondering and praying about the busy-ness of G's schedule.
Monday Piano 5:30 to 6
Tuesday ~ Swim team Practice 6 to7
Wednesday ~ Cub Scouts 7 to 8:15
Thursday ~ Swim team practice 6 to 7
Friday ~ Finally an entire free evening
I just kept thinking this was too much running!
G is at the point that he doesn't like Piano, but it comes really natural to him so after discussing it with Hubby we decided that it was not something he should drop.
He needs a sport and he really likes cub scouts.
Then an answer to my prayers ....
Last week the Piano teacher mentioned that she could give him lessons at half the price if we were to go to her house (cutting out the community center that we'd been going through).
AND she lives right next to the church (cub scouts).
So we've eliminated Monday night lessons and just head out a bit earlier on Wednesday!
and it's half the price!!!
I'm so thankful that things just worked out both for G and our wallet!

Saturday was a blurr.......

Saturday seemed to be filled every minute .....
I slept LATE (9:30am)~
OK in my defense, I'd mowed most of the yard on Friday so my head was all stuffed up so laying in bed was about all I could do!
BUT I got up finished the last little bit of mowing ~
ran in showered ~
got G ready for his swim meet ~
gave hubby instructions about the swim meet ~
ran off to the city ~
watch a couple of games of Volleyball with W ~
enjoyed a lunch at Chipotle's ~
off to Kohl's to shop for W some clothes ~
dropped W back off at the next round of volleyball games ~
got gas ~
went to grocery store ~
rush home.
Arrive home at 4:15, find company has just dropped by (I'll discuss this later**) ~
I unload groceries ~
start a load of laundry
(W wanted to wear his new clothes to the wedding) ~
sit to visit for 2 seconds
but then realize I don't have the wedding gift ready ~
get the gift ready ~
then rush out the door at 4:55
(leaving hubby still chatting with the drop by guest and their 5 children playing with G's stuff) dashing across the field to the wedding.
I arrive just as they're starting down the 'isle'
I did have a nice, relaxing time sitting at the reception visiting and enjoying our neighbors!
**OK, people just dropping by is one of my pet peeves ** take note people, it's just not polite. If you drop by someone's house you need to be mindful of what's going on or the fact that the people you're dropping by might be busy!
Just call before you drop by!

Backyard Wedding

This past Saturday was the Wedding of a great neighbor, Cortly.

Cort and his family have been friends to both of my boys as well as our family.

Cort and his Bride

G and Christine (Cort's neice)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cub Scout Wednesday

First of all I forgot to post last week's fun.
We played family games, we started with Uno attack and finished it off with some great games of Spoons!
This week, we were all about fitness. First we let them play tag, some of them even got some leg wrestling in (that's always funny to watch).
Then we moved into the gym, were my den assistant (a personal trainer) led them in exercises, most of them were wimpy! We then played around the world. This little bunch of boys never get to just play basketball in the gym. They felt like 'big stuff' when we had to keep telling the bigger boys to get out, it was the cub's turn!

wordless Wednesday

OH, you know I can't leave it wordless.

As I stepped out of the bathroom yesterday
(fresh from the shower)
I was meet by this .......
"Don't worry mam, I've got you protected."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"May I be blunt with you?"

oh, just one more .... I love this one, too!

lazy Saturday

After this busy week, I've had a lazy Saturday.

When I finished up my last day of kindergarten yesterday, I ran to the grocery store then came home and cleaned. It felt so good it have it done (or at least a good handle on it) when I went to bed. W was home, well, he'd stopped by for supper and to drop off his laundry before heading out. I even got busy this morning, paying bills, catchup the computer's check book up to date, and the laundry done.

BUT then it hit .... the lazies!

actually I slowly just didn't feel well. My allergies have been acting up. SO lazy was just fine!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"He's got a Man Cold"

I just couldn't resist ....if you're female you'll relate in a moment.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The ninth picture
from the ninth folder
in the 2009 folder
Right before W jumped this day he came to me and said that his girlfriend had just passed out at the hospital (while visiting another friend) could I find out what was going on! I made the phone calls, found out that she was in the ER after she passed out up stairs and they were running test. I don't believe they ever found out what was going on that day.
This was also the day that W's shins were hurting so bad that he didn't want to make the finals and but did anyway. He placed 4th!
This is the last night he long jumped I believe. Too much on his legs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blooming Monday

This past week, I stopped at friend's vegetable stand to pick up some tomatoes, okra and potatoes WHEN I spied Cactus (or should that be Cacti?) The stop I had put on Cactus buying flew out the window..... I was in Cactus heaven!

I can't leave you with out showing you how much my other succulents have grown...

And G's tomatoes looked so pretty today

AND I can't leave out Echo ...
she was busy trying to get attention the whole time I was snapping pictures.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Class Sizes by the numbers....

W's class sizes at college are big!
W's smallest class has 103 students.
Then moving upwards 356, 822
then the biggest of 989!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awkward Family Photos

If you haven't been to awkward family photos you have to visit!
remember it changes daily
FYI ~ please know that these are NOT members of my family.

Cub Scout Wednesday

This week was our first time back together since our July Activity
We started out with learning how to leg wrestle, then played a few rounds of Frisbee Golf and ended the night with a game of kick ball.
All Boy, All fun

Adventures in Subbing 09/10 #2

This week started a 6 day subbing job in my favorite place Kindergarten!

Day one is a GREAT challenge. This is only day 17 of school, these children had never been to school 18 days ago ... I had to keep reminding myself! They'd gotten use to their teacher (who is a brand new teacher fresh out of college) for 16 days and then here I come in! I'm sure their little kindergarten minds are swirling.

I do have to say that it was so sweet the first morning. Their teacher is getting married and leaving on her honeymoon. She had told them that and that Mrs **** was coming in while she was gone. their little Kindergarten minds most of them got all that confused and I quickly became either Mrs Honeymoon or Mrs Honey or Mrs Moon and rarely Mrs ****. It was hard to get on to them when they're call you Mrs Honey!?!

By noon they had the name thing straighten out ... and the trouble had began.... there are 5 boys in this class that are a hand full ...and if you do the math I don't have 5 hands!

At the end of the day, I sternly chatted with the class and told them that I expected a better day tomorrow. AND I got it. I've always said it, If you're going to sub you really need to do at least 2 days in the class, Day one is HORRIBLE but it only gets better every day after that!