Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday was a blurr.......

Saturday seemed to be filled every minute .....
I slept LATE (9:30am)~
OK in my defense, I'd mowed most of the yard on Friday so my head was all stuffed up so laying in bed was about all I could do!
BUT I got up finished the last little bit of mowing ~
ran in showered ~
got G ready for his swim meet ~
gave hubby instructions about the swim meet ~
ran off to the city ~
watch a couple of games of Volleyball with W ~
enjoyed a lunch at Chipotle's ~
off to Kohl's to shop for W some clothes ~
dropped W back off at the next round of volleyball games ~
got gas ~
went to grocery store ~
rush home.
Arrive home at 4:15, find company has just dropped by (I'll discuss this later**) ~
I unload groceries ~
start a load of laundry
(W wanted to wear his new clothes to the wedding) ~
sit to visit for 2 seconds
but then realize I don't have the wedding gift ready ~
get the gift ready ~
then rush out the door at 4:55
(leaving hubby still chatting with the drop by guest and their 5 children playing with G's stuff) dashing across the field to the wedding.
I arrive just as they're starting down the 'isle'
I did have a nice, relaxing time sitting at the reception visiting and enjoying our neighbors!
**OK, people just dropping by is one of my pet peeves ** take note people, it's just not polite. If you drop by someone's house you need to be mindful of what's going on or the fact that the people you're dropping by might be busy!
Just call before you drop by!

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